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By: Louisa M.
Porcupine Pub & Grille
The Porcupine Pub came highly recommended by friends who swear it's the greatest place they've ever been. I have to assume that they don't get out much because I thought this restaurant was just okay (and that's being generous).The airy, mountain cabin style atmosphere is great even in the summer (ask to sit outside on the small upper deck), but I can imagine it would be really great after a day of skiing. Parking is a real issue here so park along the road if you can (or risk getting stuck in the far too cramped parking lot).After a brief 10 minute wait we were taken to our table in the upstairs loft area. There are several large wooden booth seating areas that are really nice if you are dining with a big group. Our server was very professional and had a funky look and vibe that totally added to the atmosphere. She somehow was always there when I needed a refill and I never once had to ask for one (and I drank like 8 glasses of their delicious iced tea). The service was absolutely top notch and some of the best I've ever had anywhere.The menu is small but varied. The weak link are the salads, there's no simple salad option, they are all crazy combinations (even the caesar is only available with spicy dressing and it has artichokes in it, for example). The pizzas looked the best (we didn't order one), but I'll try one next time I eat here.We opted for the artichoke dip appetizer ($13), the ribs ($20) and the grilled shrimp caesar salad ($17). Let me say that while the food was quality was high across the board, the prices were in outer space -- to the point where I left the restaurant angry about how expensive our meal was. I understand that quality food comes with a higher price, but the portion size of my salad in particular was outrageous. OUTRAGEOUS. Six little shrimp, three artichoke hearts, and about 12 bites of lettuce in a teeny tiny bowl was not worth $17. Heck, that was a $6 salad, tops.The dip was okay but again, the portion was far too small. To make up for the small amount of dip, our plate was packed with garlic cheese bread (which admittedly was delicious). I would've preferred more of the cheesy artichoke goodness than bread. We ran out of dip way earlier than we did the bread. The ribs took a long time to prepare, and I wish our server had alerted us to this fact ahead of time instead of 10 minutes AFTER we had ordered. The wood roasted veggies were the best part about the meal. They had a interesting sweet wood flavor to them and they were killer good. My salad was advertised as "spicy" in big red letters on the menu so I was apprehensive but it was no problem for me to eat. I had forgotten this it Utah, home of the blandest of the bland food!The food was good but not really memorable or something that I'll crave. I won't beg to go back here but I would if my friends wanted to.
By: therhouse
California Pizza Kitchen
I always order the BBQ Chicken Chopped Salad. It never disappoints and is so refreshing on these wicked hot summer days. My SIL got the Waldorf and it looked fantastic--I *MAY* branch out next time. (No promises.)This time we also ordered the fried mac and cheese for an appetizer. It was mediocre ...but don't get me wrong, I still finished it! Because HELLO, It's friend mac and cheese.I was sorely disappointed to learn that they only serve Diet Pepsi and not Diet Coke. FAIL. I had to get 2 limes to even survive. Our server was wonderful. We never saw the bottom of our glasses and our food came out perfectly and quickly. My SIL taught me a new trick too that I have to share: Order the wheat pita bread (it is SOOOO good!) with sides of honey and butter. Mix them together to make honey butter. You will NOT be disappointed.
By: Lilian G.
Pizza Hut
Alex Garcia went above and beyond to help me. My brother was stranded at the greyhound for 1 1/2 days and he made it possible for me to order and pay for pizza from california for all 16 people that were stranded there with him on the eve of xmas eve.. Thank you so much. You are amazing for making that possible. God bless you!
By: Megan V.
Big Daddys Pizza
I love Big Daddy's! I have only ever been to the Kearns location and have always had a great experience there and friendly cashiers who are always referring good pizzas when asked and always offering good deals!
By: stopbeing.nosey.3
Little Caesars Pizza
the people who are there aren't too friendly but the workers are usually pretty nice. pizza's good but not spiced enough. even so, I still go there at least once a month.
By: santasbiggestelf
Big Kahuna's Pizza
Big Kahunas is a great way to feed a large family with a tight budget. The pizza is great and plentiful. Highly recommend for family dining.
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By: Thelma A.
Papa Murphy's Take N Bake Pizza
The best pizza their is. I love going there to buy one. They have great people fast service and very friendly employees. Our favorite pizza .
By: Arianna A.
Pizza Studio
Quick fire pizza that is delicious. You can create your own with fresh toppings. The servers are friendly and the restaurant is clean.
By: djbabes1
Este Pizzeria
We ordered 2 vegan pizzas; the Vegan White and Barbecue Soy Chicken. The crusts were thin and both pizzas were scrumptious.
By: Walter R.
Este Pizzeria
my favorite pizza. also the wings are great! Nice location thats easy for friends to meet up. Can't eat chain pizza any more!

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