By: rebeccahorstcampbell
Mr. Appliance of Salt Lake City
I was having some problems with my dishwasher not cleaning the dishes very well, or hardly at all. I knew there was hard water and general scum buildup, but I had been putting off doing anything about it. Last night I finally pulled the sprayer arm and associated parts out and cleaned them. I ran the dishwasher without putting them back to help clean out the cavity of the dishwasher, and went to bed. When I woke up, I found a metal washer and a plastic ball that had floated out from somewhere. I had no idea where they went. I went online to do research, but the information I was looking for was no where to be found. I called GE, and they wanted $79 just to send a man out to tell me if the ball and washer went in "this hole" or "that one", and had no one to answer a simple question over the phone. I went online to look for a local repair service to see if anyone could answer my simple question.I called mr.appliance and asked the receptionist if there was someone there who could help me over the phone. I was expecting to be blown off like I was with GE. However, I had a very different experience. I was transferred to Glen. He was not immediately familiar with my machine, but asked for the model number and looked up the schematic. He was able to tell me the information over the phone. Yay! I really thought that showed some integrity, as he could have insisted on seeing it in person and charging me money for something so simple. I was able to put the parts back in the dishwasher correctly and my machine is running great now. And now I can do it again myself in the future. If I ever have a more serious problem with my appliances, this is the place I will call. I am leaving this review on any other review sites I can find, as well, in appreciation.
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By: marshallsif15
Dan Dan The Appliance Man
Excellent Service!I know enough about dishwashers to put the dishes in. And that’s it as far as the mechanics of the thing goes. When the dishwasher soap started to cake up in the soap dispenser, I inspected the contraption a little closer. The soap dispenser was busted and I needed a new one.The problem was that the dishwasher was about 20 years old and I wasn’t sure I could find the parts. I wanted to do a do-it-yourself job to save money on having a repairman come and do it. So I Googled “dishwasher parts in Salt Lake City” and found “Appliance Man.”I gave them a call and yes they could help. I unscrewed the dishwasher door and took it with me -- just to make sure they had the right part. Walking into the store with a dishwasher door must have looked funny.At the counter was John Rushton. John, I learned as time went on, was a guy who knows everything about appliances. The part I needed led to be what turned out to be a research project of sorts. He used his computer to check for parts all over the country as I drove back and forth a few times to get model numbers, part numbers, etc. John was extremely helpful and exceptionally knowledgeable. His expertise was exactly what I needed to solve my precarious problem. Thanks to John Rushton and “Appliance Man!”Marshall TannerMurray, Utah
By: ruzenlire
Wise Appliances
BEST I HAVE EVER HAD. I called many companies and they all wanted at least 100+ bucks to come and and just take a look. After I spoke with wise appliances they said they would be out around noon, and they were! I had an easy problem and they fixed it quickly. Though, my house is really small and it was very difficult for them to work in such tight places, they did not complain. They also had an opportunity to take full advantage of me, and did not. If you don't call these guys, you are throwing your money away.
By: Paul D.
Appliance Service By Paul, Inc.
First I noticed these reviews are very old. I have to say the reviews I read here are interesting. For example many of them indicate newer products that aren't getting repaired. How would this company be the cause of the failure to begin with.? They are not responsible for manufactures who built a product that fails and haven't provided a fix. This company fixes hundred of appliances every day. Yes, there are going to be a few bad experiences in any company, but our experience has always been excellent.
By: J S.
Aboveboard Appliance Repair/Heating and Air LLC
I woke up to a fridge that wasn't cold!!! I called Aboveboard and was easily able to book a same day appointment. The technician was very clean cut and knowledgeable. He had my fridge up and running in no time. The cost was affordable and it took a lot of pressure off of me.
By: Mark M.
Quality Appliance Service
Good service the service man Mark was very good. He knows what he is doing. I would use them again. Quality Appliance has done work before for my good friend Tom Preston. Tom said they were a little late coming but work was excellent and their commuication was good.
By: John C.
Quality Appliance Service
I was super impressed and awed with the speed of arrival at my home (less than 20 minutes from my initial call) and I was pleasantly surprised with the low price for such high quality service.
By: Nathan A.
Doyle's Appliance Service Group
These guys were AWESOME! They showed up the day after my call, on time, and got me in good shape very quickly. I hope my fridge doesn't break again, but I will happily go through them again.
By: Heather K.
Appliance Service By Paul, Inc.
I just purchased a whole commercial kitchen for less than I could get the fridge at another store. This place is great and all the employees were nice.
By: Aubree A.
Quality Appliance Service
I had a great experience with them. Their technicians came out the same day and fixed my dryer quickly.I am very happy that i found this company!!
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