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By: alean.rhinehardt
EnerBank USA
I used EnerBank USA to finance a screenroom. Financing was explained to be in great details over the phone and by contractor. Within a month of the project being completed I received a payment book. I had opted for 12 mos SAME AS CASH/12 mos NO PAYMENTS. The project was completed in October, I made no payments. I paid the BALANCE IN FULL in March, called to verify balance I had no problem. This was in excellent way for me to get a project completed wiithout having all the cash in hand. Enerbank USA was a very POSITIVE, EASY, SIMPLE experience for me. I did not have any problems what so ever. GIVE THEM A TRY
By: michael
Celtic Bank
Trusted Celtic BankCeltic Bank in Utah has been my partner in my growing business. They have helped me plan to put where my investment and money would be more secure and trusted to grow. I was able to avail of their low interest loans in order to help my business open more shops and buy more equipments. I am glad becuase the staff and managers there are very helpful and are always willing to answer any financial questions and are always there to help. I have recommended Celtic Bank to a friend and I have gotten good reviews and feedback from them.
By: patricia
Celtic Bank
Celtic Bank quality ServicesI put my trust and saving in Celtic Bank. This Bank has helped me achieve my goals and save money for the future. They have saving schemes with high interest rates that are competetive with other leading banks. One thing I like very much about this bank is that the staff there approach customers with a friendly smile and are always willing to help. I have found this becuase they remember each customers names and treat them like friends more than just regular customers.
By: ivanedo
Celtic Bank
Celtic Bank easy to pay loansCeltic Bank offers great deals in banking loans, that was very usufel to me in the expansion of my business. They provided my with easy ways to pay them back at a low percent rate. Not only were there service great but also their staff and managers. People their would go a the extra mile to serve you the best way they can. I have recommended Celtic Bank to my relatives and they all agree at the great service they also got.
By: callous
Celtic Bank
Quick and Easy Loan ApprovalCeltic Bank Loans over a small and competetive interest rates. These clever interest schemes has attracted my attention and I have been with Celtic Bank along with my growing business. Their staff and Bank Managers are always serving us with a smile and ready to answer any of my questions with great patience. I am amazed with the quick approval of my loans and payment schemes all thanks to Celtic Bank.
By: michaelu
Celtic Bank
Online Banking Secured and Easy with Celtic BankI am always busy runnng my little tea and cofee shop. Going to the bank every time for financial reasons is not my top priority. Celtic Bank's Online Banking has been very convinient for me. This online banking service is one of the reasons I have always stayed with Celtic Bank.
By: ashley23
Celtic Bank
Asset Based LoansWhether you are looking to expand your business or want to stay on top of your cash flow, Celtic Bank will tailor a loan to get you the working capital to accomplish your goals. This kind of versatility has helped my business stay aflthru times of financial crisis.
By: Dan A.
EnerBank USA
I cant believe that in such a digital world, that Enerbank doesn't allow online payments. At least 10 years behind the times. And from the sounds of the reviews, it causes numerous problems with lost payments for customers.
By: Sonny R.
EnerBank USA
I want to thank Andy Gibson and the staff at Ener Bank for resolving this problem i had with my contractor. I can finally move forward and get my geo thermal job finished. Thanks again Sonny R.
By: mindy.middlesworth
Sams Auto Imports
The BEST foreign car mechanic around. He is honest and is extremely knowledgeable in what he does. I wouldn't take my Mercedes anywhere else!!

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