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  • Worst Insurance Company I ever Dealt With
    Glen Gilmore

    I was rear ended by their took them a month to look at my vehicle and agree to take any responsibility. Then they offered me 2800 dollars for my ""total wreck"" which I had purchased only 12 days previous to the accident for 6995 dollars. My assigned adjuster...Tracy Weaver does not return phone messages...and her supervisor...Steve Chew has a poor attitude...""I can't help it if you paid too much for your car"" and does not return his phone messages. The adjuster took several minutes on the phone leading up to their poor faith offer so as to ""beat around the bush"" because her tone of voice was so apologetic as if she knew in her ""heart"" that this was a rediculous offer. They used the excuse ""we don't have the police report yet"" as a stall tactic. ""We are still trying to determine liability"" as a stall tactic. These people have no business being in the insurance business and their licensure should be revoked. I made a counter offer of almost 3000 dollars less than I paid for my vehicle in order to ""settle and get it over with"" and of course she :had to speak with her supervisor"" and as of yet...NO RESPONSE...naturally. After a month of nothing...I proceeded to call the insured who rear ended me...and the number that I was given that was also given to the Houston Police Dept. was no good. Take my advice and always keep full coverage on your vehicle instead of liability only as I did on my vehicle. I have AARP The Hartford as my insurance company and after my wife had an ""at fault"" wreck"" they had everything settled in about ten days...the way it should be complaints. I have avoided getting my attorney involved but I guess now I will have to pursue their insured and them legally....this has been a class ""A"" screwjob from the git-go...if you are hit by their might as well call your attorney on the front end of the deal...and GOOD LUCK!!! You will need it!!!

  • worst insurance

    This is the worst insurance company in the State of Texas especially if your vehicle is the one that sustained damage. This company is unethical in its practices and the local office is full of liars.

    On Fri. 04/29/11 we were involved in an accident here in El Paso, Tx with an individual who informed the officer at the scene that he had coverage with ACCC General Insurance/El Paso Low Cost. After we produced our documents to the officer at the site we were allowed to leave since we had valid insurance. The driver with ACCC remained with the officer. This was at 1015 am. At 1020 am the local office of El Paso Low Cost located was contacted informing the office of the accident they provided me with the 1-888 number to call to file the claim. At 1022 am a file was claimed with the office located in San Antonio, Tx.

    On 05/02/11 I called the office in San Antonio, Tx and was provided with name of the adjuster: Sonia Johnson. She pretended to be attentive to our needs. However, a couple of hours later called back just to inform us that the individual was not covered and requested we fax the police report. Later she callled to confirm he was not covered at the time. She then informed us that the insured had gone into the office to reinstate his policy at 1200 noon. Three hours after the accident. However,since there was a two week lapse and was not covered at the time of the accident 0917 am. I then requested a call back from the supervisor of Sonia Johnson due to her disrespectful attitude. Her supervisor returned the call at 1445. James McMahon, supervisor, stated he did not understand what our concerns were. It does not seem to phase this individual their insured and local office practice unethically. The fact that the driver provided false information on a police report and that their local office denied about knowing about the accident. This company needs to be shut down since they are practicing in bad faith and allowing their ""insureds"" not to be responsible for their actions. Their driver is the one who caused the accident by speeding out in front of our path. Now we have to pay out of pocket and our insurance company has to pay for the actions of this driver.

    Everyone who has had a problem with this company needs to file a complaint online with Texas Department of Insurance. Even if you do not believe nothing will be done any complaints received may warrant a true investigation and put an end to unethical practices.

  • Hate IT!

    I was with ACCC General for over 5 years and had never had any problems because I never had any accidents. Well a few months ago, my brother in law took my car up to the gas station right around the corner and totaled my car. It was automatically my fault because my brother in law was turning into on coming traffic. I waited for over a month to only be told by my insurance claim adjuster that ""things didn't look good"". He had left me in tear because he made me believe that my insurance wasn't going to pay off my vehicle. Then I find out another month later that ACCC general never contacted my lien holder and they were calling me at work asking why I wasn't paying my car payment. On the third month after I finally had to hire a lawyer to deal with MY OWN claim adjuster, my lien holder was paid and then I was. NEVER AGAIN!!!

