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By: Joakim P.
Worlds Game Store
For having worked in retail myself before, -to respond to the concerns of the two individuals below- In Logan's case of course he doesn't mention whether his item was new, used or defective. The store has an iron-clad return policy written on both the counter AND the receipt which addresses all three options. Anyone who knows anything about retail business will tell you a used Item, if not defective and if brought back After their specified period to test if doesn't suit you, is not returned for an equal amount in value. They are not running a rental business there. Actually, they were but had to stop because of abuse like this. Also I have observed frequently, they give a little more then the value of the returning item at times, for the inconvenience factor on the part of the customer. I have no idea what he means by "store credit" only, for I have received cash in hand numerous times for items traded in. So this individual is misinformed on many fronts. Now in the case of Mr. TomA., the item that this individual requested was a discontinued item that their distributor had one copy left at $50. TomA was informed of this and they made absolutely sure if he truly wanted to take the risk. --Which he did. Unfortunately, because of its rarity, it was taken down soon thereafter which sometimes happens because apparently somebody bought it over there. Attempting to inform him of this situation, THAT is the reason why 3 weeks later it still was not there, because they couldn't reach him. When he finally decides to come back in and he wants his refund, but only having put down $25 on an item that at best cost $50, the store has to front the rest from the location where the last one in the world at that price still exists. Not to mention the time used to track it down. So the "store doesn't lose money" it takes the risk along with the customer if they are attempting to find an item that's virtually impossible to find. Not only that, but evidently they said to him that they would get the closest thing to that item, not for $250 but for no more then he already put down, pulling %80 of the cost out of their own pocket for him out of customer service. As a customer myself, I find it highly disingenuous that only those with a chip on their shoulder and with nothing else to do but complain, are usually the only ones that write reviews on the net. So I will say that I have found the staff the sort to go above and beyond for people on numerous occasions and have witnessed it with my own eyes.
By: trinity.steadman
Worlds Game Store
This place is amazing. Best game store I have ever walked into.The employee's are very nice and helpful. The item's they offer at the price's they offer are great!!! These guys have everything From retro to modern and i mean everything, and if they don't have it they can get it. They also have a gaming/theater room with a 200 inch screen to rent out. Definitely check this place out. DON'T PASS UP THE BEST GAME STORE IN UTAH, IT'S AMAZING!!!!
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By: Jay V.
We had a birthday party here and sisters kids won 250 tickets on one of the machines so they wemt up to get the tickets and they said she couldn't have them because the machine was sapose to be out of order i don't see how that is a 6 year olds problem that the people that work there aren't doing there jobs bit it was rediculous and i will never return to this location and wouldn't shaggest going there to anyone
By: zander.cotromanes
Worlds Game Store
Great people, good selection, and no Bs. I ride 9 blocks on my bike uphill to get there, if thats not saying something than I have no idea what is. So I say get there and check it out if ya havent!
By: Mark S.
Game Night Games
Great store with an excellent selection of games and most importantly, a great, friendly staff who are more than happy to help you pick your next game.
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By: Keagan C.
Worlds Game Store
Great management definitely made the experience worth choosing them.

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