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By: mitzyscorner
Extensions of Yourself
Honestly, Melissa changed by life. I am so indebted to her. I am in my 40s, and have super fine hair, that began thinning at the crown 13 years ago after the birth of my child. I have spent over a decade battling it. I have had every blood test known to man. In sum, it’s heredity, and a hormone imbalance that only menopause will cure. Even so, I’ve tried everything. oils, vitamins, massage, Nioxin, Minoxidil, bio-identicals, Rx meds. I spent a fortune, with no results. The older I got, the more it damaged my self-esteem. When I looked down, or when you stand or sit behind me, you could see my scalp and thin patches. I became a master of concealment. The side part, strategic hairspray, hair fibers, hair pieces. Clip ins that hurt like heck and damaged my hair further. It was exhausting, sad, and so time consuming!Finally, I gave up. I started looking into extensions. Honestly, I was very skeptical. The last thing I wanted was to further my hair loss with “friction alopecia.” I researched nearly all extension stylists in SA. I eliminated the “jack of all, master of none” or one’s that are self-declared specialists who trained via YouTube. I was almost ready to give up. And then I came across “Extensions of Yourself” and Melissa. What a difference! First of all, Melissa is an educated, certified specialist, trained in a variety of methods, has seen it all, & knows her stuff. And it is quite clear that her goal is to help people, not make $. Her compassion is obvious as is her sensitivity to emotions surrounding hair loss. She truly understands what it is like to feel embarrassed about hair. I’ve never met anyone who “gets it” the way she does. In a free consultation, she carefully goes over your options, the prices, and what type of service will best fit your life style. There is no hard sell. She was honest and explained to me that HairDreams extensions can be reused two times, so you don’t have to buy new extensions in 6 months. But others, like Great Lengths, are used once and that’s it, you have to pay for both labor, and new extensions every 6 months or so. Her point was: you can opt for cheaper extensions, but it is false economy if you plan on keeping them longterm. I had been to countless salons that pushed the lower end extensions, fully aware that it means more $$$ for them. After the consult, Melissa encouraged me to think about it for awhile, even when I was ready to whip out my checkbook that very moment! So, I took my time. The cost was reasonable and under market for SA, far less than most salons. I added up all the money I spent on products, the time, the emotional toll it was taking. Two weeks later, I set up my appointment. The hair salon is intimate. You get personal attention without having to deal with the group of gossiping women. It is just you, and Melissa. The process took about 6 hours. I am hyperactive -- but somehow the time flew by. Melissa she puts earbuds in, and listens to music, leaving you free to work on a laptop (free wifi!), read, or whatever. She doesn’t waste your time taking personal calls, texting, or gossiping with other stylists. When she was done, I didn’t even recognize myself. I knew I’d feel better, but I didn’t imagine how much decent hair could improve appearance, and in turn---confidence!   It is weird, but having normal hair, can make all your other features look better as well. My natural thin hair emphasized any flaw in my skin, All in all, it has been a life-changing, wonderful experience with Extensions of Yourself. I told Melissa, “I think I will die with my hair extensions in” and I meant it. I could never go back to the struggle I had before I met Melissa. She is truly a blessing. I will be a lifelong client.
