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By: Deana D.
Sono Bello
This is this is been the most amazing experience I've ever endured. I have had 12 surgeries eight of them through either the stomach or navel. I've dieted I have exercised and nothing would get rid of the muffin top. Not to mention the back pain which I ended up having a surgery for and the pain was still there. So after doing some research I discovered that over the last 20 years I have a lot of scar tissue inside just leaning against my back, I've had a complete hysterectomy and gallbladder and appendix removed so needless to say I have several organs Gone. So I decided even with going to the gym and losing 60 pounds it was no way I could get rid of the muffin top. I am now 4 weeks out and everyone is just astonished. I am off all medications for my back my left leg is no longer numb and I'm down 20 pounds. If anyone ever second guesses about doing this procedure.... DON'T! Also the staff is beyond amazing ! Anytime I would call with a question or concern they were spot-on and made me feel like I was there only patient in the world. Dr Westfield is aggressive and very thorough and awesome in the surgery room lol with his music. Very caring and talk me through the whole procedure like there was nobody else in the world but me for him to take care of. Again I cannot stress enough if you've ever considered this even if you haven't considered this you might want to consider this. It's the most amazing experience I've had and I'm going back to do my waist and my hips.
By: Karen S.
Sono Bello
That everyone at sonobello is amazing. From the very first day, and now 3 months post op they have been answering all of my questions and been very professional. The first day I came in for a consultation they listened to my concerns, needs, and expectations. I really wanted to do the procedure. But I was not sure what I was getting myself into. That same day Mia talked to me and answered all of my questions. I scheduled my appointment and doctor said I was ok for surgery. I did my upper and lower abdomen first then a few weeks later I did my back rolls, hips, waist. I got both procedures done by Dr. Novick who is amazing. The nurses were also extremely kind and made me feel comfortable during the whole procedure. 3 months have passed since my surgeries and I am very happy with the results. My stomach no longer hangs over my waist. And my skin is tightening just fine. Which was one of my main concerns. I recommend it to anyone that has a problematic area. It really boosts your confidence, well worth the money. I am still healing so my results are not 100% there, and I just started exercising again and eating right. I am looking forward to seeing how everything comes along. I am currently experiencing some numbness but it's slowly going away. Sonobello is amazing.
By: Dee H.
Sono Bello
I had a lower face lift and am very pleased with the result. I was worried about how good the doctor was but he told me he had done around 500 lifts so that is enough to get good experience. On top of that my sister had used him and was very pleased with him, he is board certified, and the result is exactly what I expected. I also had a sinus problem which he asked me to get clearance for before doing the procedure (which assured me he was unwilling to take unnecessary risks). All of the staff at Sonobello are extremely nice and accommodating so I was made to feel very welcome and was reassured. The post op service was also excellent, where I was checked every few days to ensure healing was going as expected. This procedure is not cheap, but I considered it exceptional value and quality which I was prepared to pay.
By: Beatrice R.
Sono Bello
My experience at Sono Bello was awesome! Dr. Novick and the Sono Bello staff are very courteous, professional, caring, and beautiful! From the moment you walk in for your consultation to all contact with every single person after that is beyond exceptional! They make you feel like you are the most important person there. My surgery went well and my recovery is progressing as expected. I feel great and can really tell the difference in my appearance already. I have always exercised but had difficulty in the last couple of years in those troublesome areas that are stubborn and I couldn't get rid of especially now that I am "older". This was a great opportunity to take care of it once and for all. I want to especially thank Kimmie for going that extra mile and making sure that I received the best service possible.
By: Claudia F.
Sono Bello
Best decision ever!!!! I have struggled my whole life with weight and had started to give up on ever losing the baby weight I kept on after my kids. I never thought I would have liposuction but decided to get some info so I booked a consult at Sonobello. I was so impressed with how welcoming everyone was. I felt comfortable from the beginning. I met with the consultant Stephanie and she was very friendly and made it so much easier to open up. She really took he time to explain the procedure and made me feel very comfortable. From the consultation to the day of my procedure the staff was kind, helpful, and amazing. My procedure was on a Friday and I was back at work on Monday. This decision changed my life and I couldn't be happier with the results.
