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By: dpleasant
Elements of Acupuncture
My experience with Elements of Acupuncture has been absolutely awesome. My sister had suggested Acupuncture as a solution to my Liver and Arthritis problems after she had seen some successful results on a TV show. I had some experience with Acupuncture several years ago which I would say was successful in helping me quit smoking.I contacted Elements of Acupuncture and made my first appointment. Upon my first meeting with Molly, I knew I was in experienced hands. She is very knowledgeable in Acupuncture as well as other facets of Chinese medicine and herbal remedies. The first meeting and interview with Molly to identify my problems and treatment plan were so detailed and professional I was really impressed. Molly really cares about her clients and it shows. As for the success of my treatments all I can say is Wow! After two treatments I was no longer taking Aleve for my Arthritis and my energy level has increased dramatically. I received my third treatment today and I am expecting even more improvement.I would highly recommend Molly at Elements of Acupuncture whether you are familiar with the treatment or just thinking of trying Acupuncture. If for nothing else just the relaxed and serene mood received from Acupuncture is well worth one visit. David San Antonio, TX
By: sun.edmund
Harmony Acupuncture
Dr Huang impressed me most with her dedication and unselfishness when taking care of her patients she cares about you, and nothing else! In addition, she is very experienced, knowledgeable and skilled. I had some small open wounds on my leg for some time. When I was in Maryland, I visited a few doctors but none of them seemed to give me adequate attention and as a result, the wounds simple could not heal. After moving to San Antonio, I found Dr. Huang via google search and visited her one afternoon. She immediately applied some traditional Chinese medicine and explained to me in great details how to take care of the wounds. The following weeks, every time I visited her, she always treated me with great attention and always spent enough time with me to explain what I should do to avoid future infection. The power of the Chinese medicine, and her comprehensive treatment soon healed my wounds. I am so grateful for Dr. Huang and cannot thank enough for her professionalism and kindness. At the end, she only charged a small fee for the medicine. In this highly commercial world, when one is not driven by profit, you know this is someone you can trust. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr Huang to anyone who wants to try a different approach for your health problems!
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By: mzwpsychotherapist
I have been working with Cecilia to get rid of uterine fibroids that the western doctors said were going to need to be surgically removed. I had fibroids the size of an 18 week pregnancy and now I am nearly fibroid free. I have been amazed by the process of working with Cecilia. She is caring and she listens and works with you to get the results you are looking for. People who have not tried herbal remedies and acupunture should know that it is not a quick fix like western medicine. It takes time and it reveals not only the illness itself, but the underlying cause. If you are not ready to deal with why you got sick in the first place, then this will not be effective for you.This works! And it has been around a whole lot longer than western medicine. Dr. Cecilia knows her business and has practiced for a long time and is part of a long line of practitioners. I would beware of going to someone who does not have the experience she has. She is amazing!
By: Dawn S.
I typed a lovely review but cant see it now so here goes again. I have had severe health issues since 2009 but I am doing very well as of today with the help of Dr Cecelia Gulyas, My husband, my son and myself all see her for various reasons and are encountering life altering changes, She listens very attentively and gathers all the information very thoroughly in order to tackle your various problems. We never feel rushed or that our concerns or questions are unimportant as she is very patient and attentive to the needs of her patients. We had been to acupuncture, tm, arosti, massage, medical doctors. used prescription drugs, we have tried it all and nothing has had the miraculous effects that we are experiencing since we started acupuncture and Chinese medicine with Dr Cecelia Gulyas. Thank you for giving us our health back we appreciate you and would recommend you highly to friends and family. We have already referred our son and daughter to you
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By: Erika O.
Liu's Acupuncture & Acupressure
I was in very bad pain before my first visit and had tried all other options for my back and hip pain. I am unable to take pain meds because of a sensitive stomach and I was very relieved to find this treatment of acupuncture with electricity & acupressure helped within the first two visits it started to get better and by the fourth I was completely back to normal. I only have to go in every couple of months when I feel I might have overworked myself in the gym. I feel in safe going to Dr Liu because he pays attention to details, while making sure we covered all the sore spots that could be causing problems. I feel the electricity machine that is hooked up to the needles really make a big difference for faster healing and relaxation of tight and overworked muscles that can pull and put strain on my back. I went to several doctors before visit Lui and found this to be the most effective treatment.
By: Jim S.
Estee Massage Services
Estela is amazing, I have had chronic back and leg pain for over 20 years, Estela knows exactly the right pressure to use on my back and legs and has reduced my pain level to the lowest it has been in years. I have actually been able to reduce the pain meds I need to control my pain. She has amazing techniques, she is 100% professional, and she understands the art and science of massage therapy. Her studio is always immaculate and the setting is peaceful and serene. She always asks me what my problem areas are to insure she works on those specific spots and she always does an outstanding job. I can't recommend her enough. I know that without her services I would not be able to function as well as I do. Tell your friends that if they need a quality customer focused massage, they need to go see Estela.
By: stephene.sa.tx
Oriental massage
This place is a little different, instead of a HE my massage has always started with a happy beginning. After being cleaned up the actual massage starts and it is generally a good massage. I haven't used the shower as I didn't know they had one. A very cute Chinese lady comes in, walks to the other side of the table, takes my member in hand and with out talking pops me off. She cleans me up with a warm towel then covers me with a sheet and does a very good full body massage. This service, to me, is $100. As the masseuse doesn't speak English or Spanish I don't know if I am just lucky or if I am being overcharged. I have had better and I have had a lot worse but they are close to my business so I can pop in very easily. I will continue to be a regular.
By: carlotta.r.garcia
My sister recommended AcuCcre to me for carpal tunnel syndrome.The pain was keeping me up or waking me during the night. After just a few sessions my hand has improved greatly. During the initial visit Dr. Gulyas asked many questons to investigate my health status. I've never had the thoroughness I receive from AcuCare from any doctor before and I'm very impressed by the treatment. Because of the treatments my knees don't hurt, snap & pop much less. I have more energy and feel relaxed and calm. My anxiety and stress levels have dropped. My co-workers have noticed the change in me. After just five sessions, I've noticied that I've starting lossing weight as well!.My overall health has improved and I plan to make AcuCare apart of my health plan.Thank you
By: sbmbdd
Massage Blessings
I accidentally found this business do to my need to find some pain relief for my lower back. I bought an hour massage and specifically asked for him to just concentrate on my lower back. He worked on my back, arms, and neck area for more than an hour, and payed special attention on the problem area, the lower back. He used a combination of pressure points, deep tissue massage, heat, and lots of extra time spent on the specific problem area to help relieve the tension and pain. He was respectful, and privacy was always provided and guarded. I left feeling so relaxed and had much less pain......all without meds! I will definitely use this business again, even just to treat myself once in a while.
By: Kha P.
Liu's Acupuncture & Acupressure
My name is Kha. I have been treated by Dr. Liu for more than ten years. Once time I had severe back pain. I tried all home remedies (yoga exercise, massage, heat pads, etc..) for a week without any result. I decided to see Dr. Liu and had one acupuncture session. Right after I walked out his office, I almost felt normal. I thought I needed to see him one more time, but I didn't have to. I trust Dr. Liu very much. He is treating my shoulder pain. After two sessions the pain has been reduced very much. I don't think the Chiopractors can treat my condition. I highly recommend Dr. Liu for pain treatment.

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