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By: therhouse
Pallet Bistro
Been here twice, mixed reviews.The first time I went, I really enjoyed Pallet and for $26, I thought the steak was really delicious and the sides were great!This time, I ordered the halibut special and it was mediocre at best. When my server asked how I enjoyed it, I told her it wasn't my favorite and she asked if I wanted to try something else. Great customer service if you ask me! And my glass was never empty. Speaking of, they serve soft drinks in jars! Great details like this are awesome in the space. It's a super hip, vintage feel with fantastic lighting. The gnocchi is the best I have ever had--less pasta-y and more dumpling-y. Great sauce, slightly sweet. The truffle fries are good, but not fabulous. The seating is "community" seating which means you could end up sitting by complete strangers which is great if you are a people person ...and I am not. My first visit I watched the ladies next to me give me constant eye rolls. The second time I went, I called ahead for a private table ...and totally felt like a celeb! (Worth it!)
By: therhouse
The Restaurant Onion
The food was hearty, rich and rustic. I loved most of the appetizers we ordered, but the ricotta dumplings stole the show for me. I ordered the tri tip and thought the meat was prepared deliciously.While my steak was beautiful, it came with a salad on the same plate that I believe they drizzled olive oil on—too much olive oil. It was a good thing that our little table was on a slant so that the oil could pool to one side while I enjoyed the tri tip.I loved all the windows opening up and brightening up the space. I loved the quirky and simple decor.
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By: James M.
Okay, here's a major claim, but it's true...BEST TEX-MEX I'VE EVER HAD (and I'm from Texas, y'all!)I was traveling for business and this was one of the only half-way decent looking places around. I ordered the burrito dish that is smothered with cheese, etc (giant enchilada, really). Sat at the bar and talked to the lady bar tender. The only other patrons (this was noon) were a few locals of various rough shape. The exterior is great looking, the interior a local bar looking place. The tex-mex? The. best. ever. Maybe it was the high altitude?
By: Colin B.
Beer Bar
Awesome place. 100 beers in bottle, 30 beers on tap. Lunch menu was 14 different kinds of sausage with 7 different toppings (choice of 2) and French fries with 5 different dipping sauces (choice of 2). Yes, it's a simple menu, but it quality and it's easy. Awesome. Staff very knowledgeable about beer recommendations - I like IPAs but wanted to try local. Had a 2nd row Acceleration IPA - clean, crisp, hoppy single and a 2nd Row Random IPA - red rye double, full flavor, good hop, excellent double. Both were quality recommendations.
By: cowboy
The Point After
Grew up just down the street. Haven t been back to this town in many years. What a pleasure to fine your Place. Terrence Hansen was playing.. week night,,,great service...mid age crowd...no punks..music out standing,,,,nearest experience I have found in friendly, great atmosphere.. if your in or from out of town,,, need your ntn poke or trivia.... music on the patio.... easy to fet to hard to leavea dog man, from Arizona.
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By: Bill H.
Kafeneio Coffeehouse
I stopped by today to say "Hello", Beautiful Place--- See you this Saturday When I Sing at 7PM After the "Harvest Day Parade If I can get away!, otherwise the following Saturday (Aug 13), Ms America and I are "Friends" but, just friends, I gave her my Ms America Poem which I will recite when I get there along with a few other poems and sing one or two Original songs---See you then!
By: Nick J.
Cafe Expresso
Cafe Expresso has exceptional employees and all of them can make a great cup of coffee. i recommend Cafe Expresso to anyone who wants a excellent cup of coffee to wake them up in the morning before: school, work, or just wanting coffee. They also serve oatmeal, bagels and even sweets :0 I always get coffee at Cafe Expresso because theirs is the best. Thank you,Nick
By: Rory M.
Roots Cafe
Best breakfast in Millcreek by a longshot. And a top 3 in Salt Lake Valley. Hearty offerings as well as vegetarian/vegan options that are creative and delicious. This place is my new go-to when I not into the busy vibe that is Blue Plate or The Park Cafe. Give it a shot... you will not regret it.
By: Sharon H.
The Tin Angel Cafe
The servers are so nice and the food was amazing! Extremely kid friendly and accomodting to special diets. The kids loved the cheezy noo noos. I love their yummy soups and salads and the care they take with vegetables. We all loved the bread pudding. It would be a great place for a big party!
By: csjlee
Finn's Cafe
I visited Finn's for thefirst time and I thoroughly enjoyed my eggs Benedict with hash browns. It was delicious. I used to go to Cafe Trio SLC every weekend and pit up with arrogant staff as I couldn't find anywhere else but I will be changing to Finn's from now!!!

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