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By: Elizabeth C.
Piccolo's Italian Restaurant
This was my first and last time to this restaurant. I took my family of 6 to this authentic Italian restaurant with the expectation of having a lovely dinner and was disappointed. The staff (assuming owner and daughter) was rude and disregarded our requests for more bread and wine while the "regulars" were treated with countless bread and drink refills. When they weren't sitting with their "regular" customers they were drawing the three waiters attention to serve their "regular" customers and never looked our way to see if we needed anything. Even when we finally got the attention of the waiters our glasses remained empty. When we finally got our food it was mediocre. Warm not hot. Ok flavor but couldn't really tell since I was thirsty and hungry and annoyed with the horrid service! Then was met at the door by the owner to say "goodbye"! Really! Goodbye and good riddance! I will not be back.
By: Shirley M.
My husband & I visited the location out Blanco Rd at just past 8:00 to be told the buffet was over; they were making no more pizza for that. Second time this happened. Well no wonder the place wasn't busy at all on a Sat night! The thing is- they didn't seem to care at all that we were not happy & leaving. We expected it to be quite crowded really with the last of the Spurs playoff games on. That's how this location used to be. And they'd ask if they could make you a certain kind of pizza- used to always be a nice visit. I wouldn't be surprised to see it closed soon w/ "no buffet after 8:00". That's just too early. They close at 10:00. They're doing this for their convenience, not the customers, like so many businesses do these days. Good luck Dave's but we're not going back.
By: twain55
Florio's Pizza
I came here for lunch on a Thursday. The line was out the door for ordering but it moved pretty well. I ordered the lunch special. Two slices with a coke. Pretty good deal. ($6 after adding 2 toppings on each slice.) The pizza was very good. It had a thin crisp crust. I wanted to get a refill on coke but there was a line of people waiting to get their first cokes so I ended up not getting a refill. (I’m not sure if they charge for refills.)I was warned that the employees can be rude. (Kind of like the Soup Nazi from Seinfeld.) I didn’t really experience any rudeness.By noon it was very crowded so get there early for lunch.Overall good. Not my #1 favorite pizza in town but a CLOSE second.I would go back.
By: rose07
Little Italy Restaurant
Eh, its just ok. I had lunch here today with 5 other coworkers. The food was good but nothing amazing. And the service was terrible. It took a while for our server to greet the table...the place was not busy at the time. We ordered our meals with our drinks on his initial visit since we had plenty of time to look at the menu while waiting. The food took a long time to come out and the server couldn't remember what anyone had and "auctioned" out our food. And some of the orders were incorrect. It was difficult to get water refills. Then when paying it was an extended wait for the payments to be completed. All in all, I likely won't return even though the food wasn't bad.
By: rose07
La Focaccia Italian Grill
Pleasantly impressed! I went to lunch here today with a group of coworkers. We had a great time. The food was good, I didn't hear one complaint. The focaccia bread served with the meal was excellent. I had the special today which was Chicken & Eggplant Parmigiana. It was very good. The pasta was cooked perfectly aldente. The chicken was not particularly juicy alone, but any dryness was not noticeable when eaten along with the slice of eggplant served on top of the chicken cutlet. The red sauce was also good. I tasted a coworkers dish of tortellini pesto (also on special), it was good too. I will likely return to this establishment.
By: rose07
Volare Gourmet Pizza & Pasta
It was just ok. I had the lunch special of 2 slices + side salad. Salad and pizza were good, but not great. The crust on pizza was thin but not crunchy...I liked that, but it needed more cheese and sauce. I also took an order of Chicken Picatta to go. It was not what I expected. It was a super thin pan seared chicken cutlet with capers on butter sauce or anything. It came with slightly overcooked spaghetti noodles and a little marinara sauce. I wouldn't suggest this menu item. The service was good. The place is very tiny and very hot. There is seating outside, but it was 100+ degrees so we didn't choose to sit outdoors.
By: rose07
Florio's Pizza
This place is cool. I like the NY style an extent. The pizza is good, it's not my favorite though. I see that many feel this is a good NY style pizza...I've never been to NY so I really don't know. But if it is, I think that style is just not my thing. I did love the was thin and crisp, but not cracker like. I liked the sauce, but I prefer more cheese. And as for the toppings, they were good but I prefer mine baked onto the pizza. The meat toppings are baked on, but the veggies are added after baking. All in all, it's good if that's what type you are looking for.
By: momof3boys1
Julian's New York Style Pizza
We went to Julian’s yesterday for dinner and it was our first time visiting this restaurant. We were very impressed! It was very family friendly, but would have been nice for date night too. We sat outside in the patio section, which we highly enjoyed. I’m not really a fan of pizza, but we ordered a large pepperoni because I was out-voted. I actually loved the pizza! I ate more than I want to admit. My boys (ages 2, 4, and 7) loved the pizza, too! We definitely plan to go back soon. Oh, and the staff was really friendly and had great attitudes. We appreciated that.
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By: Anabelle F.
Il Villaggio Pizzeria
Just got my pasta from here, and it was very delicious!! We ordered chicken alfredo and lasagna...both were fresh and the garlic bread was hot. Service was so pleasant. I had read some reviews and was hessitant, but it was so not what I had read about. I did find out it was under new ownership. I called the one off of hillcrest (which is still owned by the old owner) they were so rude and I honestly didnt even know I was calling a pizzeria!! PLEASE DO NOT CONFUSE THE TWO. I WILL DEFINITELY BE EATING HERE AGAIN!!!!!
By: twain55
Paesanos Lincoln Heights
I went for lunch. I had the Chicken Parmesan and spaghetti. The Chicken Parmesan was just ok. I could probably buy a frozen one from HEB and be just as good. The sauce on the spaghetti was not good at all. It was like warm ketchup with a little bit of spices added to it.The server was excellent. She was polite and very attentive to us. The service is the only reason why I gave 3 stars instead of 2.The price paid does not equal the quality of the food received. I probably will not go back.

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