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By: Darren F.
A Rock Propellers
Horrible customer service. Boat broke down took over a month to get it into their shop. Had my boat in their shop 3 times. Still never ran right and left us stranded on the lake every time we took it out. Had to be towed in and canceled our plans every time. Last time I took it back to be looked at, it sat for over 2 weeks. I’d call and ask if they looked at it yet, they told me “not yet we’ll look at it tomorrow”. And then another week goes by still nothing. Finally got tired of waiting for them to “fit” me in and took it to a real boat shop. You should honor the work you did and if you don’t fix it right the first time, you should make it a priority to get it in and fix it right.
By: C W.
Handy Andy Property Maintenance
Watched this impatient, self entitled, jerk drive down the road this morning. Didn't obey traffic laws and cut other drivers off. For that reason alone, I'd never utilize Andy's services.
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By: Michael S.
Ralph's Boat Repair
Ralph an his crew are awesome. He gave me a quote an when done it was a little less. He was quick in the repairs an his work is impeccable not to mention he is a very nice person he was quick to respond to phone calls if you need any repairs on fiberglass work call Ralph you will not be sorry
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By: Jessica S.
BMG Rentals
BMG could have been a great thing...but it was literally the worst 2 years of my life. I feel like I need to warn people. While BMG managed our property, they managed to make up lies for the actually property owner saying the "city had filed complaints" about certain installments added to the property. When we asked the city what we could do remedy the complaint, they were puzzled because there had been "no complaint filed".Upon confronting the office, they continued to lie saying "someone must have called up pretending to be the city". Um...ok. Also, the place we rented had a broken window for two years (they didn't bother to fix it upon move-in) and the place is literally a health hazard. Highly suggest that you take your business elsewhere. Plus, the actual property owner came down to harass us upon move out...that shouldn't even happen! And neither should have the wild drunken parties that the property owner would attend next door with the renter next door.Bad news. Avoid!
By: Tim N.
City Wide Towing and Trans
Had an amazing experience, fast and curious. I will recommend to others. Thank you city wide towing.
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By: Amanda R.
BMG Rentals
We are very dissatisfied with how BMG Rentals dealt with us as renters. After we moved out, they took $250 from our security deposit for "cleaning." Upon request, they could not provide any documentation as to what the cleaners did while they were in our unit, how much time they spent there, or what specific cleaning tasks were ordered. We had cleaned the unit very thoroughly before leaving, and had cleaners ourselves who got everything in tip-top shape. This is very sketchy, and in our attempts to settle the matter with BMG directly, they've been very evasive and unresponsive and have little documentation or evidence to support their position. Considered pursuing in small claims court, but don't want to deal with the hassle.
By: Rachel J.
BMG Rentals
The people in the office are nice enough, but the company is a joke. They charge you for every single thing, they charged me three dollars two times to use the emergency service, because my deadbolt BROKE on my door. How is that my fault? Also, I moved into a place with bedbugs and they won't allow me to break my lease. They act like they are doing me a favor by paying for the pest control fees, but I moved in a month ago and discovered the bed bugs a week after I moved in. They are coming up from the sub-flooring, the pest control company told me, they are not in my bed, but this company still tried to say I brought them with me, to keep me from getting out of my lease. So normally you would have to pay for your own pest control which is ridiculous for a rental property. Also, they make you pay a lump 95$ utility fee, which includes water, gas, and trash, for an apartment, which is hefty for such a small living space. The last thing is, that they make you shovel your own snow, I have never had to do that in an apartment that is the one nice thing about renting is you DONT have to do that, but they make you do that and landscape our own yard and everything. It's a joke. Save your time, money and peace of mind don't rent with them.
By: zane.smith.359
BMG Rentals
This company is by far the worst I have ever had to deal with and you should avoid them at all costs. My name is Zane smith and in the time I had to rent from BMG's office in Idaho falls my life was plagued with problems. BMG likes to set them selves up as slum lords. In the year in a half I rented from them they "lost" my rent. And are trying to charge me for it months after I have move out. They charged me fees for parking to close to the side walk of my apartment. They had my car towed twice for parking IN MY OWN PARKING LOT. I went 14 months without a refridgerator despite multiple calls and emails to request matainence. My ex girlfriend had to go to the office and demand service. And when they're maintenance man finally came, he simply unplugged the refridgerator for an hour plugged it back in and left. This did not even address the problem. And all while he was their he sat on my couch and played my playstation. I tried several other times to get my fridge fixed to no avail. Subsequent matainence visits only resulted in several hundred dollars of personal property going missing from my closetsWhen the sprinkler system started to flood my apartment I called them and was told by Melissa it's not their problem. WHAT DO YOU MEAN NOT YOUR PROBLEM?! Damages to the property are your problem. On several occasions my apartment was broken into for "inspection" without any sort of notice. And someone from the rental company threatened to call the police every time I had guests come over. You can not trust these people. Their good reviews are fake and their staff are trained to lie to your face.
By: nicoleg11
BMG Rentals
Bristlecone's response time to work orders is absurd. The average is days and weeks, not hours. Even if the problem may cause damage to the property. They don't seem to care. Their work ethic is severely lacking. When they finally do get around to fixing something, it's a half-hearted job. They are the epitome of the stereotypical management company. It's a shame they don't take more pride in their work. And they don't recognize good tenants when they have them. It seems that Bristlecone treats you well if you live in a more expensive apartment. For the rest of us, forget it.
By: Ryan J.
BMG Rentals
I will never, ever use a company like this again. They totally screwed me on my lease and took my deposit. The contracts are screwed up and they act like they're doing you a big favor, then they send you to some lawyers office. Horrible, horrible experience with BMG. Never will I recommend them or any fictitious corporate scam company again.
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According to the National Association of Homebuilders (NAHB), the ten most common home improvement projects are, in order from the top: bathroom remodel, kitchen remodel, whole-house remodeling, room addition, window/doors replacement, basement finishing, bathroom additions, property-damage repair, decks, and roofing.
The most common types of house siding are wood, asbestos (read the warning labels!), aluminum or steel, vinyl, hardboard composite, fiberglass, and cement fiber. Few contractors use asbestos for any residential siding anymore.
On average, it costs $25-$50 per square foot for basement refinishing. Those numbers can climb as high as $100 per square foot depending on materials and labor. On average, most basement refinishing costs around $30,000. Before getting estimates, it’s a good idea to know your square footage and work out a per-square-foot budget so you know what you can afford.
The National Air Duct Cleaners Association recommends having your ducts cleaned every three to five years. While there are variables for all homes, such as number of residents, air quality and pets, every two years is considered adequate maintenance of your ducts.
If you are looking for straight return-on-investment value, the best home improvement project is insulation. That might may seem surprising, but valuable energy efficiency makes it the top home improvement project. Steel entry doors, manufactured stone veneer, kitchen remodel, and garage door replacement round out the top five ROI home improvement projects.

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