By: therhouse
Pallet Bistro
Been here twice, mixed reviews.The first time I went, I really enjoyed Pallet and for $26, I thought the steak was really delicious and the sides were great!This time, I ordered the halibut special and it was mediocre at best. When my server asked how I enjoyed it, I told her it wasn't my favorite and she asked if I wanted to try something else. Great customer service if you ask me! And my glass was never empty. Speaking of, they serve soft drinks in jars! Great details like this are awesome in the space. It's a super hip, vintage feel with fantastic lighting. The gnocchi is the best I have ever had--less pasta-y and more dumpling-y. Great sauce, slightly sweet. The truffle fries are good, but not fabulous. The seating is "community" seating which means you could end up sitting by complete strangers which is great if you are a people person ...and I am not. My first visit I watched the ladies next to me give me constant eye rolls. The second time I went, I called ahead for a private table ...and totally felt like a celeb! (Worth it!)
By: paperlessphotos
Red Mermaid
Long wait to get inside on a Saturday night which was evident people enjoy the place. I had a hard time getting directions from the staff on the phone but found it anyway. I had to put my own name on the reservation list since the host was nowhere to be found. At last we got a table, the atmosphere was very nice and a charming place to bring company. I was waited on by three different waitresses not sure who was the one assigned to our table.The food was prepared nice and smelled good. The prices were very cheap for the sushi and we had a great experience. I had a tiny stomach a ache during the dinner not sure if from the food. One of the two friends I was with said her stomach also hurt. I'll follow up tomorrow if food poisoning. The first of my two friends recommend the place after having ate there before. I'm glad we went and if nothing else comes from the stomach ache, I would highly recommend going here. Good food, good pricing, and very nice inside eating area.
By: Colin B.
Beer Bar
Awesome place. 100 beers in bottle, 30 beers on tap. Lunch menu was 14 different kinds of sausage with 7 different toppings (choice of 2) and French fries with 5 different dipping sauces (choice of 2). Yes, it's a simple menu, but it quality and it's easy. Awesome. Staff very knowledgeable about beer recommendations - I like IPAs but wanted to try local. Had a 2nd row Acceleration IPA - clean, crisp, hoppy single and a 2nd Row Random IPA - red rye double, full flavor, good hop, excellent double. Both were quality recommendations.
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By: Terra W.
Ming's Garden
Delicious food! Service was a tad slow but not too bad. Half of their menu is dedicated to sushi but we were told they aren't doing it anymore so an update on the menus is needed. It's priced pretty average, but since they don't offer typical combo meals, it can get a bit pricey having to order 3 or 4 full size dishes. They have 4 family style menu options also. The inside was clean and decorated nicely. Overall, it's a nice place to go.
By: ilovefood2
Ho Ho Gourmet
I thought all Ho Ho are same but my friend recommanded me to go this Ho Ho. They can make Dim Sum anything when you want to and they have real chinese foods intead of american chinese foods.I would recommand anybody who are searching real Chinese foods. if you need somebody to serve on your table and be your company, maybe this is not the place you want to be but looking for good chinese foods, this is the place!!
By: hunwood
Ho Ho Gourmet
Always love this place for the food. Friendly, authentic, always plenty of food and reasonable prices. Plenty of vegetables and meat in the dishes you like. Everything tastes great and they are always busy. If you don't want MSG ask them not to put it in. The Ho Ho Gourmet on state street is the best. The other Ho Ho Gourmet in North Salt Lake is not affiliated with them nor is it as good.
By: Sharon H.
The Tin Angel Cafe
The servers are so nice and the food was amazing! Extremely kid friendly and accomodting to special diets. The kids loved the cheezy noo noos. I love their yummy soups and salads and the care they take with vegetables. We all loved the bread pudding. It would be a great place for a big party!
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By: Brinlee H.
Hon Hong Asian Cuisine
The service was friendly, the delivery was prompt and the food was great. The price was very fair and the servings were large. My only complaint is that the jumbo shrimp was dry and lacked flavor. I will definitely order from here again.
By: Denice W.
Star of India
Star of India is a good backup place to go. I consider it the Applebee's of Indian food. It's fine, not great, the service is also fine, but go somewhere else if you have a chance, or if you can't find parking.
By: Walter R.
Ming's Garden
They are no longer at the highland drive location but the food is still great. New location is on Redwood Road across from Salt Lake Community college If you order takeout you get 10% off the bill.

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