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By: twain55
Howl At The Moon
Very fun but I did have one major problem.I came here with a group of 25 people on a Saturday. You must arrive early to get a seat. (We did.)The musicians were fun. We stayed entertained the entire night.The customer service was average overall but they did a good job considering how crowded it eventually became.My MAJOR issue is I discovered a couple days later that they billed a separate $150 charge on my card that did not belong to me.They eventually took care of the error but it took several calls and a month to do so.I will go back but I won’t trust them with my card again.
By: Jess S.
Getting maintenance out in a timely fashion is impossible. Complex is old; mold and roach invested. Save yourself the headache don’t rent from here.
By: Brad ..
Retreat At Cross Mountain Apartments
Bradin the last weekPrepare to be Nickel and Dimed:1. Mandatory Trash Service fee2. Mandatory Pest Control fee3. Package receptacle fee (no office hold)4. Mandatory Renters Insurance (Fined if your paperwork is not on file) Pros: Maintenance staff, building grounds, location (+/-), construction qualityCons:• Automated billing (Conservice) will glitch and not submit ACH payment.• Application paperwork will require continual oversight (>5 days approval)• Office staff will offer verbal assurances with zero follow-throughAnecdotal email (to Cross Mountain Office Manager):"Given the numerous issues we've encountered will billing via your "recommended" services, i.e. conservice, I think this is a rather unfair charge.The fact of the matter is that there has been zero lapse in coverage. Were we notified when the Conservice system failed to properly transfer funds on time? No. We've been paying rent manually ever since by check, which I've had to request sign receipts for every month.I fail to understand the rationale for a charge of this nature. It sounds to me as though Cross Mountain is attempting to profit upon a third party insurance provider, or by way of arbitrary paperwork management, which suffice to say has been poor thus far at best (e.g. Move in application approval process).I'd like to believe we're not being treated as a profit center, but rather as responsible Residents.------------------------------------In response to (email from Cross Mountain Management):"Please give us a call so we can discuss this matter.I don't think you lapsed. But, because you have your own insurance company not the one we recommend it is your responsibility to get us the declaration page. We like to send out a notice when we are made aware that it has expired as a courtesy."---------------------Being emailed two weeks AFTER you want some form of arbitrary paperwork is a courtesy???FAKE MANAGEMENT
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By: Mitchell B.
Salado Springs Apartments
Great apartment complex, horrible management. We have had service calls not get done after 3 weeks to several months and only were done after management was reminded. They charge monthly fees for pest control yet hardly ever treat the units, and we have had a roach problem the entire time we have lived here. They charge a monthly pet rent for what seems like no reason at all. Dog park is in horrible condition and the plastic doggy bags are always out. Pet deposit is among the highest I have ever seen and is non-refundable so obviously the pet rent is excessive. I probably wouldn't have as much of a problem paying the pet rent if I knew I was getting quality service each month in regards to maintenance. In addition to the monthly "Pet rent," they charge an extremely excessive service fee of $25 for simply walking to your door and posting a notice on it. It has become fairly obvious to me that this management company will gouge its residents for anything it can, with the minimum amount of work it takes to run a property.
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By: Sharain F.
Santa Fe Square-Manor Apartments
These apts suck. I wish my husband and I would've never moved here. Squatters have broken into 4 of the 8 apts upstairs where we live and the management won't do anything to get rid of them. It's constantly loud around here, especially on the weekends when all the kids are out of school. Dogs barking downstairs all the damn time. We moved into our apartment the end of May. Found out that our freezer don't freeze and have asked 6 or 7 times for them to please fix it so we may use it, or at least swap out with one of the freezers from one of the empty apartments right next door to us, but they won't. It's really pissing me off that my husband and I pay for our rent and utilities here every month and can't even get a working refrigerator/freezer and that there are squatters staying in the apartment next to us for free����������������
By: Tiffany V.
