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By: bert a.
Bert's Gene Brown Transmission
Regarding RIPOFF Review by Travis C on 2/4/15Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Travis. At Bert’s Gene Brown Transmission we encourage our clients to openly communicate any and all concerns regarding, price, quality and customer service issues. Therefore we are surprised that you did not bring this to our attention earlier so that we could address it as soon as possible. With all due respect, the cost of the transmission was $1500 exactly- not $1800 and you paid an additional $165 to have work performed on the drive shaft. The only item that comes to mind on your transmission that may have been siliconed is the governor cap. The application of silicone is standard procedure in sealing the governor cap to prevent leakage. Originally we repaired your transmission on February 13, 2013 which was 24 months ago. The repair had a 12 month or 12,000 mile warranty. To date your warranty has already been expired one year. However, as you clearly stated in your review, Steve still offered to fix your issues although the warranty had been expired approaching a year. Our intentions to satisfy your complaint was evident and clear as we willingly made efforts to reach out to you. However when I made phone contact with you to resolve the issue, you strongly rejected my request to allow Steve to join our conversation for the purpose of achieving complete clarity on the situation and you then ended the phone call. Your refusal to allow Steve to participate in an effort to resolve this issue has rendered a solution to your complaint unattainable. However, should you reconsider to take us up on our offer, we are ready and willing to stand behind our work. Please call the shop at 210-637-5555 and ask for me, Bert, directly. Once again thank you, Travis. *******Updated Response: February 7, 2015******* Hello Travis, my purpose for reaching out to you was not to create a situation that would produce an argument. The purpose of Steve being a party to the call was not for him to rebuttal you. It was for the purpose of Steve listening so he could get a complete understanding as to why you are dissatisfied since he offered to fix your issue even a yr out of warranty. I even assured you there would be no communication between you and Steve. No argument nor rebuttal from Steve will be allowed. Once again I ended my first response by offering you an open invitation should you choose to take me up on my offer. Please contact me personally. You have nothing to loose. Bring your truck so that I can check it out and test drive it. Also, please bring your receipt showing what's been repaired or replaced along with proof of payment so that we can determine an amicable agreement. It's that simple. My offer stands for 72 hours. Once again, please feel free to contact me. Thank you, Travis.
By: charlesch
Yang's Auto Repair
I have been coming to this shop for about 25 years. Mr. Yang and his son are expert and thoroughly honest mechanics. They are also conservative in their approach - never recommending things be worked on unless they believe there is a clear need. Do not let the modest setting mislead you – you will get the highest quality service at a fair price at Yangs.My first car to bring here was a 1983 Honda Prelude which I drove for fifteen years until it reached 340,000 miles. I liked this car – obviously – and Mr. Yang kept it running well until I just wore it out. I then bought a used Lexus SC 300 which I drove for seven years. The car was more finicky than the Honda but Mr. Yang kept it running well until I sold it at around 180,000 miles.Finally I bought a used 1999 Lexus GS 400 which I still drive. It is because I trust the Yangs that I am comfortable driving a car that is now 14 years old.I have never felt the need for the service of the Honda or Lexus dealerships in town. While I am sure that some of the dealers offer good service, I believe that my cars have been professionally maintained at a significant savings because I have used a great independent mechanic. Furthermore, I have introduced three of my friends to Yang’s and each of them are very happy with the quality and cost of the work that has been performed for them over the last fifteen years at Yangs.Finally I am always a little uncertain about glowing reviews of small businesses but I am not related in any way to the business and my recommendation is offered in the hope that if you have an Asian vehicle that you will be happy to find an honest, fairly priced, and expert mechanic.
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By: Sharon P.
Service King Collision Repair Southside
OMG!!! I was so amazed arriving today on 3/21/14 to pick up my vehicle after being hit on February 28 by a uninsured motorist that ran from the scene. I was really in-need of getting my 2013 kia soul bumper repaired along with other damages. My insurance agent had listed several collision repairs locations but they was too far from home, so the agent had mention service king on 736 s. w. military drive, san Antonio TX 78221. I had took my car there free of charge for a evaluation by Benny Ortega on the damages, then schedule my appointment on the 3rd of march and still having Mr. Ortega to be my advisor throughout the process of my vehicle being repaired. His services was over-the-top excellent. He kept in touch with me throughout the weeks especially calling my mother to give her the update just incase he couldn't reach me. And the receptionist Jennifer and Javier and the manager Bob McNatt and even one of the service men that was in the garage was such wonderful people that kept a positive face; and that Javier knew his cars right off the bat when he was giving me a tour of what was being done on my vehicle unlike the service man that too gave me a update. I really do appreciate this company hard work of getting my vehicle repaired in an sufficient amount of time while I was using a rental during the weeks of not having my vehicle and now I can see myself using this company in the future and referring more customers to your location. Thank you so very much and now I am a official service queen client.
