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By: doggiebeach
P.F. Chang's China Bistro
Chang's has been my favorite restaurant BY FAR for years, but the company has a serious problem they need to address because the theme is consistent in online reviews: CONSISTENCY!!! It used to be that maybe one in ten visits to a Chang's was somewhat disappointing, but now it's 50/50 at best! To help ensure I don't have to write a bad review (because I love the company!) I asked my server (who was great) to make sure the chef knew I was a nationwide Chang's customer and that my Mongolian Beef was crispy. I'm sure the server did because he was very good otherwise. What did I get? Not only a dish that was less crispy than normal, but one that was not crispy AT ALL and also undercooked!!! P.F. Changs corporate are you listening?? Your customer base is writing bad reviews everywhere not because they don't like you but because they are tired of being disappointed after you've served them food they WANT to return to buy and instead get something that isn't as good as the frozen version at Wal Mart for $7.50 and that ISN'T sarcasm, at this point the frozen spicy chicken or sweet & sour chicken is a somewhat overpriced but tasty consistent deal and going for the REAL THING is a rip off!!!. I never send food back, and of course didn't this time, but I'm done now after eating countless entrees that were not correctly prepared (been to about 14 locations numerous times so I have an idea of what is correct). From now on it's going back and if it's not right again I walk out and write another review stating such until Chang's gets its act together or I give up on them :(----------------------------------------------------Update: I returned twice (so far) to give this location a chance at redemption after serving me nearly raw Mongolian Beef a few days earlier (that's not very crispy!), and the visit went much better. The Sesame Chicken was prepared well, although a couple times at other locations I've had it where the corners are bordering crispy like the Mongolian Beef and out of this world!) and tasted as good as it looked. The server was a young girl who leaves plenty to be desired but did an OK job (I won't be too hard because they have been slammed all holiday week and maybe she is burned out). On my next visit I got the Kung Pao Scallops and asked for them to be well cooked and they came out just fine. The real star of this visit however was a server named Mandy, a young girl who told me she has ample experience in hospitality and it shows, however, her personality is what is important and she was so pleasant and attentive that I wrote an email to Chang's corporate to make sure she is recognized and her management takes good care of her because she knows how to do the job unlike so many of the bozos we see in the world today who should not even think about working in hospitality. I've had better Chang's food, but Mandy pulled the rating right up to a 5.
By: Bam C.
South China Chinese & American Restaurant
The first time I went I had a egg roll which by the way was crazy greasy n rough, but I was so hungry i still ate it. The second time I went I ordered a kids meal since I didn't have much appetite and ordered lemon chicken with rice. Idk but the rice tasted like nothing, the chicken was cut as if they heated a fried chicken patty and cut it up on slices. I learned my lesson now and definitely will not be going back. The atmosphere is not good at all, both times I've gone I only see one customer there and the restaurant itself is 98% empty. Well there's a reason why lolPlease don't waste ur time or money, find something else.
By: Richard W.
Sichuan House
This was our first time trying Sichuan House! Awesome! The staff was attentive, helpful and seemed to genuinely care about their patrons. The food is served family style, but you don't have to share if you choose not to. We chose 7 items, 2 appetizer and 5 entrees. All were amazing! I have to say. The pork belly is the dish to try but even the fried rice was some of the best I have had. The staff checked in with us continually to make sure we had drinks, if we liked everything, they had great suggestions and truly know their menu and all the flavors of their food. I highly recommend trying Sichuan House top restaurant in San Antonio!!!
By: Roland R.
Silver Star Cafe
great food for the price. definately will be back for the lemon chicken and the egg drop soup. great service from our waitress
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By: romansands
China Wok Express
Ordered delivery it was on time and it was good. The price was appropriate and the service was very satisfying.
By: R A.
Regents Hunan Chinese Restaurant
This is my go to place. I have Regents on speed dial. I probable pick up from here at least once a week. Everything is great from appetizers, entrees, specialty entrees and a la cart items. I absolutely LOVE their chicken fried rice and beef skewers! I highly recommend this place!
By: Tiffany D.
China Rose
Never going back to this place! Worst customer service I have ever dealt with. Drove all the way across town 30 mins to get Chinese food since it was recommended and order was all messed up so I simply called and spoke with "connie" who is the "manager" and she was the rudest person. After telling me my order wrongly over and over again even tho I explained exactly what the receipt said she did not care and rudely told me you can drive the food back and I'll just give you your money back with an attitude! So then I ask to talk to her boss and she claims she is the boss when she's just a manager. Asked for her name she rudely said it and then was hung up on. I told her I would take this up to corporate and she said I don't care go ahead and take it to corporate. So I called back and asked for either the owners info so I can get ahold of them or corporates number and she stated that she wouldn't give me there number and they do not have a corporate. So I asked who is in charge of the company and she said well we just don't have a corporate or there number. Never in my life have I been so disrespected and spoke to so rudely. I've worked as a manager of a food chain and the way she handled that was straight ridiculous. Will never return there and will tell everyone I know not to waste there time on this place. Get better managers who actually have customer service skills.
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By: Virginia L.
Golden Wok
Over all there food is good . its about the same you find at any other chinese food place just doesnt taste as premade. Its better to dine in here then to get delivery.. Even living right across the street it takes over and hr to deliver and a $20 minimum which doesnt include food tax or delivery fees. So look yo spend atleast $24 for a single meal when ordering delivery. Waitors are usually pretty nice. Management seems stiff ... And usually not enough parking for dine ins... I rather play pokemon go here
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By: Clif W.
Asia Kitchen
It's called Asia Kitchen and should have Asian cooks or chefs. But it does not, it has Hispanic or Mexican Cooks. The last time I went there I got the nun pric pao and it was flavorless. When they had the Asian Chefs, it was delicious. I won't go there again
By: Teirnan K.
Ming Garden
I ordered 3 entree's and the gave me 3 dinners. When I called to correct it. The so called manager Mike, (I assume the owners son) said it was my fault that the order was incorrect he then hung up on me after asking him to fix it. Mike was extremely rude. For a person that is taking over a restaurant as an owner he is off to a bad start. His father should be ashamed. I will never order again. I will insure my Army buddies with me on Lackland AFB don't order there as well. Its sad that this restaurants cant take care of its customers let alone ones that are in the service.

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