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By: nayken
Specialized Sales
I couldn't disagree any more with the two previous reviews. I purchased a Range Rover Sport from Abdul at Specialized Sales and Leasing. Abdul was fantastic to work with. The Rover looked and performed like it was brand new. I even verified with Rover of Center ville the history of the vehicle and service that Abdul described. Very satisfied with the price as well as the trade in deal he made. I don't generally like the car buying experience. This was a 10 out of 10! No BS when the final price was quoted like many dealers try.Two weeks ago I saw he had a pristine, low mileage Maserati Quattroporte Executive GT on his lot. Once again I checked Car FAX as well as with service at Steve Harris Imports. Abdul completed a $3,000 service that was due on the car. I traded my G500 in on the Maserati. Couldn't be happier!I always check things out extensively before I buy anything. I got two pristine cars at a better price than I found on the internet!Sure they have some cars that have higher miles and not "good as new" , every dealer does. Many consumers prefer lower priced, high mile cars. I found most of his cars to be very very nice and all I looked checked out on car FAX as well as with local dealers. I have recommended them to many friends. I am a picky buyer and two cars later I couldn't be any happier with Abdul and Specialized Sales. :-)
By: Sunny M.
RC Automotive
I called about a 06 GMC Sierra Denali they had for sale and talked to Jennifer. She gave me great information on it and cleared up why there was an owner for just month on the carfax and made me even more interested in the truck. I told her that I was a little upside down on my trade and I wanted a rough estimate on what they could give me. I texted her information about my trade and gave me a range of possibilities until they saw the car in person. They offered me above the suggested value of my trade. I went that day to just look and Jennifer gave me such a great deal on my trade and a great deal on the truck I ended up buying the same day. There was no pressure to buy or the typical "it could be gone tomorrow if you don't take it now" lines like other places. The finance guy, Tony, was amazing and went through step by step to explain everything that was happening and answered all the questions I had. They added what I owed on my trade to the truck no problem and I was out the door in a couple hours with the truck. They made me feel important even though I wasn't there to buy one of their high end Porsche's, Audi's or Range Rover's in the showroom or the lot. I still felt like I mattered just as much. I was so impressed by RC Automotive, if I ever need a vehicle again I will go there first no questions asked.
By: Jennifer A.
Auto Experts of Utah
My experience at Auto experts of Utah was phenomenal! my salesman; Gus and Adam** was well educated and very informative about the different vehicles I test drove. Although purchasing a vehicle is known to be a long drawn out process; I didn't feel stressed out one bit. Gus and Adam made me feel comfortable and was very accommodating. I test drove at least three cars before I found the one I wanted. Nevertheless, they were more than happy to grab each car with a smile. When it was time to purchase the vehicle Will ** worked with me. He made the financing easy to understand and made the process pretty painless. He didn't pressure me into any additional services/ warranties but taught me the importance of the warranty and what it covers. Which was a great deal. It was such a pleasure working with this dealership. In fact, my boyfriend came back a few days later and traded his car in! We saw Gus again because of course he was AWESOME last time! Will ** did his financing and we experience the same level of professionalism that Will offered. I really can't say one bad thing about this dealership or their employees. All I can say is I never write these reviews but I truly felt the need to express my experience. If you haven't visited Auto experts of Utah what are you waiting for? You won't regret it.
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By: Alyssa G.
First Class Cars
I was so satisfied with my car purchase that I bought the first time, I knew that this was the dealership to go to for my second car buying experience. I had such a great rapport with this place that I had to come back to buy my second car from First Class Cars. The customer service there is surpurb and they always treat you like they are family and I always walk out of there feeling like I made the best decision on my car buying needs. I know that when I'm getting a car from this dealership, that it has been looked over and serviced with the best of intentions. I wouldn't choose any other car dealer in town, specially in Salt Lake because of the great experience that I've had in past years. Making payments are easy, and they work with you and your needs when it comes to financing. Being able to talk to somebody on the phone is hassle free and being able to have a personal one-on-one conversation about potential cars was a breeze, there was never a feeling of getting the runner round and I felt like I was getting the best deal for my financial situation. They like to work with you and put you in the car that would really suit you and that you know when you walk out that door that you will be happy with. Overall I think that this is a great company and I recommend it to everyone.
By: cristianus90
Car City of Utah
I was referred to Car City. A friend of mine got an awesome car here so I wanted something similar. I was impressed by the huge selection of cars, but more than anything else by all the available information these guys gave me at the moment of the purchase. They reviewed with me the entire history of the cars, we took them for test drives, and they even allowed me to take it into my own mechanic. Great service! I felt they were being honest from the very moment they were willing to show me the title's history and let me take it to a mechanic of my own choice. Other dealers were pushy and were uncomfortable with it when I asked for that. Anyways, the bottom line is the car. I got a Nissan Altima 3.5 and I am so glad I did. The car have been running great (I have been with the car now for over 6 months), I can always trust it, and I know I will be able to sell it at a good price next year when I get my car upgrade. No doubts that I will go back to Car City to get a new vehicle. Also, I referred my aunt there. She got a Mazda 3 that have been fantastic for her and Car City gave me a thank you note of $100! So get your car there, you will be totally satisfied, and refer your friends. you will get cash =) Car City is awesome!!!!