By: rhoyalty
Dent Dawg
I brought my brand new 2013 Escape in to have a door ding fixed. I was not having the best of luck finding a PDR tech to fix it. Recent hail storm has everyone busy. I lived with this eye sore on my body line for a month as it was a very stressed dent in my door. Can be seen at a distance and looked really bad in the sun. Desperate still I went to Google and found Dent Dawg. I told Chris my situation and asked if there were any way he could squeeze me in as I know everyone is busy but the hail storm was on Easter. This is now May. No problem bring it in. Sent him the best pic I could. Quoted me a price from the photo which matched previous site seen quotes. Other PDRs said all day job. My appt was made within 3 days and it only took an hour. Jeremy was my tech. Excellent job. Punctual, greeted me immediately, quoted me the price up front and timeline. Offered me coffee ( fresh Keurig) or soda. Handed me the tv remote so I was comfy on their clean sofa. Place is very clean which is not expected from a shop as they use a lot of grease and dirt. Has toys for kids. Great to know as I witnessed they have business with a reputable car rental co. Jeremy told me everything they did and made sure I was happy. I washed my car and I really inspected it and I can no longer see this eye sore. This is a long response but I am so happy to have received excellent service today. I love my car and take pride in it. Thanks Dent Dawg if I have any other problems I'll look you up!
By: tsuriai
Armada Towing
I left an interior light on in my car, which drained the battery just barely to the point of not turning over. I called AAA, AAA sent me Armada. Upon arrival, the tech immediately asked me about the age of my battery (which I've had no issues with when I'm not doing stupid things like leaving lights on overnight), and decided that he needed to "run a diagnostic" in order to tell me if my battery was "safe to jump", or if I would need to buy a new battery. This already didn't feel right to me, I've had vehicles jumped plenty of times in the past, and I've never gotten that kind of... it felt almost like a threat. I went inside while he was running the diagnostic, and told my fiancee that something felt off, and that they probably had a battery in their truck to try to sell me. And sure enough, their "test" came back as my battery needing to be replaced! Fancy that! And hey, they do remote installs and just happen to have one with them! The guy seemed genuinely surprised that I turned him down- I can't imagine how many people they actually get to buy from them on the spot. In the end, he thankfully did jump my car without requiring me to buy a battery, and I'm grateful for that at least. But the whole scammy sales push left me with a very bad taste in my mouth, and I wouldn't go to them for help again if given the choice.
By: rbg-stichman
I left my car at CVS overnight and when I went to get it the next day, I see that my car was gone. I GOT TOWED (I guess I did not see the sign posted in the parking lot). I called the towing service listed on the sign. Let me let everyone know that this business has Grade A employees and some of the friendliest people I have come across (most of us have experienced towing services that simply do not care). I was instructed on what I would need to retrieve my car and all my questions were answered promptly. When I arrived, I saw my car was in a well secured location. I talked with Eric, who quickly got everything cleared for me in no time. He told me they took care of my car and after inspecting it, there wasn't even a fingerprint on it. We spent more time chatting about cars then it took to process all my paperwork. In the past, I have come across towing services that charge these ridiculous fees. All Affordable Towing doesn't gouge your eyes out. The fees were more than half of what most places charge. If you ever get towed away, you better hope it's by this company! If you ever need a tow service, call this company without hesitation. They treat their customers like a friend! My Saturday morning was better than expected!! Support this local and independently owned company. They will treat your vehicle as if it was their own. Thanks again.-Rick
By: Bugys M.
Coopers Bimmers & Benz
"Highly Recommended" To start my review, let me say I had initially taken my car to another place because my car was over heating, I spent alot of money at that other place and was about to fork out alot more until I was recommended to take may car to a man named Jesse @ Coopers, Bimmers & Benz for a second opinion. At first I was a little nervous because it took a while for them to diagnose the problem but in the long run these guys did an AMAZING job at putting all their time and effort to make sure they found the main problem and didn't just make an assumption to get my money. These guys found the issue that the "other mechanic" couldn't find!!! I have had my car back for a couple weeks now, I have been closely observing it to make sure it has not over heated and everything has been working PERFECT! I could't be happier with the work and service I received. You may ask what is my only regret? Well my only regret is not taking my car to "Coopers Bimmers & Benz" from the jump...They would have found the problem from the beginning, and would have saved me money. Take you car to Coopers Bimmers and Benz----you will not be disappointed! Also was very impressed by the follow up call by the lady in the front, its nice to know there are honest and helpful mechanics still left in this world.
