• 1.Embassy Skate Center

    606 Embassy Oaks

    San Antonio,TX

    9.71 mi

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By: Carlett R.
Car Vel Skateland South
Sandra,I am sorry you feel that we are unprofessional I was working the day your daughter and her school came out to skate I am not the OLD LADY you are speaking of that is the Owner . But I was there and do remember very clearly the situation . The school brought out the children and of course the teachers that were there taking care and watching the children while they skated. I don't believe that you were present is that correct? So it concerns me that you have so much to say about the restrooms, arcade games, and the sucky lemonade. The restrooms have actually been updated with doors and are cleaned by a professional company as well as by our staff, our arcade games are not ours they are from a company in town and each one has a label on it that gives the customers there info in case of any problems,I have to agree we do still have our old and original sign that says NO REFUNDS but because they are not our games we don't give the refunds back the company does so that is why we have left the sign up, the sucky lemonade is not made by us personally it is from the fountain and we get all of our product from THE PEPSI CORPORATION I am sorry you dislike the taste and as far as the price most places you go now are atleast $2.50 for a 16 to 32 oz drink. I remember that day and the situation a clearly because the teachers apologized for your behavior when you called because I believe you were the one yelling at the owner . She was trying to explain to you but you wouldnt even let her explain.. We are all human and make mistakes especially when we are busy trying to get everyone taken care of but we close everything out at the end of the shift that matches everything sold to our register tape etc. and we were not over I checked it first and because the owner was concerned I had her double check it because if we were over I was going to get a hold of the teachers to return the change. I apologize this situation even happened and I apologize if the owner came across being rude but hopefully you and your daughter will return in the future so I can make sure you are taken care of . My name is Carlett Romano.
By: Joc A.
Car Vel Skateland South
Fun, Fun, Fun!Everything down to the decor was great! As soon as you step in you feel the awesome atmosphere. Staff keeps a strict watchful eye on the floor but they still know how to keep it fun. Gonna start going every weekend, who knew you could get a great workout while still enjoying yourself, ha! New long hours are a bonus too.
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By: Carlett R.
The Rollercade
Went to a Birthday Party there and had a great time... I likes the idea of separate party rooms and that there were party hosts designated to each party .

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