By: cknippa
Kinetico San Antonio
From: Fred Casillas I called the local Kinetico office this afternoon to order replacement filters for our K5 drinking water system. The office had everything I needed to replace the old filters. However, there was one thing I didn't expect. This was the personalize service I received from Chris Knippa the owner. Chris took time from his busy day to give me a personalize tour of the K5 unit and instructions on how to replace the worn pre and post filters. It's extremely difficult these days to find good dependable products and when you discover great service at the same time it's even more rewarding. I purchased my first salt based water purification system back in 1987. The water quality was good but the system needed quite a bit of attention. Between salt usage, difficultly in changing the RO filters, and mechanical problems I began to wonder if the whole experience was worth. I endured and after a time the system became a little more stable but still required at least one visit a year to repair some sort of mechanical issue. With our new Kinetico whole house & RO system soft water is how a breeze with superb water quality. The Kinetico system requires no electricity so there are no mechanical timing devices. The design of the system is pleasing to the eye, efficient, and easy to maintain, and requires a limited amount of salt each month. I feel we made an outstanding decision in choosing this product for our home. Thank you Kinetico for developing such a great system.
By: Debbie G.
Kinetico San Antonio
During the first several weeks in my recently purchased home in San Antonio, I noticed that everything coming out of the dishwasher was covered in a nasty white film. All of the faucets also had this white chalky film as well. Knowing that it was a hard water problem, I began to research water softener solutions. Kinetico was one of the companies that I called. They had a water specialist out to my house the very next day and they had intelligent answers to every question I had about my water. They let me know that all electrically powered single tank systems function the very same way. To make this short, I would suggest all of you who read this to do your research and contact Kinetico. What they have to offer is a very high quality solution to hard water and unpleasant tasting water. I am very pleased with my non-electric powered double tank softener and whole house water filter. My glasses and dishes have returned to sparkling clean - no more nasty chalky film! And most importantly, my water is very pleasant tasting now - it's great to be able to enjoy drinking water right out of the tap.
By: stellygrande
Kinetico San Antonio
We LOVE LOVE LOVE our Kinetico. My wife and I finally purchased a Kinetico last month after years and years of putting it off. After seeing our dishwasher break due to hard water – we decided we better pull the trigger and purchase a water softener. We called Kinetco and the rest is history. After the unit was installed, we can’t imagine life without it. My youngest son has a mild case of eczema and our hard water is San Antonio aggravates it. Now with our Kinetico – his skin looks and feels awesome. The reverse osmosis system is incredible and we’ve notice we actually drink MORE water. My wife is a water snob and used to by tons of bottle water. Now she prefers our Kinetio water and says it tastes better. I did my research and have heard all the pros and cons for every brand of softeners on the market. People that I know and trust own a Kinetico. They are better built and use ZERO electricity. My wife and I feel we have the best of the best in water softeners. The owner Chris Knippa gave us some cool Kinetico water bottles too…we use them every day!
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By: David H.
Kinetico San Antonio
I cannot say enough how the entire family loves the Kinetico water softener. After much research I was motivated to get the Kinetico water softener because my hot water heater needed replacing and it was heavy with sediment from our aquifer. We also had the Kinetico K5 reverse osmosis drinking water put in. The difference is astounding. We usually keep a pitcher of cold water in the frig, a few days after getting the K5 I poured a glass of water and before I could drink I could smell the difference, had I known what I was drinking and letting my wife and children drink all the years we lived in San Antonio I would have had the Kinetco installed when we bought the house in 2000!!! It is and will be "the last water softener I'll ever own". Thanks KineticoSA
By: Augustine R.
Shine On Fitness
I've been a fitness instructor at Trinity University since 2005 and now am offering my expertice to the public. Prepare to experience the best exercise classes you've ever taken! It'll never be the same workout. It can be very challenging if you're already an athlete, but what's really neat is to see 50 and 65 plus year olds doing the same workout but I modify everything that needs to be depending on their ability. I also love Jesus and have a close relationship with the Lord, His Holy Spirit is really evident here. I train your body, but also strengthen your spirit through constant positive encouragement and the word of God. I would highly recommend these classes to anyone who is willing to change from the inside out.
By: Chantal D.
Kinetico San Antonio
Our old water softener was so problematic. Even installing a new one didn't help. After many repairs and interruptions in service, we researched our options. People consistently had good things to say about Kinetico. So we made the investment and installed a Kinetico water softener and reverse osmosis system. We have had both systems for 2 years and are still loving it. The water is softened without that slippery feeling that you get on most other systems. And the RO produces great tasting water. Even the salt tank is smartly designed. I like the fact that its low to the ground so I don't have to heave up a heavy bag of salt. All in all, a great system!
By: Lynda M.
Kinetico San Antonio
After doing an extensive research on different types of water softener we decided purchased the Kinetico water softener and K5 reverse osmosis drinking system. It has been 3 years ago and absolutely love it! It is most definitely the best tasting water we have ever had. Best of all we have never had any trouble with our system.Kinetico San Antonio is a great company. They are very professional, knowledgable and friendly. I would highly recommend Kinetico San Antonio.If you are looking for a water softener and reverse osmosis system you owe it to yourself to look at the Kinetico System.
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By: Ted C.
Kinetico San Antonio
We recently had a major kitchen renovation and decided to move away from the RO system we were using. The Kinetico tech that came out ran a test on our system and said our water softener was great and there was no reason to change anything yet. We did however go with their K5 reverse osmosis system and couldn't be happier. The quality and taste of the water beats what we can get from the store or through a bottling system. Highly recommend Kinetico, for the RO and the water softener. This visit was to replace the filters for the RO. Very easy to do.
By: Kevin A.
Kinetico San Antonio
Absolutely one of the best decisions we made when we purchased the home. Kinetico has great service and a great product. Worry free and pretty much maintenance free and great water quality. Neighbors without a water softener have already had problems with their appliances due to our local hard water (after only about 5 years residence). We've had no issues nor do we see any effects of hard water on appliances, dishes, or faucet hardware. The reverse osmosis system gives great quality and great tasting water as well! Kinetico is the way to go!
By: emmajt
V.I.P. Yoga
I have had back problems for the past couple of years. I've tried going to a Chiropractor and Massage Therapist which seem to work, but only for a short amount of time. Going to these yoga classes have helped me not only be pain free, but I feel like my muscles are stronger and looser at the same time. In a good way. I really like the way Tracy teaches because she is not always teaching from her mat, she moves around and helps fix me when I need it. I would really recommend her class to anyone especially someone who is new to yoga like me!!!

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