By: Benjamin R.
Heavy Metal Fitness
Heavy Metal Fitness is the best gym in San Antonio....and one of the best, if not the best, in Texas. I've been a member of many globo-type gyms (i.e. Golds, 24 Hour Fitness, LA Fitness) and while those are nice, the quality at Heavy Metal Fitness with regards to equipment and atmosphere is unparalleled. Tim & Michelle (the owners) are always welcoming to anyone interested in improving yourself, regardless of whether you're an experienced lifter or brand new to any form of exercise. There are a wide range of members with varying fitness goals, from the basic gym goer who just wants to get in better overall shape to the more dedicated lifters who train to compete in the strength sports of powerlifting or strongman. In terms of a real No Judgment Zone, this place is it. If you want to get better, everyone is willing to give a helping hand. This place has everything you need, and a lot of items that you simply won't find anywhere else. Some items include: 2 x Elitefts squat racks, Glute Ham Developer, 45 degree back raise, deadlift platform, several standalone benches, tire flip, multiple sleds/Prowlers from Elitefts & Rogue, battle ropes, bands & chains, Texas power bars, Elitefts Safety Squat Bar, Cambered Bar, trap bars, Apollon's Axle, concrete Atlas stones from 145-250 lbs, multiple medicine balls from 2-12 lbs, dumbbells from 5-100 lbs, Farmers Carry, Jump boxes from 6 to 60 inches, etc.
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By: Mel F.
CrossFit 925
CrossFit 925 is physically, emotionally, and spiritually fulfilling for me. "Corinthians 9:25 All athletes are disciplined in their training. They do it to win a prize that will fade away, but we do it for an eternal prize." I'm glad my husband tried it and loved it. He invited me to try it too. He knew I would love it here. The coaches are patient and sincere and still maintain a high level of discipline. They all care about each athlete individually and encourage community. They've inspired a positive culture where everyone encourages each other. The workouts are challenging, my mind & body are transforming, my confidence is increasing and I love this box and our community of crossfit athletes. Come try it out.
By: Gavin N.
Bella Women's Fitness
For 2 years I have been a most satisfied member of Bella"s Women's Fitness. The membership fees are very reasonable and the gym is well equipped with great personnel and the tools for satisfying workouts. Personally I love the group fitness classes provided by personal trainer and fitness instructor Anastasia, she has boundless energy and clearly loves what she is doing. The yoga classes taught by Debbie have strengthened muscles I had forgotten about and increased my flexibility. The other ladies I have met at Bella are now my fun friends of all ages. I always go into Bella happy to be there.
By: pucheer
Hill Country Impact
I have been working with Matt for a year and half now and I've never felt stronger. This class never gets boring and every day we are doing something new. Matt motivates us to reach our goals! One of the greatest things about IMPACT is no matter what fitness level you are you can complete it! You can go at your own pace and if you are unable to do an exercise Matt gives an alternative exercise. IMPACT is an AWESOME class and has given me more energy. Every day I look forward to my next session!!
By: Donna P.
Gold's Gym
Only one lap lane. But it is not indicated for lap swimmers. Non swimmers hang out in it and no one oversees this inconvenience. If you want the exercise of lap swimming you will not find it available here. 2 large signs ask that street shoes and street clothes not be worn in steam or sauna. Rules are not obeyed and staff does nothing. This gym is seeing some cleanup . But for 6 years it has been the filthiest gym in SAT. In Hill country village!
By: Karrie H.
Bella Women's Fitness
Bella Fitness center has been a blessing to me . I have just moved to S.A. and was looking for a gym and I did fined one of the best gym I have every attended . They give you encouragement and help you meet your goals with a caring heart I look forward everyday going to the gym seeing the trainers and meeting new people.
By: John P.
Planet Fitness
They are now 24/7. The place is pretty big. The machines are always available. Everyone is really friendly as far as the staff goes. I was going to complain about one of the tanning beds being down for so long but when I went earlier this week, it was back running and had new bulbs. No complaints so far.
By: Chris F.
CrossFit 925
This is a great box with wonderful coaches. They are very knowledgeable and make sure you have correct form with all the various skills. They encourage you and help when you need to modify for safety. The community is great too. Very friendly, welcoming, and encouraging.
By: Jaclyn T.
CrossFit 925
This is a great CrossFit box. My husband and I have really enjoyed being members here. The coaches are encouraging and knowledgeable. They really care about how well I do. I have made great friends here and finally have found a workout/exercise routine that I love.
By: Gabe T.
CrossFit 925
As a former athlete, I'm not in the best shape of my life but the coaches at CrossFit 925 have me in much better shape than I ever thought I would be in again! I strongly recommend CrossFit 925 to all people looking to improve their general fitness and physique!!

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