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By: cloverbaby44
Cheryl's Crispy Cleaning Inc.
Excellent service detailing
By: Paula W.
Armando Montelongo Company
I believe I first learned about Armando Montelongo and his real estate training program back in January, thinking it popped up on my social media feed. I saw there was an informational day in my area, so I went to it and from there signed up for the three-day event, which was also really good. I have been involved in real estate for a long time, but I needed more training on investing. I then went to Dallas, Texas for the bus tour back in March which was awesome with lots of high-energy and they kept things moving along the entire time. I came back home with my mind full and made a plan with all the information I'd received. I met a lot of people on the bus tour and will keep contact with them through the bus tour page. I've also taken the Master Mentor course and keep in contact with them through the Master Mentor page. I look at it like a college education, and now that I've had the education, I need to use it and do the work. I manage 21 properties so I am very busy, but I'm taking the time to get started with this great opportunity. I have a house I'm about to sell and I've gotten that ready to go with this information. The mentors are fantastic and the help line is wonderful... couldn't ask for anything better. Just knowing that they're there fuels my fire. I don't have to do anything by myself, knowing that they've been where I'm at and have been successful is huge support for me.
By: Tyler B.
Armando Montelongo Company
Montelongo online and from there went to the trainings. I thought the presentation was really good, and our instructor Chris came across as someone who was successful at the real estate program himself. He wasn't trying to sell anybody anything, just giving us as much information as possible. I learned enough from the trainings to get started, but want to go on to the bus tour in Miami, Florida soon to learn even more. I'll be doing that with a partner to get more hands on experience. I would rate this program five stars and feel like I've received excellent value so far. Would very much recommend this opportunity.
By: Lucia L.
Armando Montelongo Company
I found out about Armando Montelongo about five years ago, and since I had been wanting to get involved in real estate, this caught my eye. I was especially interested in flipping houses so I went to the free event in my area. They explained different ways of making money by renting or flipping, etc. and I could tell that the presenters had been successful themselves using the program. I next attended the bus tour in Riverside, California which was an empowering and energetic experience. It wasn't just some monotone speaker, we were engaged the entire time and it helped a lot to go through the houses. I do think this program is better done with a partner, I wish I had support from someone to work with, but if I need to call up for help I can get it though. So far I've done a gap funding deal to finance a flip. I've had a lot of learning experiences so far and have even become a Realtor so I can get my foot in the door more. I'm in the middle of selling a house right now and have no doubt my investment will begin to pay off soon.
By: K H.
Armando Montelongo Company
I woke up at about 2:30 in the morning a few years ago and started watching TV when I saw the commercial for Armando Montelongo's real estate training. I had been exhausted from my job as a property manager, so when I saw it, I was interested. After going to the 1 day intro, my wife and I did the three day event and I could tell that the trainers were educated and experienced in real estate. I believed then, and do now, that the program was realistic and the people were following through and doing what they said they would do. We then did the bus tour in Phoenix, Arizona together too. I had some experience coming from a background as a general contractor, but I started over learning it all new from the program and they gave us the basic numbers of what it was going to take to rehab the homes. We have members of the wolf pack, or "wolfies" that we've been working with, and we're signed up to take Asset Protection next. We've put quite a few offers in, but I've had some physical problems that knocked me out for about a year, but I'm just starting to get back into it. Support from the home office has been great, I have called them up to seven times a day and they are excellent at helping in anyway they can. With all of this, I know I'll succeed.
By: David G.
Armando Montelongo Company
I went on the bus tour and have done a few webinars. They are very personal with you, they get to know you. There is an overall feeling of fun and high energy. If you apply yourself you can make this happen. The bus tour was broken down into simple steps so you can learn to do estimates on homes from memory. By the end of the tour I was able to do the estimates myself. We met people from all over the place and exchanged business cards, great networking opportunity.We’ve received great support since the bus tour, they are able to speak on our level and help us when we need it. I liked the fact that they referred us to someone to help us with our business taxes.
By: Clare R.
