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By: totaltruth93
Mountain Loan Center
I recieved a loan through this company 6 months ago. I went to the location on 3300 S. and that was complete chaos. The parking was horrible, the customer service was not all that great but i had to stick it out because financially i was not in a position not too. I was only dealing with that location for a month or two after i got the loan and then started dealing with the corporate office. That was a much better experience for me. I worked with Bryan and Correen in collections and they helped me with the dreadful intrest and also payment arrangments. Last week i paid them off in full and it is because of the help i recieved from Bryan. He is absolutly amazing. I would never get another loan, because i hate payday and signature loans but if i was in the same position i was i would go back and deal with Bryan all over again. He was a total sweetheart. Also, remember for the bad reviews on here, if you are nice to people and actually make an effort, you will get the same in return.
By: Mastradomus M.
Mountain Loan Center
You know...honestly the rates are crazy. But everyone that let themselves get victimized by the interest rates all fail to mention that EVERYONE is given a opportunity to payback the full loan +2$ 15 days after they get it. Its a signature loan. Don't be dumb READ YOUR CONTRACTS AND IF YOU DON"T UNDERSTAND IT ASK SOMEONE. All of the interest rates are on the front page. Each payment is 18% of what you borrowed due twice a month expected at that rate for 32 payments. There are late fees in utah 3 days late incurrs a $30 and Idaho its 10 days $15. Simple yes? Don't get suckered into the sales if you cant pay the debt back fast.
By: Daud E.
Loans for Less
When I needed help the most and did not want to go through some of the other lenders that I had horrible experience with; Steve at Loans for less was there to help. with my first phone call, all my questions were answered; my worries were solved; and on my first visit, my Loan was completed in less than 4 minutes; details given & I had walked away with my much needed cash. More importantly when I was ready to pay it was convenient to pay them back, they offer more than the cash method to payback. Fast, Friendly & convenient Service ....I will do it again...Thank you for being there when my family needed you the most...
Mountain Loan Center
I am employed with Mountain loan centers, and i could not disagree more with "happystgeorge"'s comment below. I have never had a job that i enjoy more, or that i have been treated better at. I have finally found a position where hard work is rewarded. My name is Will, Im at the Salt Lake city branch on 981 e 3300 s, stop by any time and i would be happy to verify that this is 100% truthful. I also worked at the office in St. George, and genuinely enjoyed working for the owner directly. MLC is a great place to work, stop by the office we're always hiring!
By: deangelacicausi
Mountain Loan Center
stopped by mlc last week. parking lot was full but i parked less than a block away on a side street. lobby was packed but the staff was quickly getting everyone taken care of. took me about 30 mins from the time i filled out the application to the time i signed the contract to get out the door with a $400 check. i was approved for more but thats all i needed at the time. First payment is coming up due in about a week and is only $2. Ill be letting anyone that needs some extra cash know to stop by, its quick and painless!
By: johnhwoods
Mountain Loan Center
I was in a small bind about four weeks ago. My truck's tranny was going out and even with my check i was short. I had seen mountain loan centers commercials and decided to check them out. i went to the location on 3300 s and about 9th e. The staff in there had me in and out the door in about 20 minutes with an $800 check. They were very friendly, professional, and efficient. I just got the loan paid off and ill be back if i ever find myself in another position like that again.
By: jarodashby
Mountain Loan Center
The guys in the office on 3300 have gotten me outta trouble more than a few times. i stopped by the office in orem the other day and still was not disappointed. Never found lower rates at another payday or signature loan place. yeah its not a bank but if you could go to the bank you wouldn't be reading this review would you?
By: Terrell N.
Loans for Less
These guys have helped me out twice when in need. Also if i was into a bind they worked with me to be sure i stay in good standing with them plus good standing in customer service. I highly recommend them because they're just a laid back company and they also personalize situations in a professional manner.
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By: Lynette S.
Pro Finance
For the people that are saying that this place sells lemon cars I call b.s. I bought 2 cars from them and had no problems also the staff was helpful in working with us when we had crappy credit!!!!
By: sleepster1200
Mountain Loan Center
ive been coming back to the office on 33rd for about two years. never fail to help me out when i need it. oh and if you come before about two there not super busy.

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