By: Rebbe S.
Sumo Japanese Steakhouse
My husband and I had purchased a groupon to try this restaurant out since we hadn't been before. We were in the medical center and had to kill a few hours between appointments and made a reservation for dinner. We LOVED it! Both of us have eaten at hibachi grills before but our chef Tommy really amped up the atmosphere. In addition to the hibachi "tricks" throughout the meal, he was a riot! He kept us laughing and entertained the whole time. In addition, he really took his time with our food and it was fabulous. My chicken was juicy and delicious and my husbands filet was as smooth as butter. We also had the trio appetizer, that was tasty!! Our waitress Celsa was very friendly and accommodating. Her service was prompt and she happily answered any questions we had. I was pleased to see the manager traveling around to various tables, making sure everyone had an excellent experience and meal, and really taking charge of customer satisfaction. Needless to say, we were pleased, and would without a doubt return and recommend this place to others.
By: Daisy J.
Sumo Japanese Steakhouse
We tend to frequently eat at Hibachi grills for special occasions. (Mainly when in Houston since we had not been impressed with the ones we have eaten at in SA).So we know who has the best soup, salad, rice etc).We actually gave Sumo another chance after we starving and disgruntled, gave up waiting for a table on a busy Sat night ( now we know to make a reservation). (We weren't impressed when it was Benni Hana's - so we never choose to come to Sumo).We came on Easter Sunday 2016 and we were pleasantly surprised! We were most impressed with the quality of the regular Hibachi steak and shrimp. The hot Tazo green tea was wonderful too. Actually the steak's flavor and tenderness is the best we've had at a Hibachi restaurant. Everything else was good too although the best soup and salad honor remains in Houston. We will definitely come back for special occasions in the near future.
By: Saka K.
Sumo Japanese Steakhouse
Visited this location for dinner (with kids) on a Thursday. I definitely recommend making reservations rather than just walking in like we did or else you may have to wait through a whole chef show to be seated while you wait for a chef. We waited in the lobby about 10 mins then waited about another 15 at our table for the chef. We had Peruvian chef Cynthia and she was so awesome! The food she made was FANTASTIC and the kids loved her. She was very sociable and a VERY good cook. It is a bit expensive - kids meals are $12 and adult entrees start at $25, BUT you get a ton of food - a big plus for me since the kids usually eat off my plate too and I'm lucky to get more than 2 bites of steak! Well worth it for a special occasion. Highly recommend the chef's special for two. Next time I might leave the kids behind, but we'll definitely be back, and with a reservation!
By: Domonique D.
Sumo Japanese Steakhouse
I had a groupon for this restaurant, and man oh man, I would've paid full price for this. It's the best hibachi place in town, with good hibachi cooks, great waiters, and a relaxed environment. Cynthia was our Hibachi chef, and it was really a treat to sit with her. I had the steak and chicken and my buddy got steak and lobster. Included in the meal is delicious veg fried rice (has some sort of garlic butter in there, AMAZING), veggies, soup, salad, and if your chef is generous, some shrimp to start off the night. The bill for two people was $89, (Which we only paid the groupon price for, score!)One thing, they automatically include a gratuity charge that is higher than 15%,... it'd be nice if they let us decide how much to tip them (frankly, I would've tipped about the same amount as they required us to), but all in all, it was a great evening. Thanks, Sumo!
By: Nell F.
Sumo Japanese Steakhouse
I come to Sumo once every week or two. The sushi is delicious, always fresh and flavorful. I always get the calamari roll and something new and have yet to be disappointed. The appetizers are, well, appetizing. I'm especially a fan of the calamari steak.The hibachi is its own experience. I take my parents whenever they come to visit. The chefs are both skilled in their culinary arts and in entertainment. Just try to not have a good time when you're catching shrimp in midair.The best part of the experience is the welcoming and friendly staff. Both the servers and the chefs are very engaging and will make you want to come back.Overall, Sumo is a solid 5 stars for the combination of delicious food, welcoming atmosphere, and high quality entertainment.
By: joneson1
Meson European Dining
Now When we want a nice diner or lunch we go to Meson. The food is very very good we was there a few days ago for diner and to day we went for lunch We ordered the Ceasar Salad for two prepared table side and their lunch day special which was crab meat sauteed with a reduction of batter and wine with a hint of east indian spices, friend order the grilled salmon which was fresh and juicy, the Ice Tea and lemonade was the best we ever have, we complement the waiter and he said they use Kangen Water to make their tea, coffee and their thing in the restaurant. They have a full bar with very large wine list at very good price and private room for meeting. The place is beautiful and the people are nice.We recommend
By: Gwendolyn K.
Sumo Japanese Steakhouse
Sumo's has always been a top contender when it comes to any type of celebratory reason, or just for the heck of it. We usually come if it's someone's birthday or if someone is visiting from out of town. Tonight we came because it's my sister-in-law's and niece's last weekend here before they head back to Louisiana. =( If you come for your birthday, they make a big deal out of it and it's quite fun! They give you a lei, a pineapple boat, and sing you Happy Birthday in Japanese, drum included. Free? No, it's for a small fee but they take your picture (or used to anyway - can't remember if they still do).
By: Nelin Y.
Sumo Japanese Steakhouse
My family and I enjoyed our experience here. The chef was very entertaining and the food was delicious. They did, however, seem to have changed their salad a little - not as good as it used to be - and their prices habe gone up. We used a restaurant.com gift certificate, and even so our bill was well over $200 for teriyaki chicken. I would recommend to this restaurant to add higher denominations of certificates available on restaurant.com. for example, allow customers to buy $50 or $100 gift certificates.
By: Terrie M.
Sumo Japanese Steakhouse
First time here. We were celebrating a birthday. The staff did a very nice job making it a special occasion. All meals were good and our table chief, Black Matt, did a great job. I rated Sumo with a 4 instead of a 5 because no staff we saw or interacted with was of Asian decent let alone Japanese. To be fair, it was Memorial Day evening with a skeleton crew and also Matt said he was part Korean:). He was wonderfully humorous all evening so it might have been part of his act to say such a thing.
By: Vanessa V.
Las Ramblas Restaurant San Antonio
The hotel was beautiful but check in time was supposed to be at 4pm and we got there at 3:30 just to be told or room was not ready and it would be at least an hour. Or only other option was to downgrade from out king size suite to a double bed one. A butler there told us they always had this problem and there was a long line of people complaining about the same issue. No one apologized for our inconvenience of having to wait at the bar tired after a long drive. Not sure if I will return again.

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