By: therhouse
Pallet Bistro
Been here twice, mixed reviews.The first time I went, I really enjoyed Pallet and for $26, I thought the steak was really delicious and the sides were great!This time, I ordered the halibut special and it was mediocre at best. When my server asked how I enjoyed it, I told her it wasn't my favorite and she asked if I wanted to try something else. Great customer service if you ask me! And my glass was never empty. Speaking of, they serve soft drinks in jars! Great details like this are awesome in the space. It's a super hip, vintage feel with fantastic lighting. The gnocchi is the best I have ever had--less pasta-y and more dumpling-y. Great sauce, slightly sweet. The truffle fries are good, but not fabulous. The seating is "community" seating which means you could end up sitting by complete strangers which is great if you are a people person ...and I am not. My first visit I watched the ladies next to me give me constant eye rolls. The second time I went, I called ahead for a private table ...and totally felt like a celeb! (Worth it!)
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By: James M.
Okay, here's a major claim, but it's true...BEST TEX-MEX I'VE EVER HAD (and I'm from Texas, y'all!)I was traveling for business and this was one of the only half-way decent looking places around. I ordered the burrito dish that is smothered with cheese, etc (giant enchilada, really). Sat at the bar and talked to the lady bar tender. The only other patrons (this was noon) were a few locals of various rough shape. The exterior is great looking, the interior a local bar looking place. The tex-mex? The. best. ever. Maybe it was the high altitude?
By: Colin B.
Beer Bar
Awesome place. 100 beers in bottle, 30 beers on tap. Lunch menu was 14 different kinds of sausage with 7 different toppings (choice of 2) and French fries with 5 different dipping sauces (choice of 2). Yes, it's a simple menu, but it quality and it's easy. Awesome. Staff very knowledgeable about beer recommendations - I like IPAs but wanted to try local. Had a 2nd row Acceleration IPA - clean, crisp, hoppy single and a 2nd Row Random IPA - red rye double, full flavor, good hop, excellent double. Both were quality recommendations.
By: Ravi B.
Chuck-A-Rama Buffet
I was on a tour of Salt Lake City and this is where the tour stopped for lunch. Normally buffets are ok, but not great. I was pleasantly surprised at how good the food was here. They had a decent variety and one must have the rolls with honey butter (I had to have two) although I should have stopped at one. I'm also a big root beer fan, and had not seen a barrel with a couple variety of root beer flavors, which made the restaurant fun. If you go, I hope you have the same experience I had.
By: therhouse
Red Rock Brewing Co.
Slow service, good food.I always love the macadamia encrusted salmon (because it is good!), but when I see the bottom of my Diet Coke ...nobody wins. They took a long time to take our order, make it, refill drinks and get us the check. The French Onion Soup Sandwich? DELISH. So glad the husband got this so I could try it. The onion rings are also really yummy. Great vibe in this place--loud, busy and lots of fun ...I just wish we had had better/faster service.
By: Jake M.
Stoneground Restaurant
We spent roughly $23 per person at lunch the other day. It wouldn't have been a big deal, but the portions have shrunken. A Steve's special, even at lunch, used to be a full plate of pasta. Now it's a tiny bowl of pasta surrounded by salad. Still delicious, but you can get the same quality of food and more of it for the price.... at Cinegrill.
By: csjlee
Oasis Cafe
Went to Oasis cafe for the first time for brunch with my gf. The food was great the service was great the price even better. Our server was eager to please...perhaps too eager constantly interrupting our conversation asking if she could get us anything else when we had still ways to go with our meal. Hmmm
By: Sharon H.
The Tin Angel Cafe
The servers are so nice and the food was amazing! Extremely kid friendly and accomodting to special diets. The kids loved the cheezy noo noos. I love their yummy soups and salads and the care they take with vegetables. We all loved the bread pudding. It would be a great place for a big party!
By: Jennifer M.
Chili's Grill & Bar
Ordered from the Take out option on the Internet, got there, had to find someone to help me at the To Go counter. My food was not ready even though I was there way after the time said it would be. No one acted like they cared. This isn't the first time this has happened. Very disappointing.
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By: Deshaun K.
One of the nicest, helpful, & honest person ive ever met has passed away. Man i wish we were able too kick it one day, but you made my day everyday heading to work, i thanj you for lowball being my physiologist at times lol , u will be missed bro rip. My condolences go out to your family

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