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By: jmurphy671
Mane & Glory Full Service Salon
After moving from GA to TX in 2009, I was in desperate need of an educated stylist who could promote healthy hair and offer a skill set for clients wanting to transition from relaxed hair to natural and was blessed to find M&G and my stylist Melvin Walker!My initial consultation was informative and timely. At the time, I had blond highlights and shoulder length hair. I wanted to keep my length during the transition process and was able to do so by establishing a weekly shampoo & steam routine.Three years later, I am loving my natural texture and weekly shampoo, steam and flat iron routine! Although I have cut my hair and went with a short crop, my hair has grown back and is healthier than ever. I now rock a semi perm red rinse, I love and have maintained for the past year. We all know red is a high maintenance color, however the products the shampoo techs use help my color to last only requiring color touch ups every other month which is great for someone with a weekly shampoos conditioning / flat iron routine!I am a weekend client who travels often and appreciates the ability to make a appointment on line, call in for a last minute appointment or get 'worked in' to a busy day full scheduled. The M&G team is fun, outgoing, personal and educated. I always have and enjoy the music selection, movies or news on the flat screen or having lunch or dinner with other clients and or staff in the break room if and when I have to wait for my services.Not to mention, the M&G team collaborates and doesn't mind do what ever is necessary to make you feel comfortable. I appreciate the level of education all the stylists have, which has allowed me to comfortably try schedule appointments with all the stylists whenever Melvin is unavailable! That, in itself speaks volumes....The salon offers Design Essential products and the best styling tools out there for at home maintenance. Clients are offered the payment option of using your credit or debit card for a small fee and booking on line and paying an on line deposit. The atmosphere is friendly and the facility offers complimentary bottled water and Wi-Fi.Please check out the salon for yourself and view the hair gallery at http://manenglory.com to see pics of clients like myself with natural hair. For those with an active lifestyle and rocking a natural texture with no desire to establish a hair straightening routine like myself please consider the braid specialist also located in the salon.jmurphy671Atlanta-New York-San /Antonio
By: valariemkfluellen
Mane & Glory Full Service Salon
Let your "Hair-do" the Talking! Ladies, I can;t say enough about Terre Wafford and the Mane and Glory team of professional stylists who take pleasure in reviving hair that has been dyed, fried, and laid to the side to break off and leave you with an unmanageable hot mess. I was one who was addicted to relaxers "hair-crack" until Terre and team gave me the Ceramic Phusion treatment. I used to relax literally every five weeks for that bone straight look i thought was the way to go. Happily I am relaxer free for almost three years and am never going back. My hair has bounce, body, and length like never before. Black hair can and will grow if you treat it properly...not you but the professionals at Mane and Glory. Make an appointment today. You will never regret going natural...an yes you can wear it straight. Trust me it looks like relaxed hair without the relaxer. Valarie Fluellen
By: scorpio509
Mane & Glory Full Service Salon
Only go if you have a spare 5 hours on your hands. They must book the appointments 15 minutes apart because, you will arrive for a 10:30am appointment and not be able to leave before 5pm. The worst of it is, most people pay money to spend time with their stylist... here you spend most of your time with the other people who are waiting hours as well as the "understudy". Then they still want to charge you full price. Boo to that! I've been seeing Melvin and he is nice and so is his understudy, but of your 5 hour visit I'd probably say that I spend less than 30 minutes with Melvin. So, only go IF you have a spare 5 hours, bring a lunch, and a computer so you can watch movies while you wait. I gotta find a new place ASAP. Need to change business name from Mane and Glory to Hurry up and wait.
By: built2last
Mane & Glory Full Service Salon
When it's Hottt, it's Hottt!! Mane & Glory is the spot to be especially if you want healthy, chemical free hair. The growth and strength of my hair is amazing still to me. The Mane & Glory staff offer and friendly, educational environment. They give you the education to be able to maintain your own healthy hair, even in the windy state of Idaho. Terri and her stylist have swept SA with the ceramic phusion process constantly producing happy, healthy haired customers and all without the use of the "creamy crack". Thanks Mane & Glory for laughs, the best conversations, Melvin (my stylist), my healthy hair, the free H2O and WiFi, last but not least my healthy mane and the education to maintain it.
By: andreabattle
Mane & Glory Full Service Salon
***Professional, Friendly, Knowledgeable, Clean, EtcI recently moved to San Antonio and was in fear of not being about to find a salon. Back a home I had a specific person for everything I wanted done (micros, sew ins, nails, toes, eye brows) It's a challenge getting comfortable and learning the city. Most places here cater to the hispanic race. I decided to do a google search for "black hair salons". Mane and Glory immediately grabbed my attention before others due to their website being so informative and showing pictures of their work. I was impressed. After my first visit I decided that this is where I will be getting my hair done as long as I'm in San Antonio! My hair came out beautiful. LOVE IT!
By: mld2013
Robert Yerrington MD
Dr. Yerrington is the best doctor I have ever met. He is very knowlegeable and takes his time with you. He was such a great help with my weight loss. His HCG diet he offers was great I had tried several other places that offered the HCG diet but gained all my weight plus more after I finished their diet plan. With his plan I lost 50 lbs and have been able to keep it off for almost a year now. At times I did have to wait a little while to see him but it's sure worth the wait, and if you just ask the office staff they are very accomodating and will work with you so you can run errands instead of waiting & they'll call you when it's your turn!!!!!!!!:)
By: mbarnes3
Robert Yerrington MD
I would say that Dr. Yerrington is one of the kindest, most compassionate and gifted doctors I have ever encountered. I do not live in the San Antonio area but when visiting, have had to seek treatment on a few occasions. He was attentive and extremely knowledgeable about my condition and took great care of me. Dr. Y and his staff are a group of warm, caring professionals and if I lived in S.A., I wouldn't hesitate to select him as my primary care physician. He is a warm and gentle spirit and I ask you, how many other doctors will pray with you and for you? It doesn't get much better than that!
By: larry.phelps.169
Robert Yerrington MD
They are top notch. They were able to look at my health as a "whole picture". Their efforts were huge and in-depth. Dr. Yerrington worked with me to address causes and implement a plan for better health and did not just limit his efforts to addresssing symptoms. He took time to discuss every issue and I felt like we both worked together. If I made a list of outstanding physicians I have had in my life, Dr. Yerrington would be right at the top. I would highly recommed him to anyone in the nation, including all my family and friends. Health Care is at a whole new level here.
By: alishaw123
Robert Yerrington MD
I have been searching for a PCP since I moved to SA 3yrs ago and have finally found one that doesn't make me feel like I am a pay check for them. Dr. Yerrington is the ONE Dr that hasn't made me wait for over an hour just to speed though my apt like it's a race. He took his time addressing all issues and made me feel very comfortable! Not only do I enjoy his personality and knowledge but he has a strong faith and holistic approach to everything. The products they carry are great and I am thrilled to say I have lost 31lbs on their HCG program!!
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By: Rachel N.
Nail Flower Salon
I came here for a plain French set and they charged me $47 after quoting me $32. They manicure was ordinary at best, was definitely not the best work I've had at many other places. I was very unhappy with the filing job. My nails were uneven and there were tons of strays even after they were done with my manicure. I was asked what shape I wanted but was not told that any shaping at all adds an extra $5. I will not be returning. This place is fine if you have money to blow and no real expectations of a manicure, but I would not recommend.

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