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    Extremely unprofessional. I felt like I wasted time and didn't get my money's worth

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By: Tyler S.
Ultimate Combat Training Center
I just want to get on here and warn people against the memberships. They deal with a pretty cut-throat membership company called Member Solutions, and (i think) the employees don't realize it. When i was being sold on a contract, I made the mistake of letting them verbally explain the contract to me (i know, i know) rather than studying it out. I asked a couple questions about scenarios in which i wouldnt be able to come anymore (moving, injury, loss of interest) and was generally assured that they were pretty easy to work with, and left with the impression that the contract was more of a formality, and the ILoveKickboxing staff would work with me if something came up. About 5 months in i had a work change, a wrist injury, and a move that put me too far away from the gym to make participation reasonable, (honestly, after 4 to 5 months of the same workout i was getting bored, too). This was the first time I really understood their relationship with Member Solutions. Instead of anyone really working with me from ILoveKickboxing (other than letting me "pause" my membership), i was just continually pushed to member solutions, in a rather cold "i dont have time for this" manner. This was the first time i realized that the contracts were fully sold to member solutions, and ILoveKickboxing had literally ZERO input on contract enforcement. I spent a few months on and off in email and telephone conversations with Member Solutions (on the run-around and being ignored in emails) and in the complaint process with the BBB. Nothing came of it. I was told i didnt move "far enough" from the gym (go figure- 25 mile radius) to get out of my contract and that i would be sent to collections if i didnt pay. After months, I was finally let out of my contract via email by Member Solutions, and then the next day was informed that they reinstated my contract. I told them they didnt have my permission to do that, but they told me it didnt matter. I didnt have the energy for legal battles, nor the know-how, so i buckled and have paid 7 months of unused membership, about $800. It was very frustrating. I wasnt going to get on here, because i liked some of the staff, but I dont want people experiencing what i experienced. The coaching staff is fun and personable. Matt even tried to help me find someone to sell my contract to. It is also an extremely effective exercise regimen. I really enjoyed classes from Matt and Todd the most, felt welcomed and cared about by the staff. I dont want to speak ill of ILoveKickboxing, but its an easy business to fall into a bad scenario with, because they sell your contract to Member Solutions, and Member Solutions really has no reason to care about you. Be really careful, are you sure you will stay interested in kickboxing for a full year? Are you sure your work and living situation wont change in a way that makes participation unlikely?
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By: Lisa K.
Ultimate Combat Training Center
UCTC is awesome! The first time I walked in the door, Mike made me feel more than just welcome; he made me feel like a part of the UCTC family. Class after class new people arrive and almost always return, I’m sure due to the warmth and welcoming feeling generated by not only the trainers but the person sitting at the desk when arrive and all the members. UCTC is an awesome place with amazing trainers, instructors, and members. I encourage everyone I know to try it out.
By: s.aste
Ultimate Combat Training Center
Working out/Training @ the Ultimate Combat Training Center is definitely one of the highlights of my day, as It provides the perfect stress relief needed after battling the multitudes of problems throughout my day. The instruction is excellent and its the best workout I've ever had. I love the idea of getting in the best shape of my life, while building valuable self defense skills. I highly recommend UCTC. The iLovekickboxing class is a total Blast!!!!
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By: Sahara A.
Ultimate Combat Training Center
Kickboxing has changed my life. The staff is awesome, always finding ways to keep you motivated. Every day I look forward in attending the class, it’s the perfect way to have some fun while you tone and shed those pounds. Not only have I lost weight but I'm toning at the same time. I would highly recommend it to anyone, you will be hooked!!
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By: Nidal I.
Ultimate Combat Training Center
This place is amazing. I hate running on the treadmill and this place has got amazing alternatives. Their kickboxing classes are really rewarding and challenging at the same time. . Also they've got other classes that are geared towards learning specific skills sets like MMA, Boxing, Muay thai. I highly recommend trying this place out.
By: bahzlo
Ultimate Combat Training Center
Fun exercise! Oxymoron? Not at UCTC. This place will get you in shape quick and you will have fun doing it. A great environment to get in shape, learn self defense, instill discipline and train to fight. Classes in the early AM as well as late evenings make it schedule friendly. Highly recommend this training center to anyone.....
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By: Amber B.
Ultimate Combat Training Center
I love this gym! Can't say enough great things about it! The classes are hard but fun and provide the results you want to see. The instructors are all super awesome to work with and keep you motivated and make you want to come back! Life changing decision when u decided to become a memeber!
By: krehlcoleman
Ultimate Combat Training Center
Try the "I Love Kickboxing" classes. They are really fun and an awesome way to loose fat while strengthening your core and improving your cardiovascular condition. It's a great social experience as well and would make a great first date..
By: dickstone
Ultimate Combat Training Center
Super awesome environment! Staff is knowledgable and friendly, and seem genuinely interested in helping you reach your fitness goals. I have never sweat so much in my life, and had a better time doing it!Simply put...AWESOME!
By: thisoneguy
Ultimate Combat Training Center
I have been in a lot of gyms over the years. Hands down, the friendliest, and most professional staff I have had the pleasure of working with. They are very knowledgeable and were able to help me improve my technique.

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