By: lindsay.merritt
Mini Texans Christian Learning Center
I cannot say enough wonderful things about the quality care that my children have experienced from Mini Texans Christian Learning Center. We have three children who attend Mini Texans – a four year old in Pre-K, a 2-year old in a toddler class, and a 3-month old in the infant room. I feel 100% certain that all three are given all of the caring and attention they need, as well as the resources to help them grow and learn. Mini Texans’ owners, Jonathan and Marcy Boynton, have created a wonderful environment where our kids LOVE to go each day. The teachers and staff are caring, attentive people and the environment is immaculately clean and filled with age-appropriate toys and learning tools. The staff know each of my children by name and also take the time to know their personalities and talk to my husband and I about them – often laughing with us about a funny moment they had or sharing something the children learned that day. They have always supported us in any efforts we are making at home – whether it be the schedule we are working on with our infant or potty-training our two-year old – they always keep in very close communication and work with us on the things that we want for our children. My oldest child is in the Mini Texans Pre-K class and I am so happy with the curriculum they are using and the learning going on in his room. I have spent the last decade working in the education industry so I used my resources and did my research when I learned about the curriculum they had selected for the Pre-K and everything they are using with my child is of the highest-quality and geared toward preparing him for the work he will do in Kindergarten. Additionally, beyond the curriculum, they have found an impressive balance between teaching the curriculum the children will need and providing them a nurturing environment to develop the life skills they are still learning (i.e. manners, etiquette, respect, etc.). In addition to the classroom opportunities, I have been awed by the number of enrichment activities available to our children on-site at Mini-Texans. My children have taken advantage of opportunities to learn basketball, soccer, dance, swimming, and even a class focused on computers and early technology skills. I have found that these “extras” are the things that many children in a typical daycare setting do not get to participate in because they are typically at a time when the parents’ schedules do not allow it. To have them available to our children within the day has been an incredible gift. We have been coming to Mini-Texans for over two years now and I have been blessed to meet many of the moms and dads whose children attend the school. In all honesty, I can say that I have never had anyone tell me that they weren’t completely happy with the decision that they made to send their children to MiniTexans. We believe that it takes a village to raise our children and we feel so incredibly blessed to have this school as a part of our village. Thank you MiniTexans!
By: Karen W.
Ties N Bows Learning Center
I personally have had dealings with this vary daycare for over 3 years and couldn't disagree more with the review made by Kimberly A. Garza. Yes, the daycare is small which is the very reason I chose this daycare. I did not want my child lost in the mix of a larger daycare. I wanted her to receive a more personal one-on-one experience and that is exactly what she and I both got. The director is more than lenient with regards to accepting late payments but as with any other daycare policies, a weekly tuition is due no matter the number of days the child comes to the daycare. There is the option to do a drop-off option if in fact a parent does not bring the child every single day, it will however cost more to do that which is how ALL daycares operate. The director worked with me on several occasions when I needed additional time to pay my tuition fee and with no penalty to me, so yes... she is something else and it isn't money hungry. And yes she will advise on other daycares in the immediate vicinity to her location and she also encourages prospective parents to go see those daycares and determine for themselves, which is something I appreciated from her. As for one full-time lady responsible for 10-13 children ranging in age, she is within licensing guidelines and unless you personally went around asking for the age of each child, this comment is completely unfair and as the director advises, go observe other daycares and their teacher/child ratio is much worse, I've seen it for myself. It is blatantly apparent to me that Kimberly A. Garza had a personal issue with the director/staff/daycare because her review is a laundry list of issues but revolving around all personal opinions, nothing factual. My advice with any online review site, take it with a grain of salt because you never know who is acting out of vengeance which appears to be the case here. Finally, all daycare facilities are inspected on a routine basis and her record speaks for itself, they are factual, unbiased reports that are published after an inspector completes an inspection. Any responsible parent should look online for an inspection report before leaving their child at any daycare.I to this day recommend her daycare to anyone who is looking for quality daycare for their child, with a personal touch and I will continue to do so.
By: teeach
Victory Martial Arts
We have been members of Victory Martial Arts - Leon Springs since April of 2012 and I can't say enough about how much we LOVE this Martial Arts school. Originally we called to sign my 2 1/2 year old son up because he was at the age to begin activities and Martial Arts had always been an option my husband and I had considered. At our first introduction, the instructors asked us what our goals were for the classes, areas of improvement, etc. and we said things like discipline, physical fitness, flexibility, self confidence, concentration (listening skills), etc. The instructors went through a short demo with both my son and my daughter (5 1/2 years old) who also expressed interest. Then we signed them both up. Let me tell you, my husband and I have been so impressed it's hard to express in words. Victory Martial Arts - Leon Springs (as well as all the other VMA School instructors we've been introduced to) has more than delivered! Our children have improved 1000 times in the areas we discussed + some. Not only have our children benefited from the program, but my husband and I have as well. Since we signed up as a family (2 members = family plan) all 4 of us are able to attend the classes. They have kids only classes, family classes where you can participate with your child, and adult only classes at all times during the day and evening to easily fit your schedule. You can attend as many classes a week as you want (recommend at least 2) for the one price. If you ask me this is a total bargain, especially if you take into consideration that no other activity we've had my daughter in (dance, gymnastics, music, etc.) allows for the entire family to attend every day of the week for that one monthly price. And, this is the ONLY activity my daughter has not fussed about not wanting to attend (as young kids typically do). The high level of positive reinforcement really works. The instructors (Mr. Turner, Ms. Collins, and Ms. Sammon at Leon Springs in particular) are professional, caring, engaged in each individual's improvement, and lead by example. We are forever grateful to have found Victory Martial Arts for our family!
