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  • 1.Bexar County Civil SVC Commn

    211 S Flores St

    San Antonio,TX

    0.18 mi

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By: William R.
Earth's Tongue
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By: Denise B.
Jerry Pena Water Svc
Gaines water put in system that he knew nothing about. Gaines called this company to help him. Two weeks after Jerry Pena company left. I had a BIGGER MESS THAN I DID BEFORE THEY CAME. My salt water was leaking all over my garage. The system hasn't worked right since I had it installed. If you want someone who is professional, service calls included, knows their systems, GO TO ALAMO WATER SOFTENERES!!!!!!!
By: Bryon C.
District Parole Office
As a small business owner, I am glad to be able to provide select parolees the opportunity to make a positive change in their lives by making an honest living. I have two team members who have had rocky pasts. One of them is a few days away from completing the term in which he was sentenced. His max out date is today. We have two brothers working with him in our dispatch office. Four days ago the brothers received a call stating that their grandfather passed away. They had to head to Tennessee to attend the funeral and handle the estate. This left only the parolee to cover the dispatch office. He attempted several times to contact his parole officer to let him know that he was stuck as the only person covering the office. I, myself attempted to contact the parole officer to inform him of the situation to request we have a few more days to get another team member to cover that office. I got no answer. He never returned my calls. I told the parolee that he could go ahead and head in to report and that we would figure something out as far as getting the office covered. I just wanted to make sure that he wouldn't get in any trouble. He reluctantly left (he cares about the company like it is his own!!!!!!) The parolee was contacted several days later and informed that they were placing a warrant on him. So I want to address the issue for what it is. The parole office is supposedly designed to correct offenders and create "model citizens" who can make positive contributions to the community. This man was working a legit job. He was covering shifts for team members who had a death in their family. He made several attempts to contact the office. I, myself, attempted to contact the office several times, as his employer, to verify he was not lying. The parole system is NOT in the business of correcting anyone. They are a BUSINESS! This parolee was a few days away from completing his sentence, but he now has a warrant out for his arrest. How is that working to anyone's benefit? How was he hurting the community? I will be posting this review on every site I possibly can.
By: hasteymichelletey
Attorney General
NOT A WORKING NUMBER! I tried to call it and it stated not a working phone number....
By: C M.
Drivers License Offices
You can show up as early as you want and will still find a line at this location, but i give a lot of recognition to the employees here for giving their customers full attention. They also call upon their supervisor for any issues that may arise regarding documentation or any dispute a customer may have. This location has drivers' testing any time of the day, and each instructor is out there getting everyone lined up and ready to go. I recommend this facility in comparison to any of the others. I have been here more than three times on different reasons with no problems.
By: jkiltoff
Unique Computer Solutions
Steve is SUPER SMART at all things computer!!! super easy to talk to and have him help you maximize your computer and systems. Can't recommend him and UCS enough - plus they are super value for their services!! Hire em today - you won't be disappointed!
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By: thanatologist
State of Texas
VOTE NO AGAINST MORE FUNDING FOR CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES: READ ABOUT THE DIRECTOR OF CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES WHO ADMITTED TO MOLESTING YOUNG GIRLS. STOP THE CHILD TRAFFICKING THESE PEOPLE ARE PRACTICING. STOP ANONYMOUS CALLING AND MAKE EVERYONE ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR ACTIONS! CALLING OUT OF ANGER OR REVENGE THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE CHILDREN, SHOULD BE A CRIME! MAKE EVERYONE ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR ACTIONS! If you are going to fund more money, ensure more QUALIFIED individuals are put in qualified, I mean psychologists/ workers were not educated to do this kind of work. READ BELOW AND DON'T THINK IT CAN'T HAPPEN TO SOMEONE YOU LOVE: "I Am Your Enemy" "I am your enemy. I'm the co-worker who'll will do anything to get you fired. I'm the neighbor who hates you. I'm the ex-wife, ex-husband, I'm a parent who refuses to pay for my childcare. I am a fired daycare worker. Who am I? I am your enemy, and you ought to know that.If I can, I mean to change your luck. I'll ruin your reputation- I'll get to you through your child. After a few questions by caseworkers, your child will be expected to give a history of sexual assault, You'll go home every night trying to sort out the notions. And gradually, you'll accept the nightmares as away of life. Who am I? I'm the one who has found out about the department of Social Services' reign of terror. One phone call to DSS will do it. I'll anonymously report you for child abuse, maybe neglect. "It can't happen to me," you say? I'll turn your life into a horror film directors dream of producing.The right of officials to seize your children without a warrant is virtually universal. In almost every state, the accused is denied the right of trial by jury in the juvenile or family court. Your children can be removed by judicial decree regardless of whether sufficient proof exists to convict you of any criminal activity! These officials don't have to tell you why you were accused, or what acts you were supposed to have committed. So, you'll imagine every horrible, hideous act possible. And you'll never know who made the false report.But at this very moment I am staring at my phone. I may be an incompetent witness, but I will never have to look you or them eye-to-eye, no ones cares who I am. The law protects me. "Not my child," you say. Your situation is worst by far. I know if enough idle evils like me catch sight of this technique, they'll use it because it is an effective weapon. It's the greatest malice freedom ever gave. Try to defend yourself against unknown accusations. Everyone around you will be a suspect. It might cost you your job, your spouse, the children in your custody. Your relatives and neighbors will probably be questioned and some will believe my lies. The way I figure it, that's why the department created the hot line. It's not my fault they don't care who calls, or why, or if the information they're obtaining is truthful or not. Right now, I am in a position of power. You've ticked me off. Well, it's the last time. Now, at least, one more enemy of yours has found a way to get even."AUTHOR: UNKNOWN
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