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By: dajohnson4
SLC Car Service
I flew in Monday with my manager and we called this car service and they were there when we landed. as we were asking this cab driver how long to park city. she said about 45 minutes. she was going to drop us off at the realtor office. I asked her to wait and she said okay. so, after an hour I noticed she was moving her head to the music,talking on the phone and laughing. so, I thought she's having a good time.I went to her and said it is longer than I thought. do you mind coming in and waiting. suddenly through the speaker part on her phone I heard mom, mom is that who I think it is? she replied who do you think it is? he yelled out my name and she just laughed and said no its someone that looks like him. he said do not lie to me. he said I was better than the Harlem Globetrotters and he met them he talked to me.I asked her to come in and she came in the realtors office and sat down this quite Muslim lady. I told her I have a problem. she said what is that? I can not decide out of these three houses. she stayed with me and helped me choose my house and then she did the same at the car dealer. before we drove off in my car I asked her what do I owe you? she gave me a price of 100.00 dollars I laughed and gave her five. she smiled. she said no this is too much. but she stayed and helped me and not even my ex wife helped choose the house. I will call her anytime. I recommend her car service to anyone. she is on time. and overall a nice person.D
By: myatrent
SLC Car Service
This company is Great. they must put up with a lot from the other companies.On Friday Night we called SLC CAR SERVICE and they told us it would be a 35 minute wait time and that was fine with us. because the other taxi companies never show up orthey are very late. then they take the longest way around and charge us. well from whereshe picked us up she only charged 5.00 dollars for 4 of us. and when we got in the car she said hi and we told her where to go and she took us there and while we were getting out of the cab we made a pick up time with her and she was running a little late and she called and told us and we said we would wait. and the bouncer tried to put us in a yellow cab and told the bouncer we refuse to take yellow cab they suck. so, we waited for our driver. when she pulled up we got in and the driver of yellow cab 51 flipped us off and we flipped them off back and the our driver asked us not to do that. then the driver of yellow cab 51 stopped right in the middle of the road and almost caused an accident and our driver went around and the yc driver began to take our picture. our driver was very calm and just said you have to ignore people like that. That was all. this was about the 5th time she took us and we just love her.we will always take slc car service because they are tops in my book
By: michealbrown45
SLC Car Service
Saturday March 30,2013: My wife's car broke down on the side of the road and I called SLC CAR SERVICE,LLC. I explained what happened and I needed a ride home and she asked where my wifes car was and I said close to the 600 n on ramp and she called a cheap tow truck and this towing company on a saturday just charged us 40.00, then she picked up my wife and came and got me from my job near carmax. and took us home to bountiful all for 55.00 after she did all that to help us. she is the most inexpensive transportation company I have met. she is not in it for the money she is in it for the customers. she only has 2 cars available right now and there will be a third soon but she is doing what she can. she always can not get to everyone as she would like but she is doing what she can and she works day and night to grow her company. we can understand that. I will use her all the time. and as she explained if she can not get to us she has partners she works with to make sure we get the best in the business. will the others do this? it has been my experience no, these others do not work for her but they are her hand pick best of all the companies out there. and they help her. she told us so, we would understand if we need her and she is unable to get to us. she sends the best of the best.
By: jhyckman
SLC Car Service
I am a plain old country folk. we came from Wyoming to see the Harlem Globtrotters game. and after the game the other cab companies were not answering their phone.there was this other cab that pulled up and he said that our clothes looked dirty and he would not take us. we called this company and they said it was a half hour wait and I told her that is okay I need to try to get my truck started. I told her we were and she came and I had her take my wife and kids back to little america and drop them off and she took me back to my truck and tried to jump it and nothing so, I asked her do you know any towing companies? she said it will be very expensive and she said it would be a short tow and I said really you would tow me? she said yeah. so, I hooked up my tow rope and she towed me back to little america. I gave her a big tip.it changed my mind on the muslim people. I told her you are a great example for your people. she smiled and drove away. if I could give more than 5 stars I would give this company as many as I can
By: brittneytallered
SLC Car Service
this company is the best I have never seen faster service from any cab company here in Utah and I take a cab to and from work everyday and I am normally left out in the cold for an hour and I called this company they got there in less then 15 min and the customer service was awesome and the reason I say that its because when I call yellow cab or any other cab company I get hit on by the drivers or I get mistreated or they don't help me with my bags or they over charge me this company gave me the lowest rate then what I normally pay I normally pay 35 dollars to get home everyday from work or 45 depending on the who drives me home and what route they take to get me home or to work but I was only charged 25 dollars to go to work and to get home it was great and they were nice and sweet and the car was clean and smelt clean I am never calling another company again I am going to stick with this company thank u SLC CAR SERVICE for the great service you have given me
By: ajamison42
SLC Car Service
I took this company on monday and she is one of the best drivers that I have had since I have come to salt lake every week. now I am just going to call her she gave me a deal from park city to the airport 70.00 flat rate that is better than all the other taxies. in the whole area. there are some yellow cab drivers that charge me over 100.00 dollars. and the other one ute? the red ones their cars were so bad I thought we would not even make it and they had a bad smell in it. or there is this one man long blond hair and a beard. just nasty looking people. I asked one driver not to smoke with one of the companies and they said they would pull over and let me out because they will do as they want. I had a meeting and I smelled like smoke by the time I arrived in park city. but this company is nice and clean and very friendly and easy to work with. I have a standing reservation with them weekly now.thank you SLC CAR SERVICE,LLC you do a great job
By: rachelhall
SLC Car Service
I called and placed a reservation on 12/30/12 and they answered the phone very pleasently. I made the reservation for the 31st from Standsbury park to the airport.. after the Driver picked me up. I called the airport and they had cancelled my flight so, I inquired abouta hotel near the airport. The driver Immediately called her office and asked the person to go into another program and get me a discount on a hotel near the airport.she explained she is also a travel agent and I got 30.00 dollars off my hotel and she gave me the confirmation number for the hotel and I was impressed. not only did she give me a great rate on the car service fare but also saved me on the hotel.I was really impressed with the service. next time I come in town on leave I will certainly use them again
By: robertwalakuk
SLC Car Service
I had my assistant call from the uk call and make an appointment to come pick me up at the airport for Sundance Film festival and my plane was delayed and I telephoned them and they said no problem. when I arrived they were already at the airport. the driver explained to me that the card my assistant attempted to pay with expired and the owner she said no worries I will establish an account with your film company and invoice youand you have 30 days to pay it. so, I scheduled a time to pick up with her and she just invoiced us again. I really appreciated the flexibility of this company. SLC CAR SERVICE made our company very grateful for all the conveniences they extended to us. I recommend this company to everyone. Our company will use them again
By: tohep88
SLC Car Service
I called last night from the salt Air they came last night and I asked them if they have been really busy and they said yes and when I was in their car they were taking calls there is someone in training with them and he was getting to them as fast as they could. this company is great and their main concern is the customers they told me and I could see that they meant it. getting us home safely is what it takes. they even came out in a snow storm picked me up at the airport and got me home safely and I made an appointment with them for the next day to take me back to the airport and they were right on time. I will use them over and over again. they are great.
By: terrmcmullin
SLC Car Service
I would like to give this company 5 stars they do an excellent job. I have taken them a hand full of times and they are always on time however if they are late for any reason they will call and inform you of the situation. they are putting more vehicles on the road.so they can handle all the calls. but if they cant get to you for some reason they will some other drivers that they are partnered with in some of the other companies but they only send the best of the best. they will not send you a crappy driver. they want to be the best so, they hire the best. then will use the best from other companies if need be.Terrah

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