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By: Harley B.
R & Z Towing
Trent at R & Z towing is one of the most professional and pleasant people I have worked with! I was stranded up Parley's canyon in the middle of the night, alone and scared with barely ANY cell reception! I was able to call Trent and he came and rescued me. He was super kind and reassuring, gave me a ride home and didn't act put out at all that it was so late. GREAT experience out of what could have been a total nightmare! Thanks Trent!!!
By: Lee D.
Ready Set Tow
This business is still OPEN. Just one of the yard addresses has changed. They have 4 yards within the Salt Lake County area. Call them for all your towing needs!! 801 205 6221.
By: Eric L.
Atomic Towing
The MO was just like the others, but even more bold. I was sitting in my RV at Wal-Mart while the store was open. One Atomic employee stood guard as the other slithered under my vehicle and chained me to a light post. Then knock on my door demanding $150 dollars. I asked to talk to a Wal-Mart manager and I got the Wal-Mart rent a cop. He tried to tell me he's never heard of Wal-Mart allowing RV's in their parking lots. Then tried to tell me the "tow-a-way zone" sign in front of the store, with the clearly marked white lines, a 100 yards away gave him the right to have my vehicle towed. I then talked to the Wal-Mart manager and he said it was ok for me to have my RV in the lot. However, Atomic employees refuse to release my vehicle. I called the police, they said because it was private property all they could do is mediate and make sure there was no violence. I didn't know that Wal-Mart had its own laws were a private party could in prison other person and extort money. In the defense of the policy I think he was on my side, but quietly asked me to just pay. During all this another gentlemen walked over with the same story. While in his vehicle an atomic employee put a boot on his work van then asked for money. My personal opinion was the Wal-Mart security person was part of the scam. He seemed to know the Atomic employee's and they only picked higher end vehicles.FU Atomic Towing and Wal-Mart
By: Suzanne L.
Elite Towing Svc
I visited with this business on Friday and it was so nice to work with a towing company with so much professionalism.
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By: Tomas Q.
Cheap Towing
Best Value, Best Service, Fast, Professional, let us help You with your towing needs!.Local Towing Company with Over 10 years of experience in the truck and transportation business, state certified personnel!.
By: Anthony V.
Atomic Towing
This company WAITS until you fall asleep in your car, in the Walmart parking lot.. then SNEAKILY boots it-WHILE you are sleeping -then wakes you up and informs you that you now must pay $75 to get it off.(like I really want to be sleeping in my car in the parking lot..if I had the $75 I would have spent it on a hotel room) he sits parked behind your car with an hour to come up with the money or he will tow you. There is something that just screams shameful about what they are doing.
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By: Christopher U.
Atomic Towing
I produced my receipt Atomic towing! F YOU! Siting at McDonalds at 500s 200w and booting cars. You are CROOKS. I loved it when I produced the receipt and had the manager come out. The look on that tools face as he had to take the boot off! Again F YOU ATOMIC TOWING!!!!
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By: Kelly H.
Verb's Towing & Recovery
Verb's Towing was a bummer for me to deal with. I totaled my car and used them to tow and store my car for 5 days. I felt really cheated by the prices and service. I would not recommend them.
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By: Jeanette D.
Snowy Mountain Research and Recovery
Tuff Shed recommended this guy to move a shed. I would NEVER recommend him. Find ANYONE else to do the job. He wouldn't come and look at the site, so we knew what to do to get the spot ready, then when he shows up, he blames you and then charges by the hour to do it himself. I sent him DOZENS of pictures and he was still surprised when there was a fence on both ends. My husband tried to call him to get more information and he never called him back. Awful business practices.
By: Mark F.
Diamond Towing
Frauds, scam artist and Auto thieves, they pray on people and look for ways to STEAL Cars then charge people to get their cars back so they can either make a living or go anywhere. They tried this with me, towed my car off of private property, said because it wasn't registered, only trouble is it's private property and they don't have a contract with the Apartment managers to tow cars for that reason. Filing auto theft charges against them. I advise you do the same if they even look at you car or truck

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