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By: Griselda M.
Bexar County Marriages
Being a military bride means being ready for the unexpected. My now Husband and I decided to get married 4 WEEKS before our actual Wedding Day!! It was up to me to plan an indoor ceremony at a nice venue with 40 guests, a GREAT officiant, and find a wedding dress in 28 days!! Oh and not to mention, it all had to be under our budget of $500!!!! YIKES !!I decided to call Mr.Jensen to see what all the chitchat about him was, and the second he picked up the phone, I knew why his clients loved him so much! He was so joyful,helpful, caring,funny, understanding and WILLING to take time out of his day to meet us at the courthouse to help us with the Marriage License process, but most importantly take the time out of his CHRISTMAS EVE to Marry us! :D I must have called about 4 different times and he always answered right away! I love that he is available 24/7 because with my husband in the military and in different time zones I couldn't imagine having the stress of not having both of them talk because of the time difference!The Vows he preformed were so touching, and beautiful! That's not even the best part of it all. With my family being Mexican and his family being American we thought we had to choose what language we wanted our ceremony to be in but not with Mr.Jensen! He preformed a ceremony in BOTH English AND Spanish :D and all of this for an affordable price! Theres no officiant in San Antonio better than him ! It Shouldn't even be an option for you(:Mr.Jensen I cant thank you enough for all of your help and support in our Marriage. Beren and I will always be grateful to have found an officiant like you who made our wedding day that much better! Than you so much and God Bless!(:-Beren and Griselda Mann
By: aaron.mettler
Bexar County Marriages
Mr. Jensen was very helpful through the entire process. Me and my wife are both active military( Air force, Army) I was coming down to visit for memorial day weekend when we decided to plan our wedding for that Saturday. it was an extreme short notice and I didn't know how it was going to be pulled off but it was. From the first phone call me and my wife made, he explained how everything was going to work and we knew that we were going to do the wedding through him. My biggest problem for us was actually getting a marriage license because both parties need to be present at the courthouse to receive a license. she was in school at the time and I live out of state so it was impossible to both be present. Luckily this wasn't Mr. Jensen's first rodeo in this situation so he met up with my wife at the court house to fill out all the paper work and a ABSENTEE AFFIDAVIT with all her information, and turned in all the paperwork for us. The day before the wedding when I arrived in Texas, I met Mr. Jensen at the courthouse and signed my portion of the papers and turned in the ABSENTEE AFFIDAVIT that she filled out and that was it, it was all taken care of. The following day we had our wedding, right on the river walk. My wife and I really liked the ceremony and the promises he had us make to each other, it is definitely something we will remember for the rest of our lives. If you are looking for something easy and really affordable I extremely recommend going through Mr. Jensen. He is very professional and has a positive attitude. He also does military discount.
By: Vincent M.
Bexar County Marriages
We were in San Antonio on vacation and saw a simple sign in the Cadillac bar window "Bexar county weddings" "Quick, no waiting, same day". We had been together over a decade, and deeply in love but past experiences did not make marriage attactive idea, but international travel, inheritance and taxes made it practical. We thought, we do it in another state, our friends and family will not hear of it and make a big deal, perfect. Mr. Jensen meet us quickly, and although he was perfectly willing to just say "your married" kiss, here is your paperwork, he seemed a little disappointed. "are you sure you do not want any vows?" The next day after a quick tour of court house, we are sipping spicy bloody marrys at the Cadillac Bar across the street and Mr. Jensen full of energy who makes you smile at his presence, bounds up and his face turns slightly serious, " are you sure you do not want any vows?" I said "Ok, we talked it over, keep it short and secular and you can do the vows" In two minutes, standing by an old juke box, looking in each others eyes and repeating the vows after him we were both in tears. Two hours later we had called and texted all our friends and told them. What would have been a business transaction, thanks to Louis Jensen turned into a marriage. He is great, and a unique character that made the whole thing so special and memorable- Olivia and Vincent
By: lbronaugh
Bexar County Marriages
Louis performed our wedding this past August and we could not have been happier. The first time I spoke to him I knew he would be the one to marry us. He is beyond charismatic and his love of uniting couples resonates immediately. My husband and I had a unique case- our families did not know they were attending a wedding! He went with it and it was beyond successful! After his insistence (and I am so happy he did insist!) we did not talk about too many details other than the necessary logistics which made it fun and exciting for us. He is so quick on his feet and made the ceremony so memorable. The entire ceremony he prepared could not have been more us and I am so happy I let my controlling ways go and let him do what he’s good at. We wanted a non-traditional wedding and this exceeded our expectations. Louis was always there to talk to us with any concerns or road bumps. He handled everything and put us at ease. We even had a date change a few weeks before and he accommodated us! If you want someone full of life to marry you Louis is hands down the first choice! Our wedding would have been boring without all his energy - he engaged everyone and made it such a special moment in our lives. Thank you, Louis!
By: Gina P.
