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By: Lacee L.
Michelle's Pet Salon
I took my friend's dog which is a pit bull mix and his little sister's dog which is some kind of chihuahua while he was in San Antonio for graduation from BMT. Driving up to the location, I was a little hesitant to leave the dogs just because of the outside appearance. I shook it off though, and gathered the two puppies to go in. My friend's dog happily begin to trot up to the place, until we got closer and she sniffed around a bit. She promptly dug in her heels and pulled out of the collar to get away. This only intensified my hesitation, but I told myself that she just smelled the other puppies and soap and stuff and was running away from a bath like any puppy would. I had to carry her in...and after getting inside the place she began to act very nervous and clingy. I just continued to tell myself that she just didn't want a bath. The staff was very nice to us, so I felt a little better and left them to go to his graduation. After my friend's graduation I picked up the doggies...they smelled much better and even had cute little bows tied around their necks. I payed then rushed off to meet his family at a restaurant to eat and reunite my friend with his puppy after 7 1/2 weeks of basic training. She acted like she was very tired and hot on the ride over...later when I told my friend's sister she pointed out that her tongue was very dry and cracked from what I imagine would be early symptoms of dehydration. I also noticed some red blotches on the pit bull mix puppy's belly, that looked like some sort of allergic reaction. When I asked my friend's family if they had seen it there before the appointment, they said they had not. Both of the dogs went to the bathroom immediately after I let them out of the vehicle, so I don't think that they were given water or taken to the bathroom during the 4 hours they were there. I don't necessarily think the puppies were severely mishandled or mistreated, but I would not recommend this location or take any puppy there again.
By: Barbara L.
Your Dogs Grooming Shop
I adopted my malti-poo, Rio, five years ago and for the past five years I've had him in just about every grooming shop in my area, including Petco and Petsmart and I've never been completely satisfied. That has changed. Last month I was searching for another shop and found 'Your Dog's Grooming Shop'. I decided to take a chance and figured he could do no worse that what I've received in the past. I've now found the perfect shop. I was dumbfounded when I picked my dog up the first time. He was done exactly the way I wanted and no one else had been able to achieve the look. Today marks the six week point and I just picked Rio up from his appointment. Perfection again! My little dog weighs 10 lbs, and has fur that is a cross between maltese and poodle so obviously I have no experience in other dog breeds. However, I would definitely recommend this shop to any pet owner. JR has been grooming for 30 years and it shows in the appearance of my little dog. His prices are reasonable also. I think the shop has moved as the address is now 6622 Seidel Road, SATX 78209
By: suzanne.doironlucas
Miami Clips & Doggy Do's
I love this place. My dogs feared the big box store groomers, but all 3 now love going here. They obviously care about the animals and are always friendly. I was in the shop when a stray, badly matted dog was brought in and they had thoughtful, caring recommendations on how best to clean the dog up and what the new owner could realistically expect the outcome to be. I once inquired about shaving my older dog down for the summer to try help her beat the heat as well as cut down on shedding, but they wisely talked me out of it because it wasn't the best idea for her age and comfort. My experience has always been that they provide good and honest recommendations and my dogs and I are happy we found this friendly place...also, the prices seem very reasonable to me, which doesn't hurt.
By: Tiara Y.
Polished Pups
Thank you Polished Pups for taking care of my Nala!! I normally groom my Nala myself but heard from a friend that I needed to try yall! I'll never go anywhere else or groom my nala myself again! Seriously yall if your looking for a great place to treat your pets Polished Pups is the place to be! It's extremely easy on the pocketbook if that's your concern as well. I strongly recommend you try the Full Spa Package it cones with like everything lol!!! I'm pretty sure of my Nala could talk she would ask to do it again every week lol! Thank you thank you thank you Polished Pups for an AMAZING experience!!!
By: ppupsowner
Polished Pups
This is a message from the current owner of Polished Pups. The reviews below were written 3 and 4 years ago and occurred prior to our purchase of the company in December of 2009. The original owner that these reviews are directed at has had absolutely no association with Polished Pups since our purchased of the company. Today we have an excellent reputation and take pride in providing quality grooming and first rate customer service to our clients. If you have any questions please feel free to call us at 210-496-7877 and ask for Jamie.
By: C D.
Lucky Dog Inc
This is a top notch grooming/boarding facility. The owner, Mike, has been in the grooming business for over 20 years. I have been taking my 18 year old poodle to him for 17+ years and have always been completely satisfied. I trust these people to take the best care of my pet possible. Since they have added a beautiful boarding/daycare facility, I will take advantage of that service, too.I have a new poodle who looks forward to a long future of outstanding service with Lucky Dog Pet Grooming and Boarding.
By: kathie.sherman
Your Dogs Grooming Shop
Placido, the owner of this business was recognized as a national winning groomer. He and Jose, his assistant do great grooming. I am picky about who I let groom my labradoodles. Before making an appointment, I hung around to see another customer picking up their dog. They were VERY satisfied, and I could see Placido's love for this man's dog as they visited. If you want your dog to be groomed and loved by excellent groomers, this is the place to take your dog.
By: treacy.rohan
Miami Clips & Doggy Do's
I have taken my 3 dogs here several times, and never have problems. In fact, I feel she has gone out of her way to accommodate me. My dogs are long hair breed and love to wallow in the grass and dirt, so when they go in for a cut they are usually tangled and filthy. I also get their ears dyed and end up adorable. I plan to keep going to Miami Clips.
By: janette.limon.5
Michelle's Pet Salon
Would never consider taking Miss Cookie to anyone else.....they are very friendly and do a wonderful job. I usually take Robin and staff a cake when I pick up Miss Cookie to show how much I appreciate them. There are places closer to me but I will not change because they treat the animals great.....thanks for being WONDERFUL to my baby girl.
By: Cynthia H.
Good Dog Grooming
I have been taking my pets to Good Dog Training & Grooming for 12 years now. My older, blind Cocker Spaniel still feels very comfortable going to get groomed. She loves the owners very much, as they do her. Our 4 year old Terrier I quite a handful, but they manage to send him home looking quite handsome. I highly recommend Good Dog!

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