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By: jonathan_reyes76
All Star Tattoo
This is in response to Mr. or Ms. Sweetz28, you have no idea of what you are talking about. I personally respect and admire all the hard work Aracely, Adrian, Shanice and Ruffo put into this tattoo shop. They are all REAL GINUWINE GOOD PEOPLE. Aracely was blessed with a creative, vulgar and beautiful mind and was blessed to be an American with that right to express what she wants to say on Facebook. Now you can say what you want as well, that is your right. But give credit where credit is due, how many people subscribe to her on Facebook? Is she not running a very well known tattoo shop on a THEE busiest street in the Southside? Just because you have a closed mind or are jealous of her and what she has, doesn’t mean you can go and leave such a disrespectful message about the business. Adrian and Ruffo’s tattoo work is known around town for how awesome it is, Shanice is a young prodigy at piercing and Aracely is doing an outstanding job on the net “REPPIN” the business and managing it as well. The tattoo shop is family orientated, clean, professional, fun and welcoming to anyone and everyone who comes in with a good attitude. I’ve got to know these people on a personal level and they are even more awesome than you would ever know. This is the only place I go to get all my tattoos and piercings done. So Sweetz28 you are entitled to your opinion and I am entitled to mine. My opinion is, you are talking out of your rear end. Sincerely, Jonathan Reyes
By: s80wyn
Wicked Ways Tattoo & Clothing Co
I had my tattoo done there totally on a whim while on a vacation with my husband and kids. I'd had a version of what I wanted in my mind for years, but I am no artist. I described my scene to Norm who turned it over to Matt. The piece that Matt came up with blew my mind. Never in a million years, could I put my description in such detail. The problem was that his art, ended up being quite a bit bigger than I had in mind. (Did I say that this was my FIRST tattoo?) I admit that I was not the easiest person to draw for! After a few re-dos (and, admittedly, cutting some of his cooler things out of the design for the sake of size and placement) it was the perfect size and perfect tattoo. Matt did an amazing job! I have wanted this tattoo for so long and cannot imagine that anyone else could have come up with something so perfect me. Being that this was my first tattoo, and I have no other experience with them, I have no clue if I charged appropriately- however, I'm thrilled with the work and would rather love something I may or may not have paid too much for than underpay for something that looks like crap. I will be going back.
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By: Kristina K.
Custom Ink Tattoos & Body Piercings
My overall experience from the time I called to the time I stepped out the door was FANTASTIC!! I chose custom ink tattoos based off of their awesome website and several excellent reviews. I loved being able to see each tattoo artist's personal picture and individual work before I came in. I wanted a 10 year old tattoo that was fading revitalized. i was greeted with a smile and a handshake by my artist Jason. The shop was energetic, clean, and comfortable. Jason was quick to assess my old tattoo, answered all of my questions, offered a more than fair price, and made me feel comfortable every step of the way. He was extremely gentle during the whole session and constantly asked me how I was doing. I'm a medical professional so this resonated with me. Jason took my tattoo to the next level. His hand is steady. His work is beautiful and precise. He is an extremely talented artist. I am beyond pleased. I've asked him to help me create a mandala piece as my next tattoo.
By: brianagarza
Texas Taboo Tattoos
This shop was recommended to me by not just one but most of my friends. Everyone seemed to get a tattoo at Texas Taboo except for me, so I said Hey, I have to see what all this talking is about........I went in confident of what I was getting was perfect, (owl) but when the artist started talking to me to add this and add a few more tweeks I was surprised of how better his idea was.....Now, that right there was an artist to me! He started talking about color, and roses, for a second I thought it was going to be a lot of money but his pricing was f*king awesome!! I went in confident, and left feeling on top of the world.....I loved it, there is no other place I would get my tattoos after going inside here....I have to give credit for the shop being so unique! from the texture on the walls to the paintings, the color, and decorations...Everything was so clean!
By: linda23115
All Star Tattoo
All Star Tattoos is just that ALL STARS, Adrian, Ruffo, Aracely & Shanice are GREAT they make you feel welcome! you can sit and joke around with them and their work is AMAZING Shanice is a TOP STAR piercer! She eased my worry about a tongue piercing and answered all my questions and told me step by step how she was going to pierce me... SUPER CLEAN!!! Adrian & Ruffo are AMAZING tattoo artists!!! They both can take an idea and make it unique just for you! Aracely keeps everything in check and going!!! this is seriously a GREAT TEAM and the new location is Great!!! They have great promos and just all around Awesome People!!! I WILL NEVER GO ANY WHERE ELSE TO GET TATTOOED OR PIERCED!!!! <3 Iris
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By: Myroncelicia M.
Custom Ink Tattoos & Body Piercings
Went in yesterday for my wife to get a piercing and me to finish my sleeve. Custom ink is where we will be going whenever in San Antonio. I got my tattoo by Sammy. Dude was legit!! Zero complaints. I didn't have much of an idea of what I wanted, just needed fillers for my sleeve. Sammy not only came up with awesome ideas, he FREEHANDED my whole tattoo flawlessly. He also touched up the existing tats I had to revive them and make them look as good as the new tats. Most definitely will be returning to him whenever I hit custom ink. And my Mrs was more than happy with her piercings as well. Overall, custom ink is the spot to be at.
By: alice45234234
All Star Tattoo
Awesome place!! This shop has the friendliest people who are amazing artists!!! The shop is bright and welcoming and the work is so amazing!! Adrian and Ruffo some of the best artists I've seen, definitely the BEST in San Antonio!! The piercer there is the cleanest piercer, she makes sure everything is sterile and makes sure everything is perfect. I've gotten tattoos and piercerings at different shops, and I can't believe it took me so long to get beautiful quality work. So, if you're looking for the best work for affordable and reasonable prices, don't go anywhere else!! I just got a tattoo and I'm already planning my next one! :)
By: Luke C.
Family Tradition Tattoo Company
Great tattoo for a great price! Ray is really on point with his tattooing. He drew up a completely original tattoo based on the exact specifications I asked for, then filled in all the gaps to complete my half sleeve. Ray was more than happy to talk through my tattoo ideas with me, and there were absolutely no "compromises" to my ideas, he did exactly what I wanted. Family Tradition provides a comfortable environment, with artists who really know what they're doing. My friends have already made plans to stop by Family Tradition now that they've seen my new ink! I will definitely be going back for more!!
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By: Amanda C.
Custom Ink Tattoos & Body Piercings
A friend and I went to have 2 collar bone dermals in February done by laura I think her name was, she has a heart on her chest, anyway right after having them done when we got home the first one was hanging down the foot of the dermal was not in correctly, my friend removed hers and went backed after healed and had the new girl Amber do it, she has no issues. I went yesterday to have 2 more put in by amber, she did a great job! I'm was so happy and pleased with her work, customer service, and friendliness all around. If you plan to get dermals make sure to get them done by AMBER.
By: vanessag.tats
All Star Tattoo
I don't know these folks on a personal level but I went in to get a tattoo done and my sisters went in to get piericings. The place looked nice, the people were friendly and Ruffo did a great job on my tattoo. My sisters are happy with their piercings. All in all, great experience. I will definately return and recommend to friends. OH, and i know for a FACT you cannot have negative reviews removed. The previous review made me wonder....so I looked into it. You CAN review a business WITHOUT leaving a comment. Just FYI people. Retards like to troll.

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