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By: melindacruz
Sapa Nails
I found out about this place from other Yelpers, and boy am I happy that I took their advice. This place is super convenient. I was oblivious to it's existence even though I go to the Dezevala & IH 10 almost every week, but I never think of moseying on over to the University Square (where this little slice of self indulgent heaven is). They accept walk ins which is great because I am horrible at calling ahead when I'm in dire need of a mani/pedi. On the day that I went there was a little bit of a wait but nothing horrible granted that it was a Saturday afternoon and my mom and I were walk-ins. The pedicure was nice and relaxing and although we were originally just going to get pedis we decided to splurge and also try out their shellac nail polish for manis as well. I am officially in love with shellac. They have a ton of colors and walk you through the process if you've never had it done before which is nice. I've had acrylics and I hated how they tore up my nails, with shellac I get the look of the acrylics without having to go through all the pain and hassle of filling them every 2 weeks. PLUS they don't chip! I work in the medical field and am always washing my hands so regular nail polish only lasts 2 days if I'm lucky, so this is my new obsession...and my favorite place to get my fix! I get the french tips in the shellac polish and it runs roughly $30,with mani $40 before tip (for 1 solid color I think I was quoted around $25, with mani $35). I loved this place! they have about 11 techs, they all friendly and helpful. I am highly recommend this place to every one I know
By: arren.connot
Kimmy Nail & Spa
I have been going to Kimmy's for two years and have always had the best service and experience. Every time I go, my boyfriend and I are greeted kindly and the staff hurries to find two pedicure chairs together. (Often times we have to wait a little bit because they are so busy.) We always bring wine and one time we brought a corked bottle instead of our normal New Zealand screw top. They didn't have a corkscrew and went to borrow one from the bar. The next time we came in Kimmy and her sister brought me the corkscrew they had bought just because of our last visit. That is tailored customer service at its finest! We always get the OPI Raw Pedicure + my shellac + his manicure. I nor he, have never had a bad experience in more than 24 visits. On top of the consistent superior quality and customer service, I want to acknowledge that this is a small, women owned business. They work long hours and put everything in to making sure that their customers are taken care of. The "child" referenced in a previous review is Kimmy's nephew. It's a family ran business and he helps his family when needed. Instilling a good work ethic and professionalism is a disservice? To your future? I would highly recommend Kimmy's Nail Salon and have. Every friend, family number and acquaintance that has asked me where I get my nails done has gone to and had a great experience.
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By: Cindy R.
Asiana Nails Lounge
First time here at asiana nails lounge. Very nice quick service. I say down to get my nails done and Cody asked what I wanted done. I told him full set with a beautiful pinkish red nail polish. He recommended the shellac and I told him no thank you. After that he became really irritated and started complaining about how I should have a shellac color instead of the one I chose. I told him I like to change my color often on nails that's why I prefer mail polish he started complaining again that no one uses nail polish anymore. If that's true why do you all have a display in the front full of polishes I thought to myself. I told him maybe next time. He started complaining again. Omg by the run time of his complaints I was tired I told him fine just do the shellac then he stoped complaining. I was never asked once by Cody if I wanted a drink but everyone around me was given one. He had a bad attitude and bad customer service. I'll never go their again. Oh and I almost forgot and after all that he tells me you need to leave a top how much are you giving me. Really ..... Never agsin
By: alwaysexpectquality
Glamour Nails & Spa
Glamour Nails is dirty and their customer service is of poor quality. I went to Glamour for a pedicure. The owner walked me to the back and had me sit in a pedicure station. He did not turn the water on. In other nail salons I have went to, if there was going to be a wait, they would soak your feet, turn on a massage chair, and offer you a bottle of water. Glamour Nails did neither. I sat in the chair for 25 minutes without being acknowledged. I watched the technician to the right of me as she finished up a pedicure. She did not spray the foot soak area with a disinfectant cleaner. She grabbed a filthy sponge from her cart and just wiped the inside. She then grabbed her cuticle cutters, pumice stone, callus remover, and put it back in her cart. She then moved down to the next person and started to work on their feet with the same instruments. I got up from the chair and walked out. They tried their best to talk me into staying. The owner yelled five more minutes. I said no thanks! Another customer said that they waited 35 minuted before she was taken care of.
By: schristy38
Davi Nails
I really like this salon in this HEB plus location. They have newly remodeled with new equipment and new management. Their works and very friendly services are great. Surprisingly, their prices are very reasonable compared around town. I'll bring my family to DaVi Nails from now on. I can get my relax services while my family can get all kinds of addition services that they provide as a salon should have. My nieces will love the tons of designs in here as well. Here are some of their additional services: facial, eyelashes, shellac, pink and white, and maybe body massage, not sure yet. I think anyone can be happy with the services here.
By: Michelle M.
Butterfly Nails
I am only rating the service of the 2 nail techs I used. They did a fantastic job. I did not have ANY issues with Jamie and Sandra. The owner on the other hand is NOT a good nail tech. She is rough and the job turns out crappy. She is rude and is the main reason I am searching for another nail salon. Customer service starts with the boss. I was informed she doesnt like me {like I care}. Pretty sad when I am supposed to greet her as I walk in. So apparently customer service works in reverse at her nail salon, we the customer are supposed to say hello, good morning or good afternoon first, when we walk in! WRONG!!!!!!
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By: Cheryl M.
New Look Nails
New look is a refreshing take on a typical nail salon. You walk in and it's calm and relaxing from the start. No harsh nail smells, no tacky decor. It's clean, classy, and comfortable! I've been a few times and had both mani and pedis done. They service you like you're at a spa. Complimentary wine and massages. They don't rush, which is the best part! And the massage isn't that flimsy two minute soft rub you usually get before you're rushed out of the chair. It's a REAL massage. I loved new look nails, I even went back for my wedding mani pedi. AMAZING! yall should try them out! Best nail spa around !
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By: Sam L.
VIP Nails & Spa
I'm in a professional career so I need my nails look pretty and professionally done. I have tried seven different nail salons within 5 miles radius, this nail salon is the best one. I'm very happy and satisfied with the services I got from them. The key is: you need to tell them and communicate with them how you want your nails done (example, short, long, thick, thin, narrow, etc.). If you come in, sit there and keep zapping on your phone without communicating with your nail tech, then your nails will be screwed up because they don't know how you want it.
By: karagonzales
A & M Nails
I have been coming to this salon for almost 2 years now and at first, it was at a last resort since my other salon was over charging and not doing a great job. After the first visit, I have not got anywhere else. Johnny and Lily are awesome. They are so friendly and professional at the same token. Anything I want to try, Lily pulls it off with flying colors! Also, when my new sets grow out, I just ask her for the double fill to prevent having to get another new set but she makes it look like a brand new set. I love these people!
By: Sandra B.
Cali Nails
Customer service varies from confusing to rude. Prices are a few dollars higher than similar nail salons. A strong language barrier exists that would be OK in every respect except when they rudely resent questions you've asked for clarification or to express how you'd like your nails done. Getting cuticles trimmed/cleaned is extra when ordering nail sets. Getting nails done here is not relaxing; employees will talk about you in their presence when they think you're complaining but actually trying to ask questions for info.

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