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By: Lulu r. V.
La Caridad
I paid a visit to this shop during July for some supplies I needed. I went back in October to have a reading done. I don't do many reviews on restaurants or shops however I feel the need to review La Caridad. This shop is in the perfect location in San Antonio. It is set up in a boutique area so the shop itself is set up as a boutique something I loved the first time I visited. Monica who runs the front of the store is so friendly and helpful you feel no uncomfortness or pressure while here. I had my reading done by their shops Babalawo. Now being familiar with the religion I expected my reading to be done by a Santero/a or a Spiritualist never in a million years did I think I would get a reading from a Babalawo. It was a truly remarkable experience. I have visited a few shops in San Antonio for supply but none have made me feel at home or as comfortable as La Caridad.
By: onerom.moreno
Toys R Us
I purchased a swing set at a dale price of 375.00 on opening day. They didnt have any in stock and said one would be ordered and delivered in the next truck delivery...i go back the following Thursday and they were unable to find my order after looking for 45 minutes. Sounds not so good at this point but they upgraded my purchases to a 600.00 dollar swing set at no additional charge to me. I would've expected to wait longer or told to go to another store. I am quite satisfied with how they handled the situation.
By: artemiso1
L & M Book Store
I get my books and school supplies paid for by the VA Voc Reb (Veterans Affairs Vocational Rehabilitation), L&M can still get me the stuff I need as they have be vetted by the VA. So I end up with more supplies and faster lines than the SAC Bookstore. They have almost always had all the books I needed for my classes, even when I had to take a class at SPC. The one time they did not have the book I needed, they not only ordered it, but they but a free rush on it for me as the class had already started.
By: Carlos L.
Dead Tree Books
I was looking through a window of a closed store, when the employees were leaving for the day.As they were walking out, keys and purse in hand, they asked what book I was looking for. I didnt know exactly but they asked me to come in and look for myself. I paid for 3 books and thanked them. They stated that if someone was willing to make time to go to their shop, they were willing to make time for them as well.Bravo! But remember.. They close at 7pm..
By: Skip O.
Half Price Books
OMG this is my favorite Half Price Books Store out of the 3 I've been to in Dallas and Austin. Yeah, it's a maze and it's really crowded, but the people working there are so chill and easy to talk to! I don't really care about the size of the store as long as the people there are willing to help me find the books I want.
By: betty90
House of Mexico Imports
Really cute stuff for all around fiesta. Super good service and great price on the mens guayaberas compared to other places around town. My husband bought three shirts and is very satisfied with them. OOHHHHH and i finally found mexican pure vanilla!!!! :) super excited
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By: Anna J.
La Caridad
Customer service is by far one of the best Monica is very friendly and helpful. David the owner humble, always willing to go out of his way to help someone in need.
By: Laura J.
Dead Tree Books
If you are a book lover, there's no better experience than visiting this store. They have lots of selection and they let you review the book before you buy it.
By: Vanessa W.
La Caridad
im so pleased with their services! David and monica are such a great team! I am so greatful for all they have done for my family. Best of the best botanica!
By: monica.vidaurri.9
La Caridad
Very good service...lots of merchandise....great prices...compared to other botanicas I've been to this one by far is the best I've been to.

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