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By: Alaskagirl I.
Prompt Urgent Care
Let me start this review by saying I HATE and DISTRUST all doctors, and generally will wait until I am on death’s door before I will be seen. However, this note is to say how HAPPY we are that we discovered Prompt Urgent Care. My fiancee, who is self-employed and does not have insurance, became very sick 48 hours before he was required to drive 1400 miles across the US. The folks at Prompt Urgent Care were very thorough, taking the time to discuss all medical options, and costs with us, making sure all bases were covered, in the most cost effective way possible. Furthermore, in the few minutes we were waiting for the doctor, I became very ill, and it was quickly apparent I needed to be seen as well. But, I was not made to go back out to the waiting room to fill out paperwork and pay. Prompt Urgent Care treated us both without challenge or worry, helping us fill out the additional paperwork, taking my insurance/payment method, and took care of it for me while I was being seen. They even filed all the paperwork for my pain-in-the-rear-end insurance, who completely covered my visit!In addition, I really appreciate being seen in the order in which you came in, unlike some of their competitors, who take all the easy money sports physicals, leaving the actual sick people waiting for hours. Their prices are very affordable, unlike their competitors, who are substantially higher for the non-insurance cash clients. And, my insurance, which seems to be a challenge for everyone else, (Cigna), is not a problem for them.They care about their patients, and you are treated with…KINDNESS, (that means they are nice to you…I know, I was floored…a doctor who cares and is nice?!). Prompt Urgent Care seems to specialize in kindness. And, if you call with any billing issues or questions, they are STILL nice to you. And I know this because I called with a question on my insurance, which they took care of immediately. And finally, I was also very pleased to see they have onsite X-rays, lab testing and vaccinations, along with several other services, which makes them a step above several of their competitors, and gives me, my family and my friends, a new place to go for the majority of our medical needs. Thank you, Prompt Urgent Care. I am no longer terrified and intimidated to go to the doctor. And that means a lot.
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By: Thelma D.
Impact Urgent Care
My first visit several months ago was exceptional. The quality of care by the PA (Rebecca) was terrific: caring, thorough and effective. I went back recently and she was gone. The MD on duty was night and day different in manner, communication, and style. I was surprised but accepted that. She was much more relatable but I figured that had been gravy. The contrast was she asked more questions, was more confident in her care, I got a sense that she knew exactly what she was doing, and I felt confident that I was in great hands. I left feeling relieved. This time was much more the stereotype of the not as interested, low in information, disconnected experience. I do not feel the confidence I once did in the treatment and did not leave with the prescription I needed. I was really excited last time that I had found a good fit but I am less enthusiastic now.This is all probably exacerbated by the fact that we lost the Alamo Heights Minor Med Clinic in the area a while back and I hoped this Impact Care center on Austin Hwy would be a good alternative. I could have caught the doctor on a bad day, but I definitely wished for more. I don't know enough about whether this was an off day for the clinic or whether other medical care givers are available onsite. Just didn't leave with that "I'm lucky we have this place" feeling I appreciated last time.
By: blopez12
Childrens Night Clinic PA
HI my name is Benita and I am currently the office manger here at Children's Night Clinic and I would like to clear up some false information that I see above. OK first off we DO take community first Medicaid so rodriguez1984 I do not know where you got that info but it is wrong. And as far as us not seeing fever and breathing problems that is another false statement almost every patient that comes to our clinic has a fever as one of their symptoms so to say we do not see patients with fever is not true, and we always see patients with breathing problem asthma is one of the main illnesses we see here. Now of course if a patient comes in and it is almost closing time with a high fever and/or is asthmatic with trouble breathing that is the only time we would refer to the emergency room because we would not have enough time to clear the patient up and/or run any test if necessary. I advise anyone thinking of bringing their child to our clinic to call us rather than going off reviews because not all statements made on a review are accurate as proven here. Thank You and we look forward to helping your child.
By: Ali D.