Armando Montelongo Company
I have been very satisfied with the training and education that I have received so far. I heard about the program from an infomercial that featured two of his students who had their own TV show, Mark and Raul. I wasn’t looking for an opportunity but when I saw about the meetup I thought I would go and see what they had to say. It was a good seminar, and it made sense to do the full, whole program. They had students who had been successful come along on the bus tour to help, which was held in Riverside, California. Physically walking through the homes was essential to being able to understand the information. We went through three houses and while during our drives, the bus tour leader went through information with us so time wasn’t wasted. I felt like with the intro class it was good information but without the bus tour I wouldn’t have been able to do it myself. After the bus tour, I have taken Cash Flow, Asset Protection, Commercial, Master Mentors, and Market Domination. They make a point to keep current with what is changing with the Real Estate field. I am currently working with a partner; my partner keeps up to date with the weekly webinars. We have been able to network with people and keep in contact with them since the program. We have received great support since finishing the program.
By: Jeree S.
Armando Montelongo Company
I went to the free seminar and signed up for the program, however, due to my work I was never able to get away to the next part. Wow, working so hard, with no days off... 2 years went by so fast! One day I was feeling pretty regretful about not being able to follow through and attend. So I was REALLY happy when they called me within weeks of that and offered me another opportunity to get involved! I jumped at the chance. I was going to get to that meeting in Sacramento no matter what and it was powerful. I couldn't imagine going back home to my same life and not being a part of the team and life changing opportunity. I went on the Bus Tour Training and other trainings and it's been an absolutely fantastic decision. There is a lot of information and Armando is well versed in a multitude of learning techniques, including keeping it fun, and therefore, easier for the information to become a part of you. He listens and values his students, putting a lot of effort into making sure we are successful by providing ongoing trainings, plus almost daily real time online trainings AND all the hands on help you could ask for by his superb team. Since the bus tour, I have taken other trainings, also. Armando has also provided crucial support in other related areas like Asset Protection. It is such a positive and caring organization. Friends and family know what I am doing and are excited and are involved and supportive in various ways, referring properties to me, as well as, people who need help. I know that with this program you can be guaranteed that the outcome is equal to the effort you put into it. I believe you cannot ask for more than that. I’m very satisfied with the training and I would highly recommend it as the best there is ever.
By: George N.
Armando Montelongo Company
I found out about Armando Montelongo’s real estate education program through an email I received explaining the program. I went to the one-day event to see what they were about and it interested me enough to go to the three-day seminar. The energy was great, the presenters seemed to know what they were doing. My wife attended these events with me. Next we went to the bus tour in Dallas, Texas.The bus tour was a lot of new knowledge, my wife and I really enjoyed the environment and it was a chance to understand what real estate investing was all about. We were both impressed. I’ve also taken Market Domination, Cash Flow, and I try to listen in on the Webinars each week. I’ve been able to help people do wholesaling. I’m in contact with people who I met at the different trainings and whenever I’ve needed help from the mentors they’ve been great and helpful. I have appreciated that the company is willing to help in any way needed.
By: Rachel C.
Armando Montelongo Company
I originally found out about Armando Montelongo and his trainings from an infomercial. Since I was already interested in real estate I decided to go to the free event. Afterward, My partner and I attended the three day event. I wanted to move forward and do more training but my partner did not, however, one of the speakers said something to change his mind. We went to the bus tour, which was a high energy event that taught us valuable information about evaluating properties to determine if it they were a good investment or not. We also attended a course to teach us how to protect ourselves and our assets. Later we were invited to attended an intensive smaller training that taught us even more information about real estate investing and we met people that we will probably keep as friends and associates for a long time. The support from the company has been good and we try to attend the webinars and conference calls that are offered so that we can continue to learn from Armando & his team.
Tips & Advices
Yes, they can cancel policies and also choose not to renew policies once they expire. This can happen for a variety of reasons:
  • Failure to pay premiums
  • Giving false information to an insurer
  • Failure to meet fire or security codes or other recommendations
  • Failure to meet established safety guidelines, like removing pools or trampolines
  • Filing too many claims
  • Failure to repair home damage that protects from needing to filing claims
  • Increase in criminal activity within your neighborhood area
No, homeowners insurance is a nondeductible expense. The only case in which it’s not is if part of the home is used home for business, then the square footage used for that purposes could be deductible.
Without homeowners insurance, you may be fully responsible for the costs of repairing damages to a home and for replacing belongings that get damaged or stolen. Also when applying for a home loan, most banks require that borrowers have home insurance. Banks treat these loans as investments and home insurance acts as a protection of these investments.
Earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, and other natural disasters are not typically covered by home insurance--there are separate insurance coverages for them that can be purchased.
It does not cover anything dealing with vehicles or items within vehicles. Protection from natural disasters is also rarely covered automatically.

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