Bexar County Marriages
Louis Jensen was amazing!!!! My now husband, Kai and I were planning a "secret wedding" and thought we'd just do it at the courthouse. Sitting down Sunday night, we pulled the courthouse number off the internet, but then came across the website for Louis. We were immediately interested. Kai called him Monday morning to see his availability, as we were hoping for a Friday evening wedding. Louis was able to accommodate our request. But we didn't have any venue in mind, as this was a spur of the moment decision. Louis was awesome, he picked the perfect venue. He got us so exited about the wedding that we invited our close friends and family...so no more secret wedding! The evening of the ceremony he was on time and very thorough. Louis surprised us and included my mom, Kai's kids and sister in the ceremony, it was so beautiful. If you are looking for pure professionalism, humor, reliability, and just an amazing man...please contact Louis. To make things even better, he took our marriage certificate to the court house and got a certified copy for us and we had it in the mail within 3 days! Again, LOUIS IS AMAZING!!!!!!!
By: zeussanchez
Bexar County Marriages
My wife and I recently celebrated our 15th year anniversary. I wanted to surprise her on our trip to San Antonio and renew our vows overlooking the riverwalk. We are not from San Antonio so to set it up without ever having met our ceremony conductor was a little daunting. From the first call I made to Mr Jensen to check availability and discuss the process, I felt reassured that this was the person that we needed for our ceremony. Over the phone, he sounded genuinely interested in helping us have the best experience possible for our vow renewal. Mr Jensen showed up where I needed him to be and at the time that I needed him there for the " Big Surprise." As soon as I met him face to face, I couldn't have been more relieved. Mr Jensen was well dressed for the occasion, professional and punctual, and showed an obvious love for what he does. He is compassionate and a very sweet man. Not to mention, that I found the fee for the ceremony to be very reasonable, especially considering that Mr Jensen has very good reviews. We have wonderful memories of our ceremony. Thank you again Mr Jensen.
By: Rhonda H.
Bexar County Marriages
Rhonda and i had been friends- in fact my best friend - so the thought of marriage was only natural, almost taken for granted. So when we decided to exchange vows, and not wanting a ponderous ceremony...something more personal... Mr. Jensen was recommended to us. We decided on our favorite city, San Antonio, for its charming hospitality. Arriving that evening, the town was alive with excitement. In addition to Valentine's Day, the town was celebrating the rodeo and President's Day weekend...plenty of reasons to cause stress. In the middle of busy traffic, we called Louis to show us the way to the chapel, and it turned out that his car was the red Cadillac right in front of us! We couldn't have choreographed it any better. Louis' intuition was right on target. He guided us to San Fernando Cathedral where we were married on the front steps. Surprisingly, as distractions faded into the background, Louis performed our ceremony as we exchanged vows. With only the simplest of elegance, we couldn't have been happier. Thank you, Louis.
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By: Abby B.
Bexar County Marriages
Harry Truman and Abby Lynn Bexley. Married 09 MARCH 2015 at San Antonio's beautiful Riverwalk. I cannot praise Mr. Jensen enough for the wonderful service he provided for my husband and I. Upon the very first phone call, I felt welcomed and filled with a delightful sense of ease. Mr. Jensen radiates pure joy and was able to do whatever it took to make our day go as smoothly as possible. From providing lovely places at The Riverwalk to choose from, his enduring and memorable way of conducting our ceremony, and his ability to bend over backwards towards helping our paperwork get filed as quickly as possible, was more than I had ever expected. I cannot thank him enough. Mr. Jensen felt like a very dear friend from the very first phone call and upon our first meeting. My husband, friends, and myself will always remember this man. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.P.S. He is completely understanding towards active duty and will do everything in his power to take care of you. I felt relieved and blessed to have met Mr. Jensen.
By: Judy O.
Bexar County Marriages
Charlton and Judy O'Neal married 12/27/14 - We were very lucky to have found Bexar County Marriages and Mr. Jensen to perform our wedding ceremony. We live in Phoenix but are originally from Texas. We wanted a wedding in Texas so it would be easier for our family to attend. Louis was very patient and knowledgeable in helping us coordinate our wedding from Phoenix. He was always available and willing to provide input. We didn’t meet in person until the day of the wedding. We had talked to him so frequently that we were completely comfortable with him performing the ceremony. Our desire was to have a relaxed, fun and meaningful ceremony. Mr. Jensen provided just that. He incorporated our 2 sons and our 9 year old daughter into the ceremony in a very meaningful way. It was beautiful. After the ceremony many of the guests talked about how touched they were with the way he brought the family into the ceremony. We could not have been more pleased with his services.
By: deusmetallicus
Bexar County Marriages
Louis came out today and did our wedding ceremony, and I cannot say enough about how incredibly awesome he was. He was prompt, professional, friendly, original, personable, funny, comforting... I would run out of adjectives before I ran out of sentiment.Honestly, Louis does an amazing job. If you're looking for someone who will give you a lifetime memory, an amazing ceremony and something with a "wow" factor, this is the man who will do that for you. Your search for an officient should start - and end - with Louis. My only regret is that I can only give him five stars for this review.Louis, I know that your reviews mean a lot to you because they represent people whom you have made happy with your dedication to your craft. Your reviews are well earned, and you have a right to be proud. You made an already special day even better, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.Thank you! -Matt and Sherri Johnson, 26 October, 2013.

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