Prompt Urgent Care
This clinic is the best I have ever visited. The name of the clinic lives up to its name. I was promptly taken care of. If fell down our stairs yesterday. The pain worsened today. I called my physician's office this afternoon to ask if I should get my foot checked out. My doctor's nurse said the doctor would be out of the office for a week. She said I should go to a clinic like Prompt Urgent Care. The staff was professional and friendly, which seems like an unlikely combination. However, the staff here pulled it off. The doctor, nursing staff and front desk employees not only took care of my medical needs but treated me like a family member. After the doctor read the x-rays she took the time to explain the results as if I were the only patient she had to spend time with. My questions were answered with respect and patience. I rarely write reviews. In light of the unusual special care and compassion I experienced I decided to let other's know this place exists. I highly recommend this clinic.
By: Lisa F.
Medical Center Ophthalmology Associates
Ran in for my appt with bulging red eyes & not :"a clue "as to why. Dr. Evans spoke very softly & slowly. Kept me calm & explained what he was doing and what outcome would be good or bad. Even when he ran out of ideas and still no answers, I was still calm and asked what else we should try? He gave me a list of things I needed to get done and we exchanged cell numbers. We kept in touch through it all. After 4 days with slow progression he kept in touch promising to do his best at making sure my eye problem does not get worse. I believed in him without any doubt. Once my "problem" went away, Dr. Evans ran me through a whole other set of tests and got a very ecstatic clean bill of health. We were both very happy and I am glad to refer him to some of my friends who also have Lupus. Thank You So Very Much Dr. Evans!!! Sincerely, Lisa A.F.
By: Jenna R.
Southtown Clinic
I am Writing about this place cause I do want people to know how you will be treated by girls at the front office ! They have a attitude from hell like their unhappy they're not friendly and the worst part is that The Dr is A sweetheart I have nothing to say about her and I don't know if she is even aware of their behavior with the patients that go there they never try to help you but never the less pretty much ain't even going to try to help you out !!!! If you call they act like you're bothering them instead of them of saying Yes Mrs or Ms What Can I do for you Sure I can See what I Can do to Take care Of It ......Its sad when you come to a office like this that they have no standard Morals for people especially it being in the down town area of San Antonio, Texas
By: patrick.horn.505
Integrative Medical Clinic
When I first went to see doctor Schultz, I could barely walk. The man was helpful and cheerful, and got me able to at least move a little without pain. I only missed work on the day I laid out to find help. His caring staff, and at his craft has given me relief and ever increasing mobility. Advice and beyond the call, he also remedied my neck, and explained how all these different subluxations- that is, joints out of whack! ....could effect many aspects of my life. I am pleased to say I have experienced all the relief promised from pain, to sinus, to gastro-intestinal.... the list goes on. If you're teetering and unsure, let this be the testimonial to sway your decision. Chiropractic works! Dr Schultz is an angel! Nuff said!
By: sotexgirl
FastMed Urgent Care
I recently discovered this care center when I had to take my son and I was very pleased with their service. It was later in the evening, right before their closing time but they had no problem seeing us in the last minute. All the staff, from the receptionist to the Doctor were very kind and helpful. We waited a total of 15 minutes from walking in the door to being seen by the Doctor. I believe that most of the waiting time was associated with having to fill out the initial forms because we were seen immediately after I completed them. The staff was very thorough and we felt well taken care of. I highly recommend this facility.
By: Fran C.
Impact Urgent Care
I went to the Impact Urgent Care on 1604/Huebner.Their staff is so professional and friendly. I really enjoyed how thorough Dr. Evan Ratner was in asking me questions. He sat down and knew exactly what xrays to order and how to proceed with my care. I feel the clinic is so well trained as to how to greet individuals and their friendliness when you are in the clinic. Great group and I have continued to let my friends know about Impact Urgent Care (any of their locations) and all have called me with the same glowing report.Delighted you are wiling to be professional in all areas and help patients.thank you, fran c.
By: dean.bentle
Impact Urgent Care
I can only say good things about Impact Urgent Care. I have visited their Huebner Road facility 3 times. Once for my wife who had fallen and twice for myself. The facility is exceptionally clean and the staff displays a genuine concern for their patients. The price for the services we received was very competitive with some other facilities I have been in over the years and a lot less than an Emergency Room. There is no doubt that the next time we need emergency care we will be returning the Impact Urgent Care.
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