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By: Howard D.
Dirty Boys Concrete LLC
CALL THEM, if you read their website it tells you to call for a quote not a text, this is in response to someone that tried to blast these guys. WOW did they miss out on using a great company. Texting is after you start communicating with someone and for good reason. I Talked with Jadon one of the two brothers that run the company and let me tell you, this guy knows what he is doing. Described the job over the phone, he was within $100 bucks of 4 other bids and hadn’t even seen the job. So as much as I do around my house with building except concrete that told me this guy knows what he is doing. Had to wait a little bit before they could start but the two day job: DAY ONE, they were early to the house, in out and had everything ready for day two by noon, so I had the rest of the day to go for a ride. DAY TWO, early and ready to go, mud shows up, they did their thing talked me through the whole process and then some. Great guys to talk with, they keep their crew on point and know right when to stamp, trim and do the finish work. So if you want a job done right the first time call them. I do a lot of fine woodworking and finish work so, I was watching to see for the little things and yep they did a great job and fast but didn’t cut any corners. Would give them a higher rating if I could. Will update in 2 weeks after the sealer goes on. doing the high gloss.
By: Ken S.
Dirty Boys Concrete LLC
I text the number listed,got no response. Next day I sent another text with no response.I waited 5 days and text again to inquire if they had received my two texts regarding cement work.I got a response,"I do not bids over tests."Funny because I was not asking for a bid over text, nor did I send any measurements, what I was wanting was correspondence to set up an appointment for a bid.What I got after that from this company was basically call us to schedule a bid, but oh by the way we are too busy until July 10th.This company was on the top of my list based on the reviews here,but I am a stickler for customer service/respect,if I am going to spend money on a company,it's important to me to have those.I had a large project, two other bids came in it at around $5,500.00 and $6,350.00.I cannot believe there was not a response from this company until after three attempts,then it was we don't do bids over text.I would encourage you to look elsewhere due to lack of respect/customer service.
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By: Wes S.
Land Design By Armstrong
We hired Jeff Armstrong and Land Design a while back for some landscaping. This contractor really should not be trusted. To start out with the contract with them sets a budget based on a 10% down payment. However, when the work was “done” we got hit with an invoice for double the budget, with zero change orders. Coming up with an extra $20k at the drop of the hat required selling a vehicle, and refinancing the other. Any sort of legal recourse would have just met with additional bills in the form of lawyers, and probably a lean anyway.As for the quality of work that was performed. Do not let them do any concrete work. They do not properly prepare the sub-base (sinking of the concrete with big cracks). The grade was sloped toward a shed, which now floods all the time. I was there when Jeff told his crew how to grade the slope, they just didn’t do it.The crew was told to put a filter fabric behind the retaining wall, but they didn’t. When I asked them about it, Jeff assured me it would be ok. The reality is that dirt and rocks are washing out of the wall.Land Design built a 20 foot fence that was supposed to match the other wooden fences around the yard, but against my wishes chose to build a completely different style.Absolutely don’t let them anywhere near your irrigation system. After multiple mistakes I had to teach them about water pressures and volume and show them exactly which and how many sprinklers could be put on a single station.Land Design also offers a 1 year guarantee, but after my repeated complaints about the concrete and failed half remedies I demanded that they stand by their guarantee and do the concrete correctly. At that point Jeff stopped returning calls and texts.All in all, you might be able to trust them with a lawnmower, but I doubt it.
By: C O.
Land Design By Armstrong
Everything felt good until we signed the contract. What a disaster. They tried cutting corners at every turn. Tell them one thing they either don't do it or do it the way they see fit. DO NOT use these guys. HACKS.
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By: Jason J.
Saw Jockey Concrete Cutting
I'm having a walk-out basement installed right now and Brody and Jerry from Saw Jockey came out to cut the concrete on a Saturday when every other concrete cutting company was closed. These two were very hard working, performed a beautiful flush cut, and were easy to get along with. I really was impressed with how quickly they got the job done. I will certainly refer everybody else in my neighborhood to Saw Jockey. Thanks, guys!
By: Matt K.
Land Design By Armstrong
These guys are classic bate & switch scam artists. They come in with one reasonable acceptable price and then at the end switch the total cost around increasing almost everything and then try to con you into paying without even reviewing the invoice. DO NOT USE THESE GUYS! You will be ripped off!
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By: Lori H.
