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By: Laurel J.
Law Office of Rafael Leal
Mr. Leal was probably the 10th lawyer in the area I met with to discuss my very difficult child custody case, he was absolutely knowledgeable, understanding, and was generally excited about taking my case. Mr. Leal never stopped amazing me, he called and kept me updated every step of the way. He went above and beyond any expectations I had. Mr. Leal methodically researched my case, gathering every piece of evidence we needed. Mr. Leal is the only reason I didn't loose hope during the most stressful time in my life. Mr. Leal worked with me for hours to mentally prepare me for everything that might happen in court. Mr. Leal was always understanding and comforting with me. Mr. Leal astonished me in court, he navigated through the case grace and precision. Don't let his normally sweet demeanor fool you, in court he's a pit bull. I recommend Mr. Leal to everyone dealing with custody issues. Mr. Leal is probably the most educated man I have ever had the pleasure to meet. Mr. Leal will fight for what's right with every tool at his disposal. I can never thank him enough for getting my children out of harms way.
By: terimariehong
Law Offices Of Cristina T. de Leon
When I began my search for the perfect lawyer, I had incredibly high expectations. Having been poorly represented in the past, I created a list of qualities I wanted in an attorney -- professional, established, well-respected, thorough, tough but compassionate -- needless to say, the list was extensive. When I contacted the Law Offices of Cristina T. DeLeon, I knew immediately I made the right choice. Dedicated to her clients, Cristina is far from your typical "one size fits all" attorney. Instead, she is a caring advocate, carefully gathering information, and applying her impressive legal expertise in creating a personal and winning strategy unique to your case. Although she represents a large number of clients, Cristina has always made me feel like I'm her only client. Consistently going above and beyond my expectations, I am extremely pleased with her services. If you want to win, I strongly recommend Cristina. She IS the perfect attorney.
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By: Brian K.
Law Offices of Chance McGhee
My wife and I found ourselves in a very stressful situation where we needed professional legal help; initially we saw another attorney and were severely misdirected, misguided, and mislead. Fortunately while seeking a second opinion, we found Chance McGhee. Chance really knows how to navigate the difficult legal waters and the court system, and provided my wife and me the expert legal help and relief we needed. His assistant Linda is equally awesome.Chance is knowledgeable and professional, and also very personable and likeable. My wife and I walked out of his office and talked about how Chance is the kind of person we could hang around with on the weekends... he's that kind of guy... very nice... family man... all around good guy. He even happened to attend the same church as we do.If you happen to find yourself in need of they type of services Chance providers, I would definitely recommend Chance!
By: Flora R.
Law Office
Our lawyer James Michael clay,was a real professional, we went to him for help in adoption of our little boy, he was very clear in letting us know what we had to do in order for us to adopt our son, he was very upfront with everything,James Michael clay explain to us how much we had to pay and not a penny more, he was very reasonable with the payments, he explained the steps we needed to take to adopt our son, and he follow through with everything just like he said would happen, he never made us feel like we were alone in the adoption,and he was never far away from a phone call , we were always able to reach him when we needed him to explain paper work to us, he took the time to explain every step of the way , he made it happen for us , we adopted our son in a very timely manner, and for that we will always be grateful to him.
By: daphnew
Cortez Genaro
I found Mr. Cortez by accident. I went through the yellow pages and picked an attorney that was close to my job. It turned out to be one of the best investments I ever made. Mr. Cortez represented me in a child support-custody case. I remember him telling my situation was kind of unusual. Anyway I really liked him after our initial meeting. He took my payment (which was very reasonable for what he was doing) and he started the case right away. What I really liked about him was that he always, always answered the phone or, called you back in a reasonable amount of time. I ended up getting more than what I asked for in the case. He had to actually tell me to stop smiling when my ex-husband walked by. I would and, I do recommend him when asked by anyone. Mr. Cortez seemed to be a awesome lawyer with a great personality to match.
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By: R aaron L.
Carolyn M Wentland PC
Carolyn Wentland, Did a great job for me. She knows her stuff, I would recommend her for any criminal defense cases, My case was long and drawn out, she was reassuring and confident during the whole ordeal. In my Animal cruelty case the state prosecutors pushed & pushed they wanted to impose the maximum punishment, she pushed back, to make a long story short, We Won - The case was dismissed. A pair of her clients were in court the same day with me and she has gotten a dismissal, on one case in addition to mine and was working on the third. She will fight & defend you to the best of her ability, and during a emotionally charged and chaotic situation like criminal proceedings, She is definitely someone you want in your corner.
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By: Chris T.
John E Rodriguez Jr
I am glad I found this place! A blessing! Very easy location to find and get to, being right off the highway, being from out of town and not knowing my way around,this made it very easy for me. The receptionist is very kind and very knowledgeable/professional. Mr. Rodriguez and his staff altogether treated me like a dear friend and took what could have been a stressful experience (traffic tickets usually are) and made it an easy, stress-free experience. I wholeheartedly recommend this firm to anyone looking for help with ticket issues. Even if you have a CDL. Thank you very much for all your help Mr. Rodriguez and staff. And they even recommended several nice places to eat around town which I tried and liked.
By: Alan W.
Alonzo Contrer, Valerie
My wife and I were referred to Valerie when my wife's ex husband tried to take her to court to get custody of her children. My wife's original attorney didn't seem to fight for us and she almost lost her case. When Valerie stepped in, not only did she make sure we received the outcome we wanted but she was very passionate about our case and communicated everything to us before making any filings or motions. Valerie is very animated in the courtroom and her knowledge of the law, the system and the judges at the courthouse give her an upper hand to win her cases as she did for us. I would highly recommend Valerie to anyone seeking an attorney who cares.
By: Elsto A.
Law Office
I needed assistance for a divorce on a short turnaround since I was moving out of state. Mr. Clay set an appointment with me quickly. He helped me understand what steps I needed to take and what paperwork to complete. He communicated with me about what to do next when my ex-husband didn't show up for the hearing. He attended court a second time, at no additional charge, when I flew into Texas a few weeks later to attend the hearing myself. He treated me with respect. My only (minor) complaint was that he was not as prompt as I would have preferred; I am nervous and tend to arrive to events early, so I got a bit squirrely when he was held up in traffic.
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By: Sergio A.
San Antonio Injury Lawyer, Patrick Toscano
At a time that I had suspected that justice would not be served for a situation as common as mine, Patrick Toscano was introduced to me by my father. Without a doubt I immediately began to acknowledge him as a professional and eager man. He worked diligently to assure that my case was handled and resolved in the correct way. I had a lot more hope for my case than I initially felt because I had complete trust in Patrick that he would get me as much medical help and compensation that I deserved and of course he did just that! I have so much gratitude towards Patrick and I recommend anyone to consider working along side this man.
Tips & Advices
A DMV hearing is a person's chance to give his or her testimony regarding the arrest and provide any evidence. It's an administrative procedure, not a criminal hearing, so a person won't be declared innocent or guilty at this time. People can bring an attorney with them, but this hearing must be scheduled within 10 days of the arrest.
Breathalyzers are commonly used and widely accepted, but have some faults. Alcohol-containing substances in the mouth, like mouthwash or stomach acid, could result in a falsely high reading. Some devices can malfunction, or may be incorrectly calibrated. Blood tests are the most accurate tests.
For a misdemeanor, a speedy trial should take 90 days, but most cases are resolved in three to six months. For a felony, a speedy trial should take 175 days, and most cases are resolved in five to seven months. In bigger cities or larger population areas, felonies might take several years to resolve.
A DUI will stay on someone's record for at least five years, and could be longer depending on which state the person lives in.
Different states define felonies differently. Some common ways a DUI can be elevated from a misdemeanor to a felony include:
  • If someone was injured.
  • If your BAC is elevated to a certain limit set by law. This limit is usually around .16.
  • If there are children in the vehicle.
  • If the driver has prior DUIs​.
  • If the driver's license is suspended, revoked or restricted.

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