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By: Judith B.
The Oasis of Light Church
This is by far the best church and ministry I have had the privilege to be a part of. We may be small but the rich word full of divine revelation is worth missing out on the larger churches. John Blig has truly committed himself to being a student of the word it is evident in his teaching. Since I have been at this church my own personal walk with Christ has changed by learning just how much I am truly loved by God. Anyone coming to this church must be open to hearing the true gospel, after all it is the true gospel that makes us free. Pastor John is not a conformist he IS a free man, and that is the difference in his ministry. He has made himself free to hear from God and not follow after the teachings of man like so many other ministers. I know that I was lead to this ministry in order to grow and learn how to live the supernatural life in full victory that Christ died for. This is the true Gospel.
By: Carrie G.
Mission Point Christian Church
Be very aware of this church. They are part of the ICOC - the International Church of Christ, aka the Boston movement. It is a cult! Google it! There's so many stories! They recruit heavily on college campuses. They teach "discipleship", and teach that you shouldn't have relationships with non disciples, aka non members of their church. They teach that you may only be baptized in their church by their members! Total brainwashing and mind control! They require you to seek counsel, advice from your disciplers for every decision in your life to include your job, your college major, who to date, etc. There are many of the young college aged adults that don't have relationships with their own families. Dating is only to be set up through the church. They prey on our young college kids. They do not have a brick and mortar church. Instead, they rent out conference centers. They claim to be a Christian, non-denominational church that focuses heavily on family.
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By: bettycrockerrules
Grace Point Church Medical Center
I gave 9 years of my life, money, vacation time, and 30+ hours per week of service time to this church. They facilitated the destruction of all I hold dear.Jeff Harris, the senior pastor, promised me specific action while looking me in the eye and placing his hand on my knee. He promised to clear my name with my children, which was damaged by church actions.He lied. He help to destroy what he is supposed to protect. I have his text messages to prove this.I have been ordered by court not to make certain statements by social media.Email me directly your address and I will mail you what
By: Summer M.
Grace Point Church Medical Center
This church is disgusting, we have been directly told that the church is telling my husbands alienated children that "God removed their father" "they don't need their father" Gracepoint seemed okay with my husband when he was donating his countless hours of time and money to the children's ministry.Paid employees have been known to publicly engage in displays of power, by getting into confrontations with volenteers and dismissing them for fictitious reasons. Very unprofessional. Also employees have been known to obtain phone numbers and other personal private information from volenteer records, and use them for personal reasons such as harassment. I'm sorry this is disgusting, everytime I attempt to inform others prevent this heartbreak from happening to others, I get a threatening message frome various people, the ex tells the kids I'm trying to get her fired. Im not, I just want to prevent this from happening to someone else's family
By: Ella S.
Christian World Learning Center
It's amazing how involved this ministry is in with Church Under the Bridge, giving away cars and $100 gift cards so families can pay for Christmas and paying 3 months rent. I've been going there for my entire life and there's never a dull moment there. The services are absolutely amazing.
By: Mrs C.
Christian World Learning Center
What an amazing church service, the message was fantastic! I am also so glad to see a modern-day church caring about the community and giving to those in need. To Mr. J, People really shouldn't make judgemental statements about people they do not know and places they have only visited once, it's not Christian, and my experience was definitely not at all like you described.
By: John K.
Watershed Church
If you support a pastor who takes advantage of cancer survivors in recovery and swindles them out of money then this is the place for you. David Miracle contracted us to paint the exterior of two of his homes and had us do a bunch of extra work as well as a color change after we had already painted the oringinal color. I paid for all of this out of pocket up front thinking he was an honest man. Boy was I wrong. Not only did he have another painter finish the job without telling anyone during a chemo/recovery period of which he kept saying he understood and was ok with, he refused to pay for the extras basically stealing services and money from me. It is my opinion that David Miracle is a crook and uses God to get over on people. The bible said there will be false prophets. I would stay away from this place and not take the risk of him taking advantage of you someday.
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By: Raquel R.
Jireh House
Reach out their hand to me when no did... God Is Good
By: Dolly S.
Mighty Fortress Christian Fellowship
Wonderful place to get your soul fed.
By: Pastor S.
Pearsall Road Church - Pastor Statt Riddlebarger
Alive blended worship of Jesus with a multicultural congregation.

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