By: rebecca.a.cahoon.5
Roxy Car Michaels Salon
Michael saved my hair!!! Before the start of teaching a new school year, I took a magazine photo to a hairdresser and asked for the exact cut and color (blonde) of the girl in the photo. That did not happen! The cut was fine but my hair was totally orange. A few days later, she attempted to fix it and turned it yellow instead. I was pretty frustrated and luckily found Michael. Michael is the owner of the Roxy Carmichaels Salon in Sugar House. I explained to him what had happened to my hair and showed him the photo of the color that I had wanted. He said that he could correct the colors in my hair, but that it would take several, very careful hours to fix it. He was very understanding of the fact that I wanted my hair to be fixed before my Back-to-School Night with my new students and their families (which was just a few days later that week). He was so understanding that he came to the salon on his day off and opened the salon just to fix my hair. It really did take over 3 hours as he meticulously foiled (and even double-foiled) tons of strands of hair. He was able to correct EVERY single orange and yellow strand and the end result was the prettiest blonde I have ever had. After the color correction, he even spent extra time giving me tips on how to style my hair. Make sure you specifically schedule the appointment with Michael. Michael really is an exceptional stylist and I would recommend him to anyone!!
By: jrledkins
B Space Salon
I have been trying to find a good stylist for years, going from one salon to another. I DON'T HAVE TO LOOK ANY FURTHER. B Space Salon is the best; they know what they are doing. They are right behind the Sugarhouse Shopko in SLC. But if I moved anywhere out of the area, I'd drive to SLC just to get my hair done by these stylists. Everyone is very nice, and not in your face. No one is staring at you at the salon. They are quiet GREAT. Everyone loves my hair now; I always refer everyone to them. My husband and family go too. I would never go elsewhere. GREAT HAIR EXTENSIONS AND COLOR, ask for Becca for those. Great prices. Great hair cuts and styles. I have heard from others that Michael and Chad are the best in the industry. Also, the salon does nails and pedicures; I haven't used this service yet. Just a very comfortable place to have my hair done. I see young people, middle age, and older people, men and women, get their hair done here. Thanks!
By: crystal.ashby.77
Roxy Car Michaels Salon
I came in after another local salon butchered my hair… I have to mention that I am EXTREMELY hard to please when it comes to getting my hair done. My first impression, the atmosphere of this place, it blew me away, its open, Clean! Fresh, Clean!!. Immediately I felt comfortable and relaxed. My appt. was with Michael Kappinos, the salon owner. I have been to many salons around the Salt lake valley and most were not worth the money!!! Michael did a wonderful consultation, he talk to me about my hair texture; face shape and colors. I had the best experience, and afterwards felt so beautiful and satisfied, I have continued to go to this salon and have recommended it to my closest friends, the prices are very reasonable, and I will never go anywhere else.
By: kelsi.copier
J C Nails
So this place is absolutely amazing... if you get the right people. The owner who sits in the first seat is the only one you should allow to do your nails. His nails are absolutely amazing; they never fall off, never turn yellow, and are always shaped perfectly. I can never remember his name, but I do know that if you get Kathy (the older woman who is the owner's wife) you should not allow her to do your nails. She cuts you frequently, and uses the grinder way too hard on your nails so they burn. When you're getting a pedicure, all of the techs are pretty good. They give you a nice long massage. We're talking 20 minutes, people!! Tom is my absolute favorite in the pedicure department, and he also does a nice job on shellac or gel fingernails.
By: Ruekal G.
Nailed is by far the best little place to get pedi's!The prices are just right :) The girls are all really friendly and they always remember me when I come in. Not only can I get a great pedi, but they have an awesome boutique. I have bought a lot of fun clothes and gifts. One of the BEST features of Nailed is their sanitation. You can watch them clean out the foot tubs. They also open new files right in front of you so you know they are clean and new. A lot of the "cheaper" nail salons you have no idea.Usually before my pedi I go next door to a fabulous little bakery, grab a coffee (and baked goodness) and then enjoy my treats while getting my feet beautified. Keep up the fantastic work Nailed!
By: Konstance P.
Decades Vintage Clothing
This store is AMAZING! All those who say the owner is mean or you were treated poorly must have done something because they were very sweet! I have no complaints. This store has a huge selection of everything. Can't wait to go again! I went Saturday and was looking for a 1920's dress and found exactly what I wanted. I had so many dresses to pick from. I'm 16 by the way and had no trouble looking through their clothes they did not constantly check on me. Once you walk in they have amazing stuff. I'm so happy I came here I was stressing that I would never find a dress on time, coming here saved me. The owner and other person working there were so kind to me and my mom. I'd recommend going.
By: Toni O.
My 83 year old father recently fell into very poor back health --- he can no longer touch his toes to trim his toenails. He's been getting pedicures now, once a month, for 6 months.Once he tried NAILED 3-4 months ago, he won't go anywhere else!!! He has VERY sensitive toes/skin, which can easily be injured and bleed. The technicians do exactly what he wants, are very gentle, and he is pleased as punch every single time! That's hard to find for someone as particular as him (I won't go on...).They are nice, friendly, and chatty (but not too much so). He feels well cared for --- which makes him happy and more pleasant! That's worth everything to me. We definitely use our punch cards!
By: Alena P.
This little salon is one-of-a-kind! They not only offer excellent mani-pedi services. They offer inexpensive add ons like extended massage & paraffin treatments ... and ... They have a boutique full of unique clothing, jewelry, bags and shoes. Their hand-made creams are to die for! I bought the grapefruit and, at my request, the technician (Shelby) used it during my mani-pedi. It smelled SO yummy! One other noteworthy item : I do not use polish and Shelby (Nailed! tech) was just as happy to provide me with a simple buff & shine as she would have a french manicure! You should plan an appointment to spoil yourself there soon!
By: Nina K.
Lunatic Fringe
Rafa is amazing, and the best stylist I've ever had. I've been going to Rafa for over 4 years. He recently moved to this location from the Sugarhouse salon and I happily followed him. Rafa's extremely fun and talented, and makes all my appointments so enjoyable. Rafa is a cutting specialist. My hair is really long. I hate when it falls flat from being weighed down, and Rafa does a great job at giving my hair volume while maintaining length. Both Rafa's scalp massages and blow drys are magical. I leave the salon with perfect hair, and it stays perfect for about 4-5 days. So happy to have met him.
By: Nicola D.
Nailed is fantastic. It's a great, clean nail salon where everyone is friendly and personable. I've never had a bad experience. I've been to salons where the nail tech didn't say two words the whole time but I've never had one of those awkward silences during a treatment here at Nailed. I once while out of town I tried getting a pedicure and ended up with an ingrown toe nail after getting it removed I swore I'd never go anywhere but Nailed. I also love that I get to take home my file and buffer cube I know that means they haven't been used on anyone else and that's definitely reassuring.

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