  • Everyone has their own experiences

    I was involved in an accident, they hit me from behind and the other person had ACCC as their carrier. When i called in to make the claim, the person was very helpful and detailed in what I needed to expect. According to my adjuster, since me and the other person responded quickly with our statements, the issue was resolved quickly. And I used to work for an insurance agency, so I know how these things usually work. So, I didn't bother to call, I knew that they would contact me when the issue was resolved. What's the point of calling and calling if they are not going to have an answer yet? By doing that, you irritate them and get yourself upset. I had luck and my claim was processed in two weeks. Other companies could take longer.... But then again, EVERY SITUATION is different. My opinion is that since ACCC is not that well not known, people tend to judge it automatically and easily get irritated when something does not seem appealing. But the big name companies can easily be the same. Oh, and about the 24/7 deal, everyone is allowed to get the weekends off... and if your argument is that people can alternate. Well, get over it, those are the company regulations, EVERY company is different. And I know that now you can do your payments online and even over the phone 24/7, so the BIG JOKE is misinformed. So, my point is that every situation is different, the insureds know what they are getting themselves into when they sign the application and the agents should thoroughly explain the coverages and regulations. And the insureds should asks those kind of questions before they sign. So, it's not just the company or the agents responsibility, it's also ours as insureds to know what we're signing.

    organo gold

    I was signed up with this insurance company when i purchased a vehicle through a dealership. After being with them for one month I quickly realized this was some secondary rate business. I called to make a payment and they arent open on the weekends, there is no on line bill pay and they are only open 8:30-5:00 M-F. Who answers the phone at an insurance agency and says, ""How may I direct your call?"" I decided to do research online and discovered these reviews on citysearch so I immediately realized they wouldnt get another month of my business. I decided to go with Allstate. I need an insurance agent to answer my call 24/7.

  • They made me HATE car insurance companies...and Texas!

    After looking up more info on this Texas based company, I decided I'd write my 2 cents on my experience with them. This was in Feb. 2010

    Their insured, owned a vehicle that was involved in a hit and run into my car. I went thru hell finding the guy, and was relieved when he had insurance. I had no idea that I'd be getting nothing. After several weeks and letters in the mail, lots of phone calls and them 'appraising' my badly wrecked vehicle, they sent me a denial letter claiming that the person who hit my car wasn't their insured. They couldn't say who it was, the owner couldn't either...yet they believed him and left me to deal with all the pain.

    11 months later, Im still stuck with the damage. I could have fixed it back in March when I had the money, or got a trade in for a different car...but I waited on their 'verdict' hoping they'd fix the damages. It took them 2 months to complete the investigation...only to be told no.

    I filed a complaint with the T.D.I. only for them to STAND UP for ACCC claims saying that the company doesn't cover if another driver causes an accident. All because that idiot told them he wasn't driving that night. It amazes me how anyone can cause an accident, run, and say it wasn't them. The only time action is taken is if someone ends up dead.

    ACCC is the WORST company ever. And for people who want to get the cheapest Texas insurance they can find, think again...because your insurance is supposed to protect you from being sued, ACCC told me to go sue their client! thats how bad they are. If you sign up with them, and cause an accident...they wont protect you, they will let the driver SUE YOU by not paying on the claim. You might as well drive uninsured than to go with ACCC claims. Waste of money, time and energy.

  • Worst Experience ever!

    After sitting on their hands for 4 weeks now ... me without a vehicle, they have decided to total my vehicle and give me $2000 less than it costs to replace it. They have NEVER returned a call in 4 weeks of dealing with them, and if you don't constantly make noise, they will do NOTHING!
    The fellow who called all of us losers was right ... deal with ACCC and you will LOSE also! I only gave one star because they made me ... they don't deserve even that!

  • Don't expect them to process claims!
    Ms Priss

    There client hit my car and are claiming that it will take four weeks to get the police report and they can't reach their client for her statement! I have no car! I complained to my insurance (who got a statement from their client) and are holding ACCC's hand to get my car fixed! If they do not want to do their job they need to shut down the business!!!

  • These people have a F with the BBB

    These people have a F with the BBB. If you are ever hit by one of their clients you would be better off calling a lawyer first. If you have problems with them which i know you have file a complaint with the Texas Insurance Commision.

  • Untrustworthy-need to complain to state attorney general

    This company is untrustworthy. When I called to file a claim they wouldn't even tell me what their address was-refused to!!!. Very rude! I'm considering filing a complaint with the state attorney general.

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