By: Paige V.
Texas Patriot Towing
When I saw that Texas Patriot Towing had a five star rating, I called because that must mean they're great and the price is great also. Adam came out, was super friendly and began the towing process. Before he started towing, he asked what was wrong with the vehicle. I told him the issue (auto theft system went into lock down mode and car could not and would not start.) any way, he asked if could take a look WITHOUT CHARGING ME because he's a mechanic and was happy to tell me what was wrong which is why I was towing it in the first place. Because I didn't know for sure what was wrong. Anyway, the car was worth $800 on Craigslist without problems and he informed me that the damage would cost about $500-600. A squirrel ate the electrical wiring and basically totaled the car... That happens?!?! Yes, it does. I had called a mechanic garage before he arrived and told them the wiring was all discombobulated and they quoted me a very similar price if it did end up being the electrical. Need less to say, he didn't have to go out of his way and save us over $100 by not having to take the car into a mechanic shop. He was very trustworthy and I'm beyond thankful that he showed up today. Adam was a major blessing on my mom's tight budget. Thanks Adam! God bless and be with you always!
By: Art S.
Extreme Auto Toys
This place is the best for your audio/video/tint & alarm! Had work done at Mother's, Custom Sounds, and other more advertised businesses, but by far more satisfied with Exteme Auto Toys. After finding this shop, I will never again go anywhere else. The owner Gary is very friendly and knowledgeable. Recently took him my 2013 Tundra and was extremely impressed with the outcome. The Alarm was cheaper than anywhere else (Excalibur), and the sound system installed sounded awesome with no flaws! Not to mention, way less expensive than what I was gonna pay at some other places. On top of everything, he even noticed my truck didn't come with the center speaker on the dash that the upgraded Tundras come with and installed one he had around the shop and didn't even charge me for it! The alarm and system was in result a real clean set up. I had gone a while back to get my mom's car tinted there as well and the results were the same - friendly service, knowledgeable staff, great clean work, and believe it or not, the best prices in town! I give this shop a complete 5 star rating because I would recommend it to anyone with complete confidence that you will be completely satisfied with their work and won't burn a hole in your wallet. Customer for life right here!
By: don1951
Pan AM Automotive
Kudos to Jay Estrada and the team at Pan Am Automotive.In these difficult economic times we are all trying to do more with less. With high unemployment and rising everyday costs many of us are trying to eke out a few more miles from our vehicles. Many of us cannot afford another payment to make each month on a new car and we have to do what we have to do to get a few more miles out of our current vehicles to commute to work. Unfortunately vehicles start to break down after a time and we can’t afford to have costly repairs without taking out a loan or adding to our existing mountain of credit card debt. All we need is someone who understands our situation and is able to fix our vehicles so that we can get by another day, someone who is honest, knows his business and stands behind his work.I have had the good fortune of finding one of those unique breed of automotive men in Jay and his team at Pan Am automotive on Stahl Rd in San Antonio. Jay is honest, trust worthy and stands behind his work 100%. I have had all my vehicles repaired at his shop going back as far as 2002 & I highly recommend him to anyone who needs to have their vehicle repaired in a timely fashion and get the job done.Many thanks to Jay and his crew at Pan Am AutomotiveDon T
Tips & Advices
Some dealers accept returns if the component is returned with the original invoice. Some dealers might charge a re-stocking fee for returns. Others may not accept returns at all. It's common for dealers to not accept returns on electrical parts. Customers should ask about return policies before purchasing.
A salvage yard might test used car parts before selling them, but customers should ask whether tests have been performed on the part or not. All parts, especially electrical components, should be tested prior to purchase. Most salvage yards and auto repair shops should have a 12-volt battery to test electrical parts.
Sometimes it is worth buying used car parts. If the part is in good condition, a car owner could save money by buying the used part. However, if the part is something that's unsafe to purchase used, like brake parts or air bags, or if the part is too deteriorated to be safe, it's worth the cost to buy new.
Junkyards are businesses where people can shop for used car parts. Other names for these businesses include salvage yards and automotive recyclers. Auto repair shops might also sell used car parts.
Yes, most used car part dealers sell to the general public. However, just like with any car parts purchase, buyers should look into the dealer’s warranty policy and might want to price shop at several places.

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