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By: Duke C.
Vocar Transportation
Experts at playing hide and seek when trying to collect payment from them, i would definitely advice against doing business with this company
By: Vo C.
Vocar Transportation
Watch out for the squirrely driver named Apu? Never on time. Either late by hours or days. Drops pallet and takes off and then forges your signature on the receipt.
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By: Ernest A.
Lozano Trucking Co., Inc.
Poor service, and did not deliver as time agreed on. Also did not deliver amount that was purchased. Was told by my neighbor that is a truck driver and has his own truck that the amount of millings that I purchased was not the amount delivered. Never will I purchase again from these people.
By: kk1977
Reynolds Nationwide
I ran escort for their oversize division. All I can say is, AVOID THEM! The drivers I got to know are great folks, but they are treated like crap. Being told to drive without permits, using trailers that didn't have inspection stickers, lights not working. Seems like they try to get your license filled with tickets, incidents so you're not able to get hired by another company. They're also notorious for not paying on time. The agreement was a 7 day pay out for loads escorted. Two days before March they came up with "starting in March we're doing 30 day pay out". Thanks for the two day notice. Then, they tried to delay the payment for a run we completed in February trying to use the excuse "we thought it was part of the 30 day pay out". We completed another run on March 2nd, here it is April 9th, and they still haven't paid out. So yea, if you want a dirty driving record, possibly being ticketed for faulty equipment and not paid on time, then this is the company for you.
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By: Leighann A.
DK Energy Services
Always changing names and numbers. They treated a lot of employees unfairly on the rig moving side and never paid them truck allowance and let go of a person just because he didn't agree with them (2 dummies in the office). The owners are great people but it's the idiots they have in the office for the rig moving side that are giving them bad names. I hope they replace these two knuckle heads and hire back the ones that actually care for the company and their business. Some of the men in the office have no idea what goes on in the field, they need to hire someone who has done there field work and understands and takes pride in the oilfield industry. These other people in the office just want to look like they know and just want a pay check. Oilfield truck moving is a lifestyle, not just a job.
By: Finance co. S.
Capital Transport & Recovery
We hired this company to repossess four vehicles that we couldnt get!They found three very quickly!They had been assigned to two other of the biggest best repo companies here in San Antonio Tx. Capital Transport & Recovery blew them away!This company i would highly recdcomend for anything you have.They were the fastest we have ever found for GPS Repos and found the ones that the other big companies could not!
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By: Honey G.
Taquitos El Dorado
El Dorado has delicious food, breakfast, lunch and dinner. They make everything fresh. The Supreme Nachos OMG TASTY. MY daughter likes their Mexicano burger, she Odets it every time, my mother likes their Chicken Tortas. I've tried every different menu plate each time my wife orders for pick up. We have gone to many Mexican restaurants and this my friends has top them all. Their food is fresh, delicious, always hot and never served cold or warm always hot. They always have a smile excellent service. Thank you for opening such an excellent restaurant on the South Side. Happy customer��������
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By: Cassandra V.
Lange Truck Lines
By: Andre C.
DK Energy Services
Unfair with Competitive rates and they like dead head alot. Lots of problems with thier trailers too. Went thru 3 dispatch in less than 4 months. I really hope this Company changes thier ways cause they do have potential but as of 2014... I dont think so!
By: Charitty A.
Lange Truck Lines
Worst delivery company. If you're not waiting outside for them when they get to your house to deliver, you are getting your delivery. Oh and you have to guess when they are getting there because they are going to tell you when they are coming.
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