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By: P P.
Fademasters Barber Shop
Hands down the best barbershop and barbers that I have seen in a long time. They have convinced a cynic that there are still shops out there in the world where true expertise is still on display. The job Jerry does with my cut is nothing short of exceptional. I’m not going to lie, I can't remember how many years it is been since I left a barber feeling like my fade/edge/overall cut was that much on point, but Jerry has some skills. In fact, every barber that I have seen there are master craftsman. O’Neal and Gro$$ are so good at it that you can easily see why this place is called FadeMasters. Man, they will even give you a cut on a Sunday if you call them during the week to make an appointment, and I don’t think I have had that done since my Army days, when I was stationed “downrange.” So, not only would I recommend this place but I wish I could invest because when more people find out how good they are this place is going to stay pack.
By: deb.hackworth
Cuts & Shades of Color
Jennifer at Cuts & Shades of Color has been my hair artist for over a year now and I would recommend her services to all of my friends as well as those friends I've not met yet. Jennifer always takes extra time to make sure that I'm happy with both my highlights and haircut each time I go to visit her. Her talent is so amazing that I'd like to keep her as my little scret beauty expert, but on the other hand it would be unfair of me to not share her with all of San Antonio. So in my opinion she rates a 5 Star recommendation. Cuts & Shades of Color beauty shop is a small one but everyone there makes you feel like you are the next door neightbor droping by for coffee....very friendly and inviting atomshpere. Kuddos to Cuts & Shades of Color for having Jennifer as a stylist there. I'd rather fight than to switch my hairdresser.
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By: Norman M.
Ken's North Hill Beauty Salon
over 20 years of his care and service from him and his staff with my hair has left me in a great search of someone that will take care of my grooming style of the old ways as he has...Ken is a great man and i have great respect for his skills..but most importantly was the fact that when u were a customer in one of his chairs you were not just a customer, but you became a part of his extended family! He took great pride in his work and thru out the many years his pride and care never would deviate . As for myself and some of my family we able to know Ken on a closer level. My family and I wish Ken and his family many wonderful blessings for the many many great years of service to this community...THANK YOU KEN AND FAMILY FOR ALL YOU HAVE DONE!!!
By: bobbykarate38
Ohana Academy
I have studied and taught Karate off and on for many years and have had the good fortune to partake in many Martial Arts schools and Ohana Academy is the perfect place for my family and myself. They have world class instructors who are down to earth people and very accepting of all talents and abilities. Even though the staff trains and competes at the highest level there is, there are no egos, no critics or negative vibes, just honest hard work and training. I have only been there a short while and already have lost 10 lbs, feel and look stronger and faster and this is great for anyone's self esteem both young and old alike. Ohana has a great work ethic and family atmosphere and all of the trainers are easliy approachable, 5 stars for Ohana!!!
By: cycling_wallace
Eddie's Barber Shop
Cozy relaxed environment. Very nice television on the wall. Less than "comfy" chair for my neck during a hot towel shave. The shave itself was enjoyable, certainly did a great job on the hot towel part. However, my sideburns were uneven, and there was still some areas I would prefer had more attention. Also, he had the television on local news that ended up clashing his politics with mine. So maybe if you are a conservative you would fit in here. If you are a healthy open minded liberal, maybe not so much.Eddie seemed like a great guy to talk to, but I will certainly try another location locally before I return promptly to spend the $$ again. It was $16 for a haircut, and $20 for a hot towel shave.
By: Cecilia W.
Image Gallery
I am a return customer of the Image Gallery - was a client in the 80s & 90s - and was very happy to be able to return almost 2 years ago. Their service, knowledge and innovation has always exceeded my expectations. Raul is an artist - his expertise and knowledge in hair types, growth patterns and styles ensure a perfect cut every time. Patria is a color guru. And MaryLou is preeminent in her knowledge about hair care and health. Amazing professionals - each and every one of them! The beautiful hair and numerous compliments are definitley gratifying but it is their warm, always welcoming, treat you like family personalities that make every visit a treat.
By: Joseph R.
Eddie's Barber Shop
I just got my haircut and based on reviews I went to judge for myself. The place isn't bad and Eddie and his partner are very sociable. I went it to get a simple one all the way around with it squared in the back. Well I got my one haircut but the lady tapered my back. To me it doesn't matter since I don't look at the back of my neck. I just think the price is not worth it. I think I'll go back to my Eastside barbers where the haircut is 15 and they can have the 5 as a tip because they do an exceptional job. Hell one time I was offered a beer when they were about to shut it down.
By: roadrunner570
Ohana Academy
This place changed my life. When I first arrived, I weighed almost 350 lbs and had all sorts of health issues. Despite some difficulty my first few weeks, the instructors were patient and worked around my limitations. Gradually my stamina has improved, I have burned fat and am building muscle. In almost 3 months I have lost over 40 lbs and counting. I've been taking Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai and MMA. When I'm there, no one judges me, the coaches and other students are encouraging and it is one of the few places I feel accepted and encouraged to be a better person.
By: Brittany T.
Image Gallery
I have been going to the image gallery for years now. I actually will not allow anyone else to cut or style my hair. This is not just a hair salon that just want you to come in and just leave... they care about what you want and will execute the style, cut, color and so much more to perfection... I have never dyed my hair until recently and it came out beautiful. The other amazing part is how comfortable it is once you walk in. I would recommend this salon over any other and hope everyone else will checkn it out ... you will be glad you did:-)
By: mayhemike
Ohana Academy
I have trained jiu jitsu with the likes of Israel Gomes who trained anderson silva and the infamous killer bees. I have also trained with Dave Phillips from chute boxing. I have to say I Ohana Academy is the only jiu jitsu place where I learned the most. There is a brotherhood there, and when you are there you are family. They have a wonderful format in place so you maximize your time there. If I were training in the San Antonio area I would highly recommend this place to all who are starting or are looking to pick up something new.

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