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By: Melisa H.
Enterprise Rent-A-Car
I was very disappointed this time renting from different location in SLC, UT. I usually use downtown are, this time was the airport. I rented a full size SUV and the showed me to a scratched up, dirty Chevy Tahoe. Which would been great minus the filthy inside and outside. Then the ofeed a larger SUV Chevy Suburban which I really didn't want but hey it was a free upgrade. Took it on the freeway to start my drive and the alignment was awful, had to take it back. So then they offered me a afore Expedition and it was not washed or vacuumed.... well by this time I did not want to finaggle any longer so I just took it. I was very happy with this vehicle in the matter that it got me where my family needed to go in comfort. When I returned Patty the Enterprise employee was very nice and fast and listened to my concern of the 3 dirty vehicles, and how much time was waisted. I will probably never rent from the airport location a gain? .
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By: Denise S.
Enterprise Rent-A-Car
When I picked up my vehicle I noticed that a tire was low and just figured I would take care of it later because I was in a hurry to get to a conference. Needless to say the tire was losing pressure quite fast-come to find out there was a nail in it. To make a long story short, I was on the road traveling through the western states and was having to stop each day to fill the tire. Pain in the back side. I called the rental office and stayed in touch with them during the week. Finally ended up in Denver and was able to get a new tire. On return the customer service agents were aware of the issue and bent over backwards to make sure I was taken care of. I am a frequent renter from Enterprise and I will have to admit this was the best experience I have had from any rental office. Awesome group of individuals that are totally focused on GREAT customer service.
By: christinejosh
Advantage Rent A Car
I will be honest, after reading all of these reviews I was very concerned about renting a car from them. I went to pick up the car..the customer service representative was nice and obviously completed all her job requirements. (Offer insurance, upgraded car and fuel) I declined all, not needing to spend the extra money. I went out to get the car. (In which I expected to be crappy and completely over used) and to my surprise got a 2013 elantra, which ran excellent. I kept it for 3 days... took it back late at night (which there is no additional charge for) and paid. No hidden fees or unexpected charges. I have waited to write this review just to make sure my entire deposit came back...and it did. I'm happy with my rental experience and if I need to rent a car again this is definitely the place due to Affordability and quality. Thanks, Fox Rent A Car!!
By: Thomas S.
Enterprise Rent-A-Car
Enterprise is my "go-to" auto rental company. I am a member of their customer loyalty program. Normally, would give them 5 stars, but this trip I am only offering 3. There was a line of about 8 customers backed up at the desk, and only one attendant on duty. Well, so, I see the "self-serve" machines (like an ATM) there. I figure I will try that. Machine would not read my driver's license.... Okay, so I get back in line. Then, I see another customer using the other machine. It works.... So, I try again, using that alternate machine. Successfully got my reservation called up, I walked out to the garage and was on my way. There were still 7 customers waiting in line..... I will be checking next time to see if this experience is an outlier or a trend.
By: Randy O.
Enterprise Rent-A-Car
We went to attend our sons wedding. We did not want a Fancy car just something from point A to point B. Something with good gas mileage,Basic features. Wow we did not expect gutless too. With the peddle to the floor we could just barely make strawberry grade. Car was nice,kinda roomy. Good trunk space. But again gutless. So the next time we will not get an economy car. The people at enterprise were nice but really wanted me to get there ins. Nope not me. It should be all included in the rental. Not an add-on. If it mean raising the price of the daily price. Then fine. Other than that it was an OK experience. I will give it 3 and a half stars.
By: paula.g.jones
Rugged Rental
I've never been more pleased with a car rental company. Efficiency and kindness are hands holding onto their professionalism. After our delayed flights, they were quick to pick us up at the airport and get us on our way. We ran into a problemore getting to our hotel up a canyon and they prepared a 4WD and had it ready when we came back and they didn't gauge us. We never had to deal with long lines, or employees with bad attitudes. I think our vacation would have been off to a horrible start had we not discovered this company.Look no further, contact them directly and get treated right.
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By: Steven D.
Enterprise Rent-A-Car
The rental in salt lake international is directly across the street from baggage claim. Quick check in. Walked out their back door to garage vehicles. The pretty agent with the low cut sun dress gave me a free upgrade to a ford focus. In minutes I was on my way. when I returned I drove into the well marked garages. Unloaded my luggage and the agent was right there with my receipt. A quick walk across the street and I was checking into my flight. Overall a very good , efficient experience. I always rent from enterprise. Never had a bad experience.
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By: Steven U.
Enterprise Rent-A-Car
Unlike the last person that posted I knew of what I was going to be charged and before I paid for anything the guys at the desk confirmed and repeated what I was being charged for. They were very open to respond and explaining in detail what each price was for. Afterwards when I went to get my car they professionally gave me the rundown and were patient while I reviewed the terms. With other people in line behind me they showed me that they really care to make sure that EVERYONE is on the same page and they did it with happy faces! Great job guys!
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By: Ron H.
Enterprise Rent-A-Car
I rented a midsize Chevy SUV for a three day trip from the Salt Lake City airport. The service staff at the desk were excellent however there were only two on duty most of the time with a third accompanying customers to their cars.I was disappointed in the cleanliness of the car - it was hard to distinguish between dirt marks and dents on my walk around. When opening the hatch door, it was obvious that the wash crew had not done this in their servicing.With a cleaner car and quicker desk service I could have given the operation a high score.
By: Julia C.
Budget Car & Truck Rental
I had awesome service on the one in West Valley City, Utah. was over at enterprise had bad service then I went to budget at 4310 W. and 3500 S. I ordered a compact car because that is all that I could afford. When I got there he just had a jeep on the lot for the same price I got a nicer vehicle. I told him what I could spend right then he worked with it. It was cheaper than enterprise and service was awesome I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a car to rent go to this location he will take care of you.

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