By: Meredith K.
Happy Hollow Preschool & Daycare
I highly recommend Happy Hollow. My two boys have been there for two years now and have absolutely enjoyed their time. The teacher (owner) and the teaching assistants are fantastic. In fact, the teaching assistants are college students that are majoring in education! My children have have had the opportunity to be part of the Pre Kinder Program, after school, and summer camp. First, allow me to tell you about the pre-school/pre k, my youngest has attended since he was 3 (he is now 5). Celebrations are a big deal at Happy Hollow, huge parties for holidays and they really make the kids feel special on their birthdays as well. My youngest was born premature and he is a little behind the curve learning wise. The last two years he has gone to Happy Hollow, he has learned so much! He has excelled and is truly ready to rock kindergarten next year. He held his head so high like the other kiddos did walking across the stage it was beautiful at their Pre K and Preschool graduation ceremony. They had all worked so hard this year to accomplish their goals.Next, after school. The children are picked up from their local schools. They are ASSISTED with their homework and are able to play afterwards. It's a great feeling knowing that I don't need to worry about being bogged down with homework once home, I can check out what the assignment was and go about the usual nightly routine of laundry, dinner, clean. Ect. Last, Happy Hollow's summer camp. The children go on a lot of fantastic field trips, and have an opportunity to get swimming lessons as well. Unfortunately, due to my new summer work schedule- my boys will not be able to attend the camp and they are very upset about it. If you're looking for a special place that can give you piece of mind that your child is learning and being loved on, Happy Hollow is the place for your family. I really can't say enough how blessed we were to have found such a caring and kind school for them to grow and learn. Truly just the sweetest, and most knowledgable people I have had the pleasure of getting to know. Happy Hollow is WONDERFUL!
By: danaelise
Mi Casa Child Center
Mi Casa has been a blessing for my son. My child has special needs and had been at a previous daycare (a Christian daycare mind you) and they disregarded us as if my son wasn't wanted. So I began the search for a new daycare and had been told that Mi Casa was a great place. I went and took a tour and decided that this would be our new daycare. As a teacher myself and a single Mom my son is everything to me so I am very picky and do my research before I decided to place my son is someone's care. From day one, Mi Casa has been welcoming, accepting and has exceeded my expectations. The ENTIRE staff has been incredibly patient, trustworthy, excellent at communicating and above all shown my son care and love. They have taken an active role in my son's daily life and are truly commited to helping him succeed. There aren't many places where you can find that and can also find people who are GENUINE and really care. Now people who post tacky comments on here about the staff should cause anyone with common sense to pause and think. If your going to call someone a name at least make the effort write a complete sentence and use correct grammer. If your complaining about them not educating the kids then I would think this wouldn't have to be something that needed to be pointed out. The comment was ridiculous and clearly written by someone who I would assume is unreasonable and for lack of better words, tacky. I have never once questioned the safety of my son when he is in their care and have complete confidence in what they do. I personally do not take kindly to anyone "attacking" people who I KNOW are good, kind caring people. Mi Casa is a wonderful place and it is such a relief to know that my child is left in capable hands every day.
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By: Elizabeth k. H.
House of Styles
I had my first appointment with this salon. The staff is very friendly and the place was clean and stylish. I went in a couple of days in advance to ask questions and was quoted $60 for a conditioning treatment, which would drop to $35 if you included hair color. I made the mistake of not getting a firm answer of how much for a haircut. I have mixed textured curly hair that is slightly shorter than shoulder length. I was assured that they have experience with my hair type. The day of my appointment, I was seen promptly and offered a beverage and snack. My stylist gave me 100% of her attention and answered what questions I had. These are the sweetest ladies you'll meet. The conditioning treatment for my hair was beyond what I have expected. My stylist then spent time giving me a wet cut, straightening my hair, and a dry cut followed. She did a magnificent job at taking away the split ends and giving my hair a healthy look. At the end, my hair was only straightened and not styled as discussed prior to drying. I also asked for a product to help prevent frizz, to which one was applied. The cost of what I requested: shampoo, conditioning treatment, cut, and straightening with a flat iron was $130. I inquired about the breakdown of my cost and was informed the conditioning treatment was $65 and the haircut was $65. I left the salon to another indoor location and my hair was frizzy in 15 minutes. My experience was not horrible but I cannot say it was the best. This is the most I have ever paid for these specific services, ever. I enjoy the feel of my hair and it appears to be healthier but I left there without a style and frizz that followed shortly after.
