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By: Kelsey M.
Laurel Ridge Treatment Center
I see that a lot of people are upset with this place, and I'm so sorry that happened to you! But my experience was really good. I was in Colorado Unit and the staff there was sooo nice. I told them before I left how much I appreciated them. One of them talked me through a breakdown, and assured me everything was going to be ok. Then the day before my discharge, another staff member saw me crying and took time to give me a charming pep talk. The daily groups throughout the day are pretty cool. Some of them are not so useful, but I felt the majority were really fun and worth attending. Of course there were some pretty awesome patients I got to meet too, but even if they hadn't been there, I still would've enjoyed my time at Laurel Ridge. My psychiatrist there was good about giving me "homework" to do to boost my self esteem, and he seemed to genuinely care. I saw another patient have a bad experience with another doctor there, but that was the only "bad" thing I saw. I sort of miss it there, actually. So for everyone who had a bad experience, not ALL of this place is badly managed. :) I only gave it four stars because yes there are some things they could do better but overall I am satisfied
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By: Google U.
San Antonio Center for Physical Therapy
I've been to a few Physical Therapy Centers over the years, but nothing compares to San Antonio Center for Physical Therapy! The staff is second to none. They are super friendly, and ready to help in any way possible.I really enjoyed all of my visits. It felt like I was working out with friends! Brian Nietz is an amazing Doctor of Therapy. He is very knowledgeable, professional, and an absolute blast to be around. I am a 40 year old athlete. A few months ago, I tore some ligaments around my ankle to go along with previous ankle injuries. My ankle was in pretty bad shape. The first doctor I went to said I needed multiple surgeries to repair the damage, and that I would never walk again. So I went for a second opinion. This time the doctor recommended Physical Therapy. To make a long story short, I went to San Antonio Center for Physical Therapy, and here I am playing basketball a few months later. Running and jumping after the first doctor said it wasn't possible. I will be forever in debt to Brian and his staff for literally getting me back on my feet! They are truly the best Physical Therapy Center in town!
By: atx.solman
Nix Specilaty Health Ctr.
Do not go or send your child here. Thank God I was able to get my 17 year old son out of there after only 2 days. The nurses and aides are great, but beyond that this place sucks. Only two groups a day and all they talk about is how your day was. No teaching of coping skills or how to maintain on the outside. No programs on weekend. Only one 5 minute call home per day. Only 45 min visitation from 6pm to 6:45pm. He never saw his doctor, they have advocates that supposedly tell the doc how things are going. The one time he saw the doc, the doc said the advocate had not talked to him about discharge despite her basically promising him discharge today. I had to call about ten times today to finally get him out. I should say the advocate who always treated I and my son with respect, was out ill today. But there should have been better communication. Finally they keep the big kids in the same unit as the little kids like 5 year olds. My son said this was the worst psych hospital he had ever been to and he has been to several.
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By: Rick B.
Laurel Ridge Treatment Center
I didn't know what was wrong with me before coming to this place at no time at all Doctor John Adams and one of his wonderful counselors I forgot her name she's an older black lady jumped right on my case diagnosed me with major depressive disorder I was suicidal when I came to the place they straightened up the proper medications I should be on thow it doesn't cure my disorder it helped a lot only problems I seem to have there was lazy unprofessional staff I don't know what their titles are but basically all they do is watch you and check your blood pressure and hand out your toiletries some of them were great some of them should not be in that type of business a lot of gossiping among staff pointing fingers at each other does not solve any problems and is very unprofessional in front of the patients and I mean patient not inmates..
By: cynthiaba
Frierson John
I was greeted friendly by the staff with smiles. Was taken quickly in by nurse checked my weight blood pressure and then did a test on my me with the sticks on my chest because I had not been there in 3 months. Then the Dr came in , he was sweet and listened and acknowledged my concerns. We did many tests to make sure everything was going great and of course it was. Been with him for a year and love coming in to see him. Then the nurse escorted me to the checkout was very sweet explained everything the dr said and did to me what I needed to change . She wrote it all down cause at my age I am forgetful . She wrote my prescriptions had the dr sign them , made me a lab appointment and a follow up appointment all in 5 minutes and all with smiles
By: Lauren F.
Laurel Ridge Treatment Center
I have been to multiple mental hospitals and this one was by far the best one. I was put in the acute adolescent unit and I actually found it quite helpful. The staff was always very nice to me. They gave me any meds, food, drink, blankets, toiletries, etc. that I requested. They had group therapy all day and it was quite helpful. Also, when I needed it, they always had someone I could talk to about whatever was going on. I could tell the staff genuinely cared about me. At other hospitals the staff treated me very poorly. I was denied meals, insulted, refused information about my meds, and many other negligent instances. However, this was not the case at Laurel Ridge. If I had to go to a hospital again, I'd choose Laurel Ridge.
By: Virginia M.
Schnitzler Cardiovascular Consultants
I saw Dr Schnitzler in later part of 2015. No problem with him,he was a very kind man. But the billing department was another story, they could not get my insurance filed right, them told me I was lyning about even having ins. Faxed them ins. info 3 times they said they never got it. Billing dept will not call you back. They called me once and the lady told me she would write the bill off because they waited to long to file, then about 2 months later I got another call from them again saying I did not even have ins.. They finally did get paid by the ins. company that they said I lied about, office manager very rude and unprofeshional! Dont think Dr. Schnitzler, knows this is happening!!!
By: prschick
Communicare health center
CommuniCare Health Centers is a breath of fresh air! Now that fewer physicians are accepting Medicaid patients I have found it extremely difficult to see a doctor for myself and my children. CommuniCare's east side location (E. Commerce) was not at all was I was anticipating it to be. The first thing I noticed as I drove into the parking lot was how clean it was. The staff greeted me as we walked in and the best part was that I was able to see an OBGYN and dentist on the same day. While I was at my appointments my husband got a check up and my children were able to see a Pediatric doctor and dentist. Talk about convenient! The experience far exceeded my expectations!
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By: Julianne J.
Laurel Ridge Treatment Center
Wow...these reviews are brutal. I was in the Partial hospitalization program as well as intensive out patient. I loved laurel ridge. I made great progress into getting well there- though unfortunately with a mental disorder like mine which likes to take weird turns, its hard to "recover" but I love knowing that they are there for me. I was sad to see most of the old staff go to the new hospital that just opened, SAB or whatever. But laurel ridge has been good to me. I got my meds on time, my psychiatrist actually works there, and i feel comfortable in the environment, plus the food isn't half bad. :)
By: Ivonne G.
Perez, Jose A, MD
It is very difficult to obtain an appointment. I had to walk in and make an appointment. I complained to the receptionist about how my calls were not returned to make an appointment, and she didn't even apologize. It was a 2hr wait on my last visit. After the doctor prescribed a new medication, it made me very ill and I left several messages to speak to his nurse and she didn't return my call. If you still want to make an appointment with this doctor go right ahead, but getting a stellar review as a Top Notch Cardiology Dr., doesn't mean a thing if you can't count on his staff to do their job.
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