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By: Lee H.
Murray Mower & Automotive Repair
I spoke to a man over the phone. I needed a part for a Murray riding lawn mower, Model #247429. He said they stocked no parts for them and he nothing about that mower.So I quoted his Internet ad to him, "Big or small, we serve them all" which suggests they are experts on the matter. He slammed down the phone. I call him back and asked if he really did slam it down or if was an accident. He said I was "testy with him". After a short exchange he told me to go somewhere else. ---But the story doesn't end there. After writing this review I called back with the intend to telling them about the review. The man apologize to me, gave me a good reason for what had happened and said he would be glad to help me out. I accepted that apology. I felt it was sincere. So I've given them my business. Now I'll see how we do with the part after Labor Day when the parts supplier is open.
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By: Savina F.
Murray Mower & Automotive Repair
THE BEST MECHANIC EVER!!! I am actually reluctant to write this review since I'm afraid if too many people find out about how exceptional Gaylen is and how reasonable his prices are he will no longer have time to work on my cars. Gaylen is the ONLY mechanic I trust! His quality of work is outstanding, his turnaround time is speedy, and his prices are actually too low. When I mentally estimate the cost of repairs I always come in about twice as much as what he actually charges. And he's as honest as the day is long. I trust him implicitly. I stopped asking for quotes a long time ago since I know he always does quality work at a (more than) reasonable price. But, please, please don't use him ... I really don't want anyone else to find out about him.
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By: Rhonda S.
Murray Mower & Automotive Repair
EXCELLENT SERVICE!! This is a 1st for me!! Single woman with lawnmower problems... ugh! I only realized this late Saturday afternoon while I'm looking at my overgrown yard. I took my mower in for service Monday 10 a.m. expecting a 3-4 day service which is what was quoted. They called me at 12 noon SAME day & said it would be ready by 3p.m. that SAME DAY!! Yippee!! Very efficient service. QUITE satisfied & will take my snowthrower there for seasonal service too!
By: blaiza801
Murray Mower & Automotive Repair
I brought my Honda Mower in to Murry Mower to see if we could get the old mower (2007) running right again. After speaking with the tech he had several suggestions on how he could get my mower running right again. I appreciated the service, knowledge, and execution of fixing my mower. I enjoy mowing my lawn.. even more now that my mower runs like its brand new. thank you.
By: C C.
Murray Mower & Automotive Repair
Excellent rating because it was a great experience. Just had my snowblower repaired, quick repair time very fair cost.If you need work done this is the place to go!
Tips & Advices
When a lawn mower issue arises, it generally results in the either the mower’s inability to start or its inability to cut properly. The most common causes of these issues include:
  • Clogged air filter
  • Flooded engine
  • Dead spark plug
  • Overfilling of oil
  • Dull cutting blade
  • A dirty undercarriage
  • Gasoline or oil that is too old and has gone stale
  • Overheated engine
Reel mowers are those without engines that use a series of vertically spinning blades to slice the grass, much like a pair of scissors would. These mowers are typically smaller and are pushed manually by an operator. But larger reel mowers can be towed behind tractors or multipurpose vehicles, which is how most golf course lawns are maintained. These mowers make shallow cuts and disperse the clippings broadly back over the lawn. This is known as grasscycling. a form of self-fertilizing, and is generally considered to be good for the grass’ health and longevity. Rotary mowers generally have a single blade that spins horizontally and is powered by a small gas or electric engine. These mowers can be adjusted to cut thick or shallow grass and disperse the clippings neatly to one side, greatly easing the process of clean up. Rotary mowers can be pushed manually, ridden by a driver, or towed behind tractors and multipurpose vehicles.
  • Clean blades and the undercarriage of clippings and dirt at least once per year to prevent rusting
  • Change oil, air filter, and spark plug once every one to two  years
  • If the mower is being stored for a long period of time, such as during the winter, drain the remaining gas and oil
Lawn mower spark plugs should be changed every one to two  years.
Lawn mower blades should be sharpened every one to two 1 to 2 months, or around twice each season.

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