Ready Made Concrete
Ready Made just came out to pour a few holes at our house and the "new" driver hit our eaves and facia and Paul, the owner, refuses to pay for damages. They charged us for overtime without ever telling us there is a time frame to complete the job. The over time was due to the workers sitting in the truck discussing how they were going to drive on the property and then discussing the damages.They sent a Supervisor, Mike, to take pictures of the damages. Mike was so aggressive and rude that we had to call the company to force him off our property. Paul feels that by waving the overcharge of $70.00 that his people created, that this should be sufficient to cover the hundreds of dollars in damage they did. Not a good way to do business.
By: rbsslc
Eastside Concrete
Today, Oct 30, 2014, Eastside Concrete poured the second and final pour of my driveway. I have already gone outside over 10 times to just look and marval at the excellent job Benjamin and his men did. Wow, this has been the best part of my remodeling my 2,500 square foot home. The beautiful flatwork that Eastside did has added a lot of additional value to my home and the professional work they did made this a great project. I will never let anyone else ever do concrete work for me except; this company. I am so glad they came to give me my bid. Thank You Benjamin and crew for a fantastic driveway.
By: Linda H.
Land Design By Armstrong
We had a horrible experience with Land Design. The owner Jeff Armstrong told us how he our project manager would be there to run our job to its completion. Upon his advice we used their in house designer. We would be kept aware of everything and he would take care of us start to finish. WRONG!!! Jeff left with our check and has never come back to deal with their mistakes. The next morning the workers said the plans weren’t right. There was a big problem but no one was coming out to take charge. The plans from their designer had messed up our job from the start. The plant schedule was so wrong that we were unable to use many of the plants. Then Jeff hit us with a $4700 additional cost. We had 5 truckloads which we were charged $540 a load. Had I known that they’re bid of nearly $20,000 was going to end being nearly $25,000 and we were going to experience constant anxiety and frustration, we would have NEVER chosen LAND DESIGN BY ARMSTRONG!
By: Walter W.
Saw Jockey Concrete Cutting
I've used these guys a few times and they are the best company to work with by far. Fast, clean, and make great recommendations on how to cut to make the next part of your project easier. Ask for Adam, he really knows his stuff.
Tips & Advices
There are many ways to get rid of weeds – the most extreme methods being yanking them out at the roots and spraying them with weed killer. People who don’t like to use chemical weed killers often use vinegar instead. Some who don’t like to spray anything potentially harmful to their plants might use more targeted solutions, like burning them (just one pass with a weed scorcher will suffice; do not attempt to start a fire). Keep in mind the burning method is not recommended in dry and/or windy areas of the country. Other methods include scalding weeds with boiling water, or suffocating weed-overtaken areas with thick layers of paper weighed down by mulch, so the weeds can’t reach sunlight.
Apply about a 3-inch deep mulch layer the first time--keeping in mind that the depth might be less if you use a fine mulch. If replacing the mulch in planting beds, the mulch layer should be 2-3 inches deep if you apply it annually, or 3-5 inches if the mulch hasn’t been applied in two years or more.
For hot climates, the best landscaping requires little water. Cacti and succulents are very popular. So is the “Mediterranean-style” garden, which features sun-tolerant flowering plants, shrubs, and ornamental grasses. Many perennials can thrive in a hot, dry summer--for example, a rainbow of flowering Echinacea varieties, dwarf rhododendrons, acacia, hydrangea, and many kinds of roses. But for upkeep purposes and sustainability, it’s recommended that homeowners in very hot, dry climates design gardens with a nice balance of hardscaping and drought-resistant plants.
Outdoor plants should be watered every day in the summer, or whenever the temperature hovers more than 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Certain potted plants even need watering twice a day. In cooler seasons, watering frequency depends on how much rain the plants are getting. If they’re not getting 1 1/2-2 inches per week, make up the difference by watering them. Indoor plants should always be watered a few times a week, although the exact schedule depends on how much sunlight the plant gets, the type of plant, and the conditions in your house (e.g. air conditioning).
Fruit trees require fertilizing on different schedules depending on the fruit. Peaches, for example, should be fertilized once around bud-break, and once more in early summer. Citrus trees, on the other hand, might need to be fertilized every month or two when they’re in active growth season, with young citrus trees still needing to be fertilized every three months in the autumn and winter. Apple trees only begin to require fertilization when they are old enough to bear fruit. Once this happens, the trees should be fertilized one season a year--with the ideal time being early spring before bud-break. Cherries are on roughly the same annual schedule as apples.

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