By: Mckenna S.
Jeffrey Pest Control
We dealt with bed bugs for the months leading up to our move, trying our best to not take the problem with us to our new house. We spent much time and energy in the process, but needed confirmation after our move that our furniture wasn't infested. Brandon was incredibly helpful to come out and inspect our furniture at no cost to us. With so many corporate pest companies charging hiked fees for something as simple as an inspection, it was so nice to have someone take their time to do this and to be so reasonable about the situation. I would definitely recommend this business and if I ever have a pest problem again in SLC, Brandon will be the first person I'll call.
By: tiger61378
Pay Less Pest Control
called these guys because I had a mouse problem. The owner was very knowledgable and friendly. He did the job very quickly, and I have not seen another mouse, or traces of one for the two weeks since. I gave the business 4 stars instead of 5 because his employee who came out to my house at first was not as knowledgable, and also gave me faulty information and tried to sell bait boxes, a service in which I was not at all interested, and he tried to push them on me. After hearing this, the owner was upset with his employee, and he remedied the situation VERY MUCH to my satisfaction. I doubt that that particular employee still works for this company.
By: gw1mos
Alpine Pest Control
I would highly recommend using these guys. I have tried several companies and they are the only company that were able to get rid of the spiders in my house!
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By: Wyndam L.
Jeffrey Pest Control
Friendly, knowledgeable, and honest professional. Legitimately interested in his work and helping others. Timely inspected our home at our convenience.
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By: Brandon H.
Jeffrey Pest Control
I love helping people and have a true passion for getting rid of bugs! Call for a free estimate today!
By: Sarah C.
Alpine Pest Control
Excellent service, friendly workers, spiders are gone!
Tips & Advices
Fumigation is dangerous to pets and humans. Liquid termicides, however, are safe to use around pets.
No. Because termite infestations are considered preventable, most home insurance policies do not cover treatments or damage.
It's best to treat an entire home to ensure the termite infestation is completely eliminated. Spot treating costs less, but increases the likelihood of missed colonies. In addition, spot treatments can make a home unattractive to future buyers.
The cost to eliminate termites varies depending on the method. Bait costs between $150-$300, while fumigation costs $1,300-$2,500. Heat treatment costs around $1 per square foot, so a 2,500 square-foot home would cost $2,500.
The length of time depends on the process used:
  • Fumigation takes approximately five days. The termites die quickly, but homeowners must remain out of the house until the chemicals clear.
  • Bait exterminations can take months to destroy an entire colony. The bait kills termites during the molting process. If an insect eats the bait and does not molt, it is unaffected.
  • Heat extermination takes approximately eight hours and is environmentally friendly. This process heats the home to 150 degrees F.

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