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By: Ernie K.
The Lotus
I love having lived here for the past 2 years. I have a ton of fun memories and for the most part all the tenants here are pretty cool. Devyn and the leasing office girls are always really nice to me and always responsive and cooperative. The apartment comes with a relatively good internet package as well as a generous Direct TV group pricing. I instantly fell in love with the beautiful wood floors and the recently upgraded kitchen. I have a great view. It’s an amazing location in the middle of downtown. I just love, love this place! Good apartments at a good price. They worked with me when I couldn't move in for a month after signing the lease, and also worked to quickly resolve the smelly carpets when the cleaning didn't work. Lotus takes maintenance requests seriously and is prompt in addressing the issues. When I had an accident and wasn't able to pay rent on time, they were nice enough to give me an extension. The apartments are quiet, convenient to public transit and easy access to downtown, and just the right size. There’s a bus stop right in front of the apartment complex and plenty of parking space. The lawns are always well kept. Everything is well maintained. Lotus is a great management company. I've never had a problem with them. I have been extremely happy with the professional manner in which Devyn’s team has assisted in ensuring a worry free and quality home environment.
By: Ernie K.
Donna Manor
I am so excited to be at Donna Manor! I looked around and I see that this complex is the best for my money. I recently moved in here. The application process was really easy and straightforward. Kristen and her staff were really helpful, and they actually read the contract with you so you know what you are signing. They have bent over backwards to make my new apartment look and feel like home. I always look forward to spending time in the pool and hot tub, using the workout room and making new friends.
By: Ernie K.
Lakeside Village Apartments
The best ever!I've lived in many different apartment complexes over the years, but Lakeside Village is hands down THE best! The grounds are very well maintained and any maintenance items are taken care of immediately. The office staff is so sweet and always has freshly baked cookies in the office. As for the apartments themselves, they're updated and kept in great condition. Everything looked new when I moved in. Oh, one of the best things is that other tenants are so nice! Everyone says hi and waves. I love it. I don't ever want to move again! If you are looking for a peaceful place to live look no further. Great residents here are a direct result because of Jennifer, Amber, & Bill & his maintenance staff. So I say thank you guys for being nothing less than the absolute Best. 5* complex.
By: Ernie K.
Miller Estates
Miller Estates is an awesome community to live at! I have lived from apartment to apartment for 5 years in a row now! This is the first place that I actually renewed my contract with them. The office staff is wonderful and will listen to you if you need help with anything. Jared is the best manager I have ever worked with. The grounds are beautiful and my dog has made many friends. What a great place to live! I have the greatest neighbors. I have only had to have maintenance come out to my apartment once, they were friendly and the issue was taken care of quickly. I have never lived in a complex that has had a pool party and movie night for the renters. What a great way to meet your neighbors and make new friends. I would recommend this complex to anyone who is looking for a place to live. They even let me use the clubhouse for a birthday party and didn't even make me pay to use it!
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By: tekstyle
Willow Glen Apartments
Horrible Management. Management won`t renew my lease because I was given 3 day notices because my neighbors who do not even live there anymore complained. The manager never even talked to me to see if what my neighbor was saying was true. Manager is never available and only cares about her own children and not the tenants. Manager threatened to enter my apartment whenever she wants to. They do not give proper 24 hour notices and will enter your apartment whenever they want to. They threatened to raise my rent every month until I move out. Taylor and Brooke are the worst managers and should not be in this business if they refuse to care about others well being. They only want to knit pick at people so they can control everything and do whatever THEY WANT. But if you suck up to them and be their friends, they`ll let you do whatever YOU want. Even if it means smoking cigarettes in front of little children playing. If you live here, you better get to be good friends with management, or you`ll find yourself out on the street when your lease is up. They force people to move out if they don`t LIKE you. These people cannot be trusted.
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By: Katielyn M.
Stonehedge Apartment Community
The staff don't communicate to each other. They are very rude to everyone and talk down to you! They wouldn't give us straight answers and kept telling us lies. They wouldn't allow us to see an apartment we were to move in til the day of. They didn't clean it AT ALL! They wouldn't fix any problems. Mold, thousands of fruit flies, dust caked on everything, broken walls... Broken faucets and sinks and showers and holes every where. They wouldnt clean anything and said the conditions were perfectly fine and very live able. They wouldn't go into the apartment and check out the issues. This place is awful! We ended up not staying here... THANK GOODNESS! This place is awful, disgusting, horrible staff, bad communication and just completely a despicable place!
By: Sean J.
Miller Estates
The place is really nice they just repainted the building I loved into. Came in and talked to Nate there was no pressure. It's super quiet I have really like it here so far.
By: Mary C.
Pinnacle Fort Union
Unfortunately there isn't an option for zero stars because after my awful experience, I feel the need to spread the word and warn everyone about this place, the way I wish someone could have for me. First and foremost, my life has been negatively impacted by my decision to move into apartment 1149 S #32 due to the fact that I found out a week after moving into the apartment that it was infested with bed bugs! Even worse, after they performed an improper inspection (prior to move-in AND after notifying them of this problem), I was given a false negative as for the presence of bed bugs and further exposed myself and my boyfriend to the bugs and allowed the bugs to multiple and infest. A second inspection was performed only because the office workers saw my bites so wanted to recheck. This time the inspection tested positive and our second opinion company found blood spots all over the baseboards, as well as the shedding from the bodies and live bugs. Nothing to be found on my belongings. The apartment complex refused to let me out of my contract or to give me a clean place to sleep and insisted I sleep in the infested apartment and continue to be bit. They took a month to even treat the apartment - pouring chemicals all over my stuff rather than the gold standard heat treatment they agreed to do. There was no willingness to work with me on helping me out of this awful, awful situation I found myself in thanks to them and I ended up losing ~4000 dollars through this event and continue to struggle and rack up costs for checks and treatments since the bed bugs could come back despite the heat treatment I paid for my stuff to eventually get to be safe. There were multiple other times I tried to communicate with office staff who ignored our phone calls and emails, claiming to have not received them "because the email system went down" (???) and from the beginning, they did not meet our needs to live in a habitable environment. Beg bugs and bad reviews spread so I would hope you will take this into account before risking such bad treatment and exposure to a non-habitable environment becoming a part of your life as well. Easily the worst decision I've made in a long time was moving into this apartment complex.
By: Dan C.
Clover Creek Apartments
This is not a place you want to live! They charge a rent that far exceeds what they tell you. I have never lived anywhere where so many things were added onto the rent I was quoted. They quoted me a rent of $859 per month... but when I got my first bill (after I was locked into a long lease) I couldn't believe my eyes. They had added a water charge of $19.00, a Trash Charge of $10.00, a Covered Parking Charge of $10.00 and (Get This!) A Pass Through Property Tax of $10.00 a month! Who on earth makes the tenant pay their Property taxes! The property upkeep was horrible for a property this expensive. Don't even stop by here unless you like dark stairways at night!And to make it all worse, after I had moved out, they sent me an additional bill for $86.00 for for water, trash and final utilities with a statement that they would send it to collections if I didn't pay it in 30 days. This was after I had paid a full final months rent, that this was added. This company has a lot to learn about how to treat their customers (tenets in this case). Find a nicer place where there are not all these add ons... I did!
By: Michael D.
Miller Estates
It's absolutely THE WORST customer service I have ever been apart of. The management has no professionalism in their bones. There is dog turd everywhere on the grounds, not only because the lack of effort from the owner but there are never bags for the owners to start a habit of grabbing a bag. Out of the 6 apartment complexes I have resided in, never have I had a problem with my lease till now. Nor, was the management willing to help the situation but just make it worse. I will never recommend this place to anyone.... ever! Thanks for nothing Miller Estate.

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