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By: darren.tucker.1675
Gilson Sprinklers & Snowplow
We called Gilson to repair and expand our sprinkler system. They showed up on time the day after we called them. The work was fast and clean. We asked them to come back and do more later. The second job involved lots of trenching. They worked quickly and cleanly again, and after they left it was hard to tell they had dug up anything at all. We are very satisfied and will use them again.
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By: Branden T.
Gilson Sprinklers & Snowplow
Very reliable and dependable. I called them and had them come out to help give an estimate on doing only the work I NEEDED to keep my lawn green. They went through my system and found what needed to be replaced, walked me through it and told me why it should be replaced. They gave me an honest quote so I had them go ahead and do the work. Very happy with them, would reccomend.
By: j2jensen
Gilson Sprinklers & Snowplow
I was calling around for quotes on a new sprinkler installation, and Gilson told me right up front that he doesn't do big installation jobs. He tries to focus on repairs so he doesn't have to manage a big crew.He also told me what he knew about a few of the other places, though, and I appreciated the free information.
By: sierra.jones3
Gilson Sprinklers & Snowplow
I called Gilson's to have them replace some valves. They were quick on scene, and very reliable. I felt that the pricing was very reasonable. The technician that came out was very knowledgeable and polite. I will definitely call them again for all my sprinkler repair needs!
By: a1wayne
Todd has done work for me for over 20 years. He knows what he is doing and is very honest. I send people to him every chance I get.
Tips & Advices
On average, each station in a home sprinkler system uses roughly 16 gallons of water per minute. The amount of water used by your home's sprinkler system will depend on how many stations are in the system, how many days a week you water, and how many minutes each station runs for with each cycle.
A sprinkler system requires basic maintenance. The backflow prevention unit should be checked by a state-certified tester each spring. You should also regularly check for signs of leakage and damage to the sprinkler heads or piping. Also, the sprinkler heads may need to be occasionally adjusted to make sure water is being directed to your landscape and not your pavement.
A sprinkler system is more effective than watering by hand. It's possible to waste water when watering plants by hand, but a sprinkler system delivers the ideal amount of water for your landscape, and nothing more. The most effective sprinkler systems come with soil sensors that can ascertain your soil's moisture level. These systems will stop watering once it's determined that the soil has reached an ideal level of moisture.
The amount of time it takes for your lawn to heal after installing a sprinkler system will depend on the current condition of your lawn. However, in most cases, a sprinkler system can restore a lawn to wellness in four to six weeks. If you hire a professional sprinkler company to handle the installation, they will often schedule follow-up visits to make sure your lawn is on the right track.
Automatic sprinkler systems will not use more water. These systems are designed to deliver the ideal amount of water for your landscape, and they can actually save you money in water costs over the long term. These systems operate intelligently--for example, many are equipped with sensors that will shut the system down if it is raining.

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