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By: Delia C.
Twin Mountain Dentistry
I completed everything online for my husband and me. I gave a worker my insurance information over the phone and she said she would call be back if there were any issues. I went to my appointment and once I saw all their fancy equipment, I asked "Is insurance going to cover all of this?" She looked and replied, "Well like so and so told you, your part is going to be $260.00." She had NOT told me and as it turns out, one of the biggest insurance companies in the world, Humana, is Out-of-Network. If I had not asked that question, I would've been billed $260.00 and twice because my husband was scheduled for later that day. I was outraged and left immediately. I have worked for insurance many years and think its poor business when providers do not advise their patients that they're OON. I take some responsibility, because I know to check, but assumed since she didn't call me back and because it’s Humana, that everything would be covered. They did one simple x-ray and I am now being billed $54.50 for it. I do not feel that TMD is a trustworthy place of business. They might take advantage of people who don’t know to ask the “right” questions. Shame on them. So make sure they're INN before you wait 6 months to see them!! That's IF you still want to...
By: C B.
Kool Smiles
Nice service, a little vague on instruction. The lady at the front desk said my name, but she was still talking to someone on her headset and never looked at me. I said "yes that's me" and still the lady never looked up, she just slid a paper over the counter for me to fill out. After the visit, another lady said she needed me to sign something, and walked off. She didn't say whether I should follow her, or she would bring the sheet that needed signing to me. And if you have an appointment, they will not let you forget about it. I received about 5 emails, 4 text messages, and 3 notices in the mail about my upcoming appointment which was a month away.
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By: Amber F.
Kool Smiles
All 4 of my kids ranging from 5 to 13 have been going to Kool Smiles now for about 4 years. The staff there is always wonderful! My youngest seems to cry all the dentist because for one, she has a bad gag reflex and 2 she thinks they are going to put cavities in her teeth lol. I have to give a big thanks to Janine cause every time we go she comforts and explains to my youngest how things work and it makes her feel so much better. My kids look forward to ringing the no cavity bell that they have. I would recommend Kool Smiles to anyone cause we love it!!
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By: Adriana P.
Kool Smiles
I take all three of my kids here they always work with me to get all my kids in at the same time and the staff are always so nice and attentive to my kids. My kids actually love coming to the dentist! I love how sweet the dental assistants are to my kids to make sure they are comfortable and not scared whenever they have work done. I would definately recommend this place!
By: Patty C.
Kool Smiles
Kool Smiles on today's visit for my son Gavin went well .. Janine made sure my son was comfortable she was extremely professional doing her job .. The Dentist had also made sure my son was doing well through the procedure .. I'm very pleased with how they treat my children when we come for cleaning and treatments ..
By: Valerie M.
Kool Smiles
I have been bringing my children to look smiles for almost 4 years, and every experience is awesome! I love how the staff make all of their patience feel so comfortable. My children live it as well! Taylor, Lauren and Dr. Lalani made our visit excellent! We will forever come to look smiles ����The Mayfields ����
By: Zachary T.
Twin Mountain Dentistry
Even though I'm a grown man I've never liked dentists (no offense Dr. O). But Twin Mountain Dentistry always makes me feel at ease not only by helping with pain issues but also at explaining everything that I need or am going to need. Thanks again for taking care of me and my mouth. You guys are great!
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By: Malory D.
Twin Mountain Dentistry
I received excellent care in having three teeth removed. Dr. Ochinang and his staff are very professional and very caring at the same time. They made me feel comfortable the entire time. I was given instructions on how to proceed when I got home. The entire visit was a success.
By: holders_m
Twin Mountain Dentistry
My appointments here actually run on time! Compared to being a patient at other practices, they should all learn from Twin Mountain. Its even very easy to set and appointment and the staff does a great job getting you in for an appointment, very pleasant people all around.
By: Teri K.
Kool Smiles
Dr. Lim and Melissa were great with my 4 year old. They were so kind and patient with her. They even talked me through what they were doing every step of the way. We will be returning if any other work needs to done. Positive experience for both myself and my daughter.
Tips & Advices
This depends on the prosthetic.
  • Dental implants, when cared for properly, can last a lifetime.
  • Crowns typically last between 10-15 years.
  • Resin-bonded bridges typically last between seven  and 10 years. Tooth-supported fixed bridges generally wear out faster than this.
  • Removable partial dentures typically last around 15 years.
  • Complete dentures typically last between five and six years.
The entire process for adding dental implants could take as long as eight months. There are three phases:
  • Phase 1: Grafting. This may take between three and six  months.
  • Phase 2: Artificial root placement. This may take one to two  hours to complete and will take between three and six  months to heal.
  • Phase 3: Crown placement. This is usually done over the course of two visits, two weeks apart.
One dental implant typically costs $1,000-$3,000. However, the abutment (a connector added onto the top of a dental implant) and crown can add $500-$3,000. Multiple dental implants may cost $3,000-$30,000. A full set of implant dentures may cost as much as $90,000, though the average is around $34,000.
A dental implant is a titanium post shaped like a natural tooth's root that is surgically inserted into the jawbone beneath the gums. These posts allow dentists to secure a replacement tooth or bridge in the correct position.
Maxillofacial prosthesis is a subspecialty of prosthodontics. A maxillofacial prosthesis is meant to rehabilitate patients who have defects or disabilities due to trauma, disease, or those that a patient is has from birth. The prosthesis is designed to replace parts of the bone or tissue that are missing, or to help restore functions of the mouth, such as swallowing, chewing, or speaking. Other prostheses are created to protect the face during radiation therapy. Dentists that work with maxillofacial prostheses often collaborate closely with ear, nose, and throat doctors.

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