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By: davidinsa
Tiger Sanitation
I usually don't write reviews of places, but Tiger Sanitation has really frustrated me. We just moved to our new home and paid in advance for scheduled service for 7/1/13 . The first day they skipped right over our trash bins. I called and left a message since it appears no one picks up the phone. Someone did come by later and pick it up, though I never received a call back.Now today 7/8/13 They took up my trash bin and recycle bin. I called and after many attempts I was able to get ahold of someone. The lady informed me she didn't know why the bins were picked up but said they will drop them back off in a not so enthusiastic manner. I seriously doubt I will see those bins before next trash day. Being new to San Antonio I wasn’t aware I had other options but if my trash bin and trash isn’t picked up by next week, I’m calling my credit card and disputing the charge.
By: jeff.kreth
Tiger Sanitation
I'm often dissatisfied with Tiger. Yes, they are the lower priced of the two options we have, but they only come once per week, and they seem to just arbitrarily decide to not pickup trash or recyclables from time to time. This causes a tremendous inconvenience to the customers who then have to deal with two or three weeks of accumulated trash. Not good when you live in an area with critters roaming about scourging for food.Aditionally, their customer service department rarely answers incoming phone calls during business hours, and offers no after hours support. If you're fortunate enough to get through during the business day, they don't seem interested in correcting the mistake, they simply document the incident and then appear to ignore it.I've tried to be completely fair in my review. This is clearly a situation where you get what you pay for.
By: lani60
Tiger Sanitation
I have had Tiger service for about 10 years altogether and up until recently have been very happy. I went to them to get away from another service that was poor service. Now it seems that when I call customer service at Tiger with a problem they just flat don't care and they are rude and don't want to take responsibility and correct their poor service. I always bag my trash and some some reason still find trash around in the street or on my property. My can is thrown or sat in middle of the street in the way of traffic. I hate the I don't care its not our problem rude attitude of everyone I talk to at Tiger. My bill is due in May and I am looking at other services...people who care and aren't rude and where my business is valued and I am too...used to be a great trash service, but now I guess they are just to big for their britches.
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By: Kathrine B.
Tiger Sanitation
I will be a tiger customer for as long as I live in an area they service. I've never had a missed pickup, never had issues with my bill, never seen a grumpy face. What set them apart to me was the amazing way they care about their communities and customers. My son is obsessed with garbage trucks and wanted a garbage themed party. Tiger sent a special truck to our house just for him, complete with a tour and a ride. It made his day and ours. What a great comany with a big heart.
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By: Bianca L.
Tiger Sanitation
I've never had issues with this company, but their prices have increased significantly with each of the last 3 periods. I'm going to have to get a new company simply because their prices are so outrageous now. Their service has always been good in our neighborhood though, their workers respectful, and their office staff polite when I call (although they *are* hard to get on the phone no matter what time of day). I'm just disappointed over the price hikes.
By: sylvia
Alamo Brush & Junk Drop Off Center
THEY RECYCLE!!! My neighborhood does not recycle, and I am able to drop off my cardboard, plastic containers, cans and metal all for FREE!!! Its so easy and convenient and I get to continue to GO GREEN!!!Great folks and fulll of information and they also have stuff for sale.........inventory is updated everyday!
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By: Gerson D.
Vance Recycling
Not a great place to go. They gave me alot less than other places. I used to take my bags of cans there all the time until one day they were closed and I went somewhere else. Boy was I surprised. They had been rippin me off the entire time. Not cool
By: sas621
Vance Recycling
Vance Recycling is a great place to take all your unwanted metals for recycling. They are competitive with other recycling facilities and they treat everyone with respect. They always have a smile and are always willing to help you unload.
By: Li P.
Tiger Sanitation
Been working with Kristina for quite from time and her customer service has been outstanding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By: william.hunter.7106
Recycle Kings Inc
These guys r just everywhere , they have great hours, pay the best, and treat u good. Thanks Recycle Kings

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