By: Bart E.
RC Automotive
I saved all my pennies and started to look for a car. I watched the Internet, checked local dealers and drove to Utah Valley a few times to test drive cars from multiple dealers including a dealer where family worked. This went on for over 2 months, test driving FILTHY, abused used cars. I was getting frustrated and decided to check out a few cars that I had seen online in SLC. The last car was at RC Automotive! The sales man was like talking to a buddy. No pressure, supper nice and HONEST. It was weird to be dealt with honestly after having your relative, hours earlier, try to wheel and deal you. The car i test drove was SUPPER CLEAN! No broken parts or pealing off finishes. It looked great, a1000x's better than anything else I had seen at other dealerships and most of them cost more! I took the car home and the next day the check engine light came on. I called RC Automotive about the problem. They said they would take care of me and they did! Instead of having me drive 3 hours to their shop, they got me set up with the local Chevy shop and fixed everything for me. It was so nice to deal with people that have integrity and really care about their customers, no matter how little they have to spend.
By: rubenmeyers
Car City of Utah
I'm not an inexperienced first time buyer and I have a checklist that I follow when I buy a used car. Here's a link that covers what I normally check for: http://artofmanliness.com/2010/04/11/how-to-buy-a-used-car/ But when you buy an "as is" 10+ year old car, even a detailed check list isn't a guarantee that you won't have problems, even soon after purchasing a car. The only thing that will save you in this situation is the car dealer's good sense. I found a 2001 Audi A6 on KSL that looked to be in great condition and was a fair price. I went to Car City to check the car and it passed my checklist. However, just over a week after buying the car, the blinker stopped work, even though the emergency lights was working, I looked online and seemed it was a normal problem with A6s, and to buy it online was $71.00. I called Car City and they told me to bring it in and that they'd take a look at it. Matt, the guy that sold the car talked if the owned and get a approval to fix it for free and I was very happy with their follow through customer service. A lot of dealerships don't care after they've made the sale.
By: spencerricks
Prestman Auto
Overall, I had a very positive experience with Prestman Auto. I am a very particular buyer, and ask a lot of questions and also take my time before making a decision. Not a single person at Prestman was pushy or tried to pressure me. I worked primarily with Alec Flitton who was patient and very responsive. Toward the end of my nearly 3 weeks of deciding, I also worked with Tracy Ball who helped finalize all of the paperwork.What I find most refreshing is that neither Alec or Tracy tried to sell me anything. They were there to answer questions and help you test drive as many cars as you want as often as you want. I also appreciated that they were upfront about the cars and the Prestman "vision" and business model of selling only branded vehicles.I am a big believer in branded title vehicles so I knew what I was getting into. With that said, it's important to me that the cars I buy have no frame or engine damage. Luckily, Prestman does not sell branded titles with frame or engine damage, so you know you're getting an especially good deal.In the end, I was very happy I chose Prestman and will definitely be back.
By: Tamqrah B.
RC Automotive
Best Car Purchasing Experience Ever. Finding a car had been a very difficult task for me. I was trading in my vehicle and was determined to get top $$$ out of it...Everywhere I looked I was getting low-balled and given terrible deals on the car's I was searching for. After many attempts to find a dealership that would work with me, I finally had arrived to RC automotive and was lucky enough to work with Brett Duncan. We talked about what I was interested in and the trade-in value of my truck. The first offer on my trade was nearly $1,500 greater than any other dealer had offered. They did not have anything that I was interested in stock, so Brett went out of his way for 2-weeks looking for the right car for me. He was very prompt in keeping me updated with what he had found and was able to find get a killer deal on exactly what I wanted. He was able to get everything set-up, got the car inspected, detailed, and made sure that it was good to go out the door. This is by far the best dealership that I have ever worked with, make sure that you ask for Brett, he will take care of you!
By: Mel S.
Car City of Utah
My husband and I are going to be having our first baby and needed a practical car that would fit our needs (I drove a coupe which would be annoying to get a car seat in and out of). We searched for three months. We test drove, no joke, 20+ cars, and none of them fit our needs. Then, we came to Car City. We found a car we liked, test drove it, took it to our mechanic, and it passed all of our tests! There were a couple of things that needed to be fixed on the vehicle, but they fixed it before we even drove the vehicle off the lot. There were a couple of things that came up after we bought the car, and they fixed those too without any charge to us! Gus and all of the members at Car City were all very professional and helpful. I would highly recommend them to anyone! Oh, did I mention that they gave us almost twice what Toyota in Boutiful offered us for our trade in? Yeah. They did. They didn't try to low-ball us at all! Love these guys and appriciate them for relieving the huge headache of finding a new car for our growing family!!

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