By: Shills B.
Sono Bello
Best decision I made three months ago was to have lipsocution on my flanks, upper and lower abs. I have tried for months to get rid of those stubbon belly bulge with no avail. The staff was professional and the Dr. made me feel comfortable and at ease with the proceudre. Its been three months and I have been getting many many complements. One of my friends even told me don't let it get to my head! LOL. If you have been trying to get rid of stubborn fat, please do you research, but consider Sono Bello as you weigh your options. I hightly recommend them. The staff is extremly professional and many of them have tried some contouring procedures and will be able to give you honest feedback.
By: Debra K.
Sono Bello
I have been battling an abdomen problem for the last 6 years-I'm very active at the gym-walking/running/cycling and found that nothing I was doing was helping me in that area-so I decided to go for a consult-which resulted into my procedure without hesitation-it's been 5 days and I am sore and have bruising-I'm not complaining I do have high tolerance to pain-I'm happy with the results so far and its only been 5 days! The staff and Dr Westfield were very professional and courteous-detailed oriented as to what to expect....I'm very satisfied and would recommend this to any woman/man-you only live once! Take advantage and be happy!
By: Maggie B.
Sono Bello
Well first thing is when I had my surgery, I stayed with my daughter, she was so impressed that the Dr called and checked on me, it was multiple times normally it is the staff that does that. She told me that when she would have work done to herself that she was going there. I was impressed on how they made me feel comfortable. It was not like you were in a Assembly line. Or that they had to do it. They made you feel important to them. And I am very happy with my results I just had another surgery and I can already see how good it looks. All I can say is thank you guys for being so good at your job in every way.
By: karenjeanb
Sono Bello
You will be ever so happy with the service, the staff and of course the results! I am so pleased with the Venus Freeze and the Vella treatments. I had lipo done at another facility and was not all that pleased with the results, the saggy loose skin was ugly and bumpy. I went to Sono Bello and they knew just what to do to make me happy. The skin on my thighs, inner legs and hips is firmer and tighter and looks healthy again. After having lost 55 pounds I sure needed to tighten up all of that extra skin. The procedures have done just what my Christine and the rest of the helpful staff said they would. Thank you!
By: Melissa M.
Sono Bello
I love the services that I got it Sono Bello. I had been exercising for years and dieting to, but stop getting the results I wanted. The staff at Sono Bello were so caring and compassionate! They really do care about everyone who walks into the office. They answered all my questions and concerns and reassured my confidence. 6 months later I finally can look myself in the mirror and I LOVE WHO I SEE! I am so glad that I had gotten laser liposuction! I feel and look healthy. I also now have energy that I never had before. This is seriously a decision you should make. - Melissa Millsap
Tips & Advices
Plastic surgeons can be affiliated with hospitals, but it is not a rule. There are hospitals that have comprehensive plastic surgery wings that some surgeons are affiliated with, but affiliation tends to align more with private plastic surgery clinics than with hospitals.
There are variables on an initial consultation, but expect the doctor to review your medical history and discuss the procedure, , its pros and cons of the procedure, surgical and non-surgical options, risks, cost, insurance coverage, and recovery time. Some provide computer imaging of what you will look like pre and post-surgery.
Many doctors provide free consultations for clients, but it is not required.
A plastic surgeon does not have to be board certified. Board certification sets the minimum competency requirements to treat and diagnose patients.
To become a plastic surgeon, one must earn a medical degree, gain a medical license and enroll in a residency and fellowship programs. A plastic surgeon is highly skilled and trained in surgical procedures, but their training has an emphasis on tissue transfer, body contouring and laser surgery, skills associated with plastic surgery.

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