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By: Jacob H.
Satellite Services National Inc
When the sales rep approached our door she was extremely nice and helpful. She answered most if not all our questions. She wasn't pushy. It felt like she honestly wanted to help us out with the service they provide. When the only other alternative are the crooks that call themselves Comcast, you can imagine how grateful I was to have another company show up in my area.
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By: Jacob P.
Satellite Services National Inc
Was threaten by a door to door salesman working here that wouldn't ID himself to me. Wasn't wearing a uniform, and when asked he just said call the cops then. So I did and he strictly ran out of my neighborhood. So I called the company to ask if he was an employee and boss was very offended, cursing, threatening, and calling me a lair. And said he would defend them no matter what the cost. Leaves me and my family frightened by this company. DO NOT open the door for these guys, it a risk to your own safety if its a good business or not.
By: Saverea D.
Accelerate Communications
Do NOT work for this company. I worked for them for approximately 3 weeks full time (120 hours), and only received LESS than one weeks pay (about 30 hours.) I was also promised a bonus check of $100 for reciting the script from memory, and was later denied that I had ever completed the task. After deciding that I was not going to be able to work with them further, they asked me to send back their equipment in exchange for my final weeks pay. After sending back the equipment, they confirmed that they received it and went on to ignore all phone calls from me and I have not heard from them since. My roommate also worked for them and did not see any payment whatsoever for the 80 hours that he worked for them. The man I was personally in contact with was Adam Derfler. After speaking with the owner about not receiving my payment, I was shrugged off and told that Adam handled all of the employees wages. This company scams their employees as well as their customers, avoid them at all costs.
By: substance.dii
Groove Entertainment Technologies
I had no choice but to deal with them because they operate the DirecTV system in my apartment building.My DirecTV reciver stopped working so I contacted DirecTV to have them replace it. They told me that I would need to get the reciver from Groove Satellite because they were my building operator. I came to find out later that the customer support representative was wrong for telling me this. DirecTV did admit to the mistake and made good on their end.. but this is where the problems with Groove started.I called Groove and explained the situation to them, I told them exactly what I needed (a replacement receiver), and explained what DirecTV had told me. They should have known at this point that DirecTV was wrong for telling me this and told me that DirecTV needed to send me the receiver... But instead they set me up for a scam. They told me that they would send someone out the next day and failed to explain to me that there would be a charge for this visit. I just went with it because I was under the impression that this is how MDU's work. The tech called me about an hour before he was suppose to be at my home and seemed confused about the time that Grove had scheduled me.. They told him a different time then they told me.. Despite the confusion the guy arrived on time and came to my door with the replacement receiver in hand. He installed the receiver and then called to activate it. This is where we discovered DirecTV's mistake. They would not activate it and told him that DirecTV would have to send the receiver. So he unhooked the receiver, hooked my old one up and told me that a new one had been ordered from DirecTV. When the tech left he asked for my signature and gave me a paper stating a 99$ charge. He told me that I would probably not be billed and would have groove call me about it. They never called me. I called them and argued about it. Eventually I got a number for my apartments buildings representative with Groove. I called and left a voicemail. I never received a bill in the mail or a call back (witch is usually the case with Groove).. So I figured that the situation was taken care of...Then I got my replacement box from DirecTV... only dang it! the box was empty. Groove had ordered me a recovery kit and not a replacement.Sure some blame should go to DirecTV.. but DirecTV made good on their mistake. Groove failed to inform me that DirecTV was wrong and took it a step further by misleading me into having them come to my house without explaining to me that there would be a charge prior to doing so.Today I got a bill for 135$ from give including late charges. I called them and explained how I had been mislead into them coming to my house in the first place. They basically just tried to blame it on me and say screw you. They don't seem to care that they didnt explain the charge ahead of time. they got my signature on a piece of paper and thats all they seem to care about.. I didn't even think about what I was signing honestly.. I guess that was my mistake.. but I was so confused and baffled at the time how could you blame me.I asked their billing department for recording of the calls. He was able to come up with the one where I called about the bill... But convinently was unable to find the one where I originally called them about needing the receiver and the sent someone to my home with out informing me of charges prior to allowing them to come.

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