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By: what4fsk
Custom Sounds
Good people good job on installing my screen and tint very friendly people and knowledgeable of what you where looking for and needed
By: Jay J.
Custom Sounds
Save your MONEY and TIME! Go to Austin or Houston to get better quality for your money!!! Requested custom install to my vehicle with no price spared on the gear I brought in, my vehicle was in excellent condition when I dropped it off and all my electronic gear was in great working order. A week later I had a friend swing by since we were near North Star mall and we checked on the progress of the work. Immediately noticed my custom request on specific items were ignored (namely the HIDDEN bass knob I wanted; instead they took it upon themselves to drill it into my custom wood grain bezel...not hidden and definitely not what I wanted drilled into my wood grain!!) The next thing I noticed was that BOTH of my Clarion headrest monitors were no longer operable (they were in PERFECT working order prior to having this establishment work on my vehicle) when I brought this up to the manager he said they were never working to begin with and blew me off. After composing a sincere letter to the owner addressing my issue about my headrest being damaged under their care he still claimed they were never working; but this time would install new ones for free. My headrest were customized (in Hawaii) to my factory original headrest and I did not trust them to install other headrest based on their blatant disregard of my personal property. The rest of the build turned out fairly satisfactorily but the word "custom" did not come to mind initially nor in the year to follow. Over the year following my poorly "custom" install from "custom" $ounds the door grills fell off due to poor craftsmanship; non ideal parts used ( bad choice of screws, washers, etc) and inability to visualize, anticipate and execute long term durability for the customer. They have a poor knowledge-base. Overall my experience with "custom" $ounds was HORRIBLE in the initial start of my build all the way to the year after! OVER PRICED UNCARING AND UNDER EXPERIENCED BEST DESCRIBES THIS SHOP!
By: adriel1lm
Custom Sounds
Great service and good craftmans in the radio and paint protection job.
By: yjerry641
Custom Sounds
Jeremy was great and very knowledgeable. Thank you!
By: keithh191
Custom Sounds
Chris was very informative and explained everything clearly. Very satisfied with the whole experience. Thanks!
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By: Chris N.
Texas Sounds
First, I point out they say they are registered with the Better Business Bureau and are A+. Go check, they are not and have never been. "Associations: Better Business Bureau A+ Member"They start with a lie, you better believe their work ethic follows suit with that from then on. Secondly, they list that they are an Alpine Authorized Dealer. I verified and then reported their website link stating what they lied and said because they ARE NOT AUTHORIZED TO SELL ALPINE. I wonder at the ones posting positive reviews on this place. It is the worst stereo sales and installation shop in Texas. Maybe because of the high rate financing for the same ones that rent tires, who knows, but it's a joke. Terrible service, no warranty, they sell the backdoor brands because they cannot hope to get good reputable name brands to allow them to sell their higher end products. Find any other shop in San Antonio, avoid these guys at their several locations if you want to avoid a nightmare.
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By: Mauro M.
Texas Sounds
They are thieves, liars and crooks. Never pay with cash or debit, use your credit card because once they've destroyed your car, charged outrageous prices, they point to a small little sign...all sales final. Thieves. Crooks. Liars. Under investigation now because they have "BBB A+ member" and are not in any way affiliated. Liars. Destroyed my car, told me 4 hours, 3 days later, car destroyed and never finished. Thieves.
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By: Juan S.
Custom Sounds
First all these place don't know how to keep your word and once they make the sell they try to make you stay with what they installed. A word of advice read before signing because they'll tell you one thing and they install something else. Also the manager ever heard tries to force and keep the wrong installation. WORST EXPERIENCE EVER. GO AND SPEND YOUR MONEY SOMEWHERE ELSE!!!!!
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By: Tamara J.
Texas Sounds
Total bunch of liars and rip-offs. Thousand dollars, car destroyed. In pieces. First thing Monday, going to file on them in small claims court.
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By: Jackie C.
Texas Sounds
This was the worst experience ever! Never again will I deal with this company nor will I refer it to anyone! I went in on Feb 2015 to get and alarm a screen and a radio installed, I paid over 1,100 and change for what I expected to be good work! To my surprise it was the worst service, equipment and management I have ever encountered. My truck was damaged during the installation, part of the dash was cracked, my driver seat was cut and when I confronted them about it they told me it was like that, mind you I had a factory radio so there would be no reason why my dash would have previously been cracked. When I took my truck back a week after the installation because of the horrible job that was done and all the static and low volume with the system, I noticed Jr. sat in my driver seat with a screwdriver in his pocket measuring right at where my seat was cut, which made it obvious that the cut came from his carelessness. So over the course of 10 months I went in several times because every time I went in to complain about my remote start not working my remote key not ever showing a full charged battery regardless of putting new batteries it always showed it was dying and the sound with my radio was just horrible so they would do a temporary fix and it would go right back to the same thing it was doing and as far as the alarm they wanted to check the "brain" disregarding the fact that I told them there was something obviously wrong with the alarm over and over again. They told me I had to buy a new alarm remote because they weren't under warranty, but I received a pos to begin with and I had to pay an additional 125.00 to replace the faulty remote they gave me at the date of purchase and installation (they said you just need new batteries)! I went in again several times between February and October, finally in October to have them work on my radio and alarm AGAIN, and had to leave my truck all day there only to get there and find out my truck keys were left or given to another customer (on a Saturday), therefor they wasted over two hours of my time, until they finally figured that they need to replace my key by calling a locksmith having me and my 2 yr old waiting on this messy situation.
Tips & Advices
A capacitor is a two-terminal electrical component that is able to store energy, thus they are often found in power supplies. They can be especially important in a stereo system because they can exhibit frequency dependent behavior. What this means is they can be tailored to be used as noise filters to reduce the appearance of a frequency, or they can be used to enhance it. This is particularly effective in differentiating and isolating the ranges in a subwoofer and a tweeter, and in filtering out the potential noise or feedback from the power source.
Most aftermarket speakers are compatible with your factory stereo system. There can be exceptions, for instance, if you have speakers that need extra amplification to drive them to maximum performance, such as large subwoofers, your factory deck may not have the power to drive them adequately. They will play, but not to their potential. Basic speakers should be able to plug right into most standard decks. Factory stereo systems have evolved dramatically over the years and can even meet or exceed aftermarket products.
To install a basic car stereo you will need a minimum of tools. First you may need a puller to remove the existing deck (if there is one). Usually it’s just a thin bar that hooks onto the unit to pull it out. Once the unit space is established, you will need crimpers and wire cutters to strip, connect, and crimp the wiring units (to the speakers and to your power source). It’s a good idea to use connectors for the wiring contacts. It is a simple and basic process. In some cases, you might need some additional basic tools like screwdrivers if you are mounting anything or customizing the dash.
With a basic knowledge and minimum of tools, it is not theoretically difficult to install a car stereo. It is even easier is you are replacing the old deck because the wiring for the speakers and the power source are already in place. Most existing units can be pulled easily from the dash and replaced quickly. This of course depends on the sophistication of the system and the skill of the installer. If no modifications are necessary, it is not an overly difficult or complicated process. There are many sources of information and instructional videos available on the internet to guide you.
A subwoofer is a speaker that is designed to produce sounds on the low end of the audio scale. Subwoofers are usually paired with tweeters, speakers that produce sounds on the higher end of the audio scale, to create a balanced sound.

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