Contour Garden Apartments
My unit has needed repairs since we've moved in from the cabinet's falling apart to having g roaches and little black bugs from a vacancy next door. I am am forced to now call code compliance because I have an no cold water to shower with my apartment manager crystal and her husband d who does not work here cam out late night when I told her it was going g to be a plumber who ha to come out to fix the patch they put on the first time but she was stubborn and still had to call afterwards. Still not fixing g the issue after telling her I'm off on Mondays it's been 2 Mondays since and they still haven't came having to pay 200 a week starting a new week just so my daughter can stay and be able to shower and not have to worry about new bugs in her room closest to the vacant apt. It's been a nightmare living here Going to have to break my lease just to be safe as well the apartment manager didn't even know me and seemed to be trying to interrogate me in my home rather than care about the issue just being nosey it was very unprofessional as I made her feel when she tried going there
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By: Karen A.
Siena On Sonterra
Beware beware beware these people will steal your application fee of $400 if you aren't careful. We filed an application, paid the fee and then they told us at 5pm that they couldn't run our application or credit check until we providedmore info from our bank. So, as of 5pm July 31 no application had been run for us pending further info from my bank. On August 1st, 10:30am, I go to their office and say that I read their online reviews andneeded to withdraw the application because their apartments just have too low scores from their residents to be able to live there. The office manager said we applied they took the unit off the market so we gave up our $400 dollars. They didn't run our application. The "off the market" comment is a joke because we had no actual unit picked and we didn't have all our paperwork for them to even run the credit check. Beware.
By: Erin N.
Broadstone On Medical
I have been living at Broadstone for 1 year now. I have never experienced such rudeness. Not one member of your staff did a walk through. When I asked why was our apartment not move in ready they said they are short staffed and have no one to do quality control on the appearance of the apartment. The filters were so dirty the maintenance guy responded that the filters must not have been changed in over a year and so when moving in we were breathing in the nasty air of the previous tenets. The balcony and the hallway headed to our apartment is wood and is rotted out so bad that there is a hole forming by the stair well going near my door. The wood is so warped by water damage that we do not go on our balcony for fear it may break from under our feet. During the first major rain storm, our windows were not sealed in and water poured through our house and the window seal and frame around was soft to the touch. I called maintenance for that and they just re-cocked the pane and left the rotted window in the living room and my girl’s room. Still to this day, one year later no one has come to re-pane the window. I can only assume how much mold is behind there. The guest bathroom had been leaking from the ceiling since we moved in. They said it’s just the AC and it will do that. I had to call every day and they said it was just the pan that was full. By the 6x that I called they finally said yes, I need a new AC unit which took 6 weeks to come in. That bathroom was out of order for over 4 months. The bathtub in the guest bath had a huge crack in it; so bad it would leak to the downstairs apartment. I asked for it to be re-plastered and they said there was no need; the crack was not deep enough. Two weeks ago, we had maintenance knocking at the door saying there is a leak downstairs and accusing us of having flooded our bathroom. The finally re-plastered the tub saying that must have been the problem. The maintenance staff left the bathroom a mess. And yes I did call BBB.
By: .maria A.
Ingram Ranch Apartments
Today this is the 4th rat we catch is a hole under sink and isvwhere rats comeing is so frustrated finaly leasse finish next month. Fridge trow water. Exhusband have to put ac unit in wondow because ac dont work. Food disposal dont work. No hot water in morning. City should do somthing. About all this situation we just tires about this apartments. ����
By: Lisa W.
The Shoe Club
Shoppers beware! The WORST customer service I have ever encountered. I purchased a pair of shoes at this place and was diagnosed with Psoriatic arthritis. I am unable to wear the shoes as per my physician. I went into the shop and purchased a pair of earrings yesterday and asked if I could exchange the shoes due to my condition. The sales person looked up tbe transaction and said yes.I had planned to spend an additional $50 plus dollars on a pair of sunglasses and another pair of earrings. When I arrived at the store the same sales girl said well " its been over 30 days so the owner wont make and exception. I asked to speak with the owner as I am a business owner myself and my customers are what keeps me in business. The sales girl was texting the owner and said the owner Adriana S de Moreno was just too busy to speak with me. I was flabbergasted at such horrendous treatment of a customer. This is beyond terrible treatment and I will NEVER step foot in this crap hole again!! Being a business owner and knowing that my customers are what put food on my table ,I know personally that exceptions can be made. But if you are ad greedy and disrespectful as this Adriana is I know Karma will prevail!
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