By: Jamie Z.
The Artistry Company
This experience is not what I expected with the private, small studio. But when Carrie gets ahold of you its awesome. She is extremely artistic when applying makeup so she looks at your face like it is a canvas and begins her work. She gets really involved and does what you want her to do. The thing that I loved about it is that I still didn't even know for sure (after two separate trials) on the wedding day what I wanted done with my hair. I couldn't decide. So Carrie took over and began working my hair into whatever she was doing and when I turned around I fell in love! I hadn't seen anything that looked like that on pinterest or google and it was perfect for me and my face. I even changed things about how I wanted my makeup from the last two times I had been with her and she did whatever I asked and never seemed annoyed with me and my indecisiveness. She was so sweet towards my 5 year old sister and gave her a little bit of sparkle too! She worked with all of my girls with her other team members and had patience and endurance for they were there longer than they intended. I was appreciative of her and her team for staying to do touch ups for after the ceremony as well. I really couldn't have been happier with such a passionate person working with me and remaining calm while I couldn't make a decision to save my life. Just let her be her and she will let you be you. She truly is an artist :) and I grew fond of her soft spirit and her loving nature. Thank you Ms. Von Loudon for making me feel like the princess I was afraid I wouldn't be able to feel like due to my inability to make a decision!
By: involvedmom
I'm Just A Kid
When we started at I'm Just a Kid we were thrilled with the education based curriculum, promise of low provider turn over, the extracurricular offerings and the passion of the family that owns and operates the business.Just over a year later we are no longer able to support them as whole heartedly as we once did. Providers have disappeared overnight, the extracurricular activities are not offered on a regular basis (though tuition increased 33% with little notice to make them mandatory for all children), and the day to day operations are unpredictable. Security concerns from parents have been widely ignored and the parent recommended solution pushed back to parents to fund. This is a young school and while they excel in educational theory, they are floundering when it comes to the daily task of running a business. Though a for-profit school, they routinely ask for donations and additional money beyond the tuition to fund anything from security concerns to "wish list" items that any other business would establish a budget to attain. Every business has to start somewhere, but after a year we have seen little action in this area to indicate they are getting better and/or improving.There are positives; they are quick to address classroom concerns, the daily curriculum contains education and not just rote child care, and the passion is always evident in the family members on staff. I have also never doubted the intent of the school to ensure my child is happy. The positives don't outweigh the negatives for our family and we’ve moved on.
By: loriwitt
Victory Martial Arts
My adopted son is 4 years old. He was born addicted to heroin. Unfortunately, little ones born with a drug addiction often have problems such as ADHD, learning disabilities, and other behavioral problems. I could not get my son to listen or be responsive to direction. We walked by Victory Martial Arts and my son wanted to watch the class. One of the instructors gave him a 30 day trial pass. I was very hesitant because of the issues he was having. I spoke with Mr. Turner and he didn't seem worried in the least about enrolling my son. I went ahead and signed him up. Within a matter of 3 weeks, I already began to notice very positive changes in my son. He listened better, and was starting to respond to direction. It has only been two months since he started and I am happy to report that the progress continues. He is more respectful and has stopped virtually all aggressive behavior. Mr. Turner is amazing! He has done more for my son in several weeks than behavioral therapists have done for him over the last year and a half. My husband and I are very grateful. Every parent of a VMA student with whom I have spoken, tells a story of the growth and development of their child since joining VMA. I would suggest to any parent who is considering VMA for their child, to enroll him immediately and watch with amazement how your child grows. This is simply the best decision I have ever made. It is an investment in my son's future